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Running With Scissors Since 1999

"I will not refrain my mouth.
I will speak in the anguish
of my spirit. I will complain
 in the bitterness of my soul."


Here are a few of my favorite videos I've done over the years. Click here to see all of my digital video work.

Five Finger Fillet
The Contender challenges Tough Guy Champ to the ultimate knife game.

Welcome to the Fire Room
A young man is confronted by a menacing bartender. Horror. Quite disturbing.

Nib-Ron's Warning 
to OrbEarth

Take heed, gullible earth creatures. (But something is lost in the translation.)

Cuttin' Onions with Zemek
I try to show graffiti gangsta dude Zemek how to chop onions. 
Weirdness ensues.

(I am not) The Blue Bear
Espionage, kidnapping, torture, kinky sex and teddy bears. Horroror.

The Perfect Haunted House
Mr. Needles, Professor Terrington and Stik Mann search for the perfect haunted house to use in a zombie movie.


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I won first place in The Inlander's 2014 Short Fiction Contest. Read:
Uncle Le-o-nard's
Perplexing Exit

My book is available on Amazon!

Find it here!

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My brush with the
Black Scythe 9/1/13

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I helped my friend Jesse produce some of
his MrDark series. 

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The full series is online


Poster by Chris ?

Here's Screen Test (2014), a bizarre little Jesse James Hennessy film. I wrote the script and was assistant director.

Go to my IMDb site, unless you have laundry to do or something.

Me as Steve Striker, broadcast journalist, \"How ya doin\'?\" photo Picture003b.jpg

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Favorite Blasts from this
Website's Past:

Judy Roger's
Sarcastic Pantyraid 2000

ColdFire Labyrinth

My meeting with
Stacey #1 - #2

dewD-ling --
Coversations with dewD

The Martyrdom of
#1 - #2 - #3 - #4

Prototype Project
Issues 1 - 5




On June 30, 2017, the criminals who run the website Photobucket.com (who hosted the images for OtherSpokane.com) began denying access to any photo or video on their site that was being used on "third-party websites," meaning blogs, websites, Amazon sites, eBay auction listings, Craigslist, etc - unless you pay them a $400 ransom.

See the mess they made of my past decade of work. No pics, but most of the links still work.

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I first used "The Bing" as a name for The Bing Crosby Theater

OtherSpokane.com is protected speech pursuant to the "inalienable rights" of all men, and the First (or even the Second) Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.
 Don't tread on me, pretty-please.

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Supposedly, Kellyanne Conway, apologist for Traitor-in-Chief Donald Trump, is in Spokane tomorrow to stump for traitor-apologist Cathy McMorris Rodgers. But, if truth isnít truth anymore, how are we supposed to know that itís actually Kellyanne getting off that plane tomorrow and not the resurrected corpse of Ernest Borgnine? Or a cow wearing a party hat? Or a raspberry donut?


Yesterdayís web-organized event to clear the air by throwing rocks at the smoke appears not to have worked. Maybe itís like Grannyís Special Cold Remedy that Jed told Mr. Drysdale is effective but ďtakes a week or 10 days to work.Ē


The president's personal lawyer and "fixer" just pleaded guilty to eight federal charges, and stated, under oath, that he committed a federal crime at the direction of Donald Trump.


I'm encountering more and more people suffering from Stik Mann Derangement Syndrome.


Cathy: Good morning, sir. Cathy McMorris Rodgers - Iíd appreciate your vote this November. 
Me: Oh, good morning. Um, Iím sorry. Actually Iím voting for your opponent. 
Cathy: What can I do to get you to reconsider?
Me: Convince Trump to resign and move to Siberia? 
Cathy: Okay, you have a wonderful day, sir. 
Me: Was that a yes?


I was watching an MSNBC story on YouTube about the bizarre conspiracy group Qanon whose adherents show up at Trump rallies bearing large Qs and saying how JFK Jr faked his death and is about to lock up Obama and Hillary in Guantanamo when there appeared a pop-up ad from Northern Quest Casino whose logo is a giant Q. Coincidence?


If youíve allowed yourself to tumble along in the avalanche of Trump lies, thereís no end to the absurdities youíll believe. Look for Trump to soon reveal his privileged communications with extraterrestrial super intelligence.


Our own president is getting ready to sell us out to Russia, criminals in high places are stealing our Social Security, we're putting babies and toddlers in prisons, we're insulting and punching and arresting and shooting each other, and on top of all that, IT'S HOOPFEST WEEKEND! Go team!


Re: John Bolton facilitating a hookup between Trump and Putin: 
I guess if you're going to meet up with a murderer and a war criminal responsible for tens of thousands of innocent civilian deaths, who better to set up the soiree than one of the men who lied to Congress and the American people to get up into a war that resulted in tens of thousands of innocent civilian deaths.


If it's legal for Trump to ban all Muslims from certain countries, what's to stop him from banning all of the (according to him) murdering, raping, Mexicans? Or the entirety of MS-13-infested Central America? Or for that matter, all of those smarmy, shoe-smuggling Canadians?


We're not just asking you to leave the restaurant. We're telling you to get out of our White House.


I'd like to take a break from social media and the internet and politics and everything in between, but I'm afraid that when I came back these monsters would be shoveling babies into ovens with pitchforks. Saving the world's a bitch.


The moral question currently confronting conscientious Americans is perhaps the last opportunity for certain Trump supporters to debark the Crazy Train. You know who you are. You got on board early, probably with good intentions, but now feel you're on an inescapable journey to places you never wanted to visit. Here's one of them: Tornillo, Texas, just outside of El Paso. Today's rain cooled it down a bit but it's expected to climb back up over 100 degrees by Wednesday. This is where the Trump administration chose to build an enclosed camp of tents set up outside to house up to 450 of the nearly 3000 (?) children who they have forcible taken from their parents. The obvious question: Is this moral? Or is it not? You should meet me at the snack bar in the depot as Crazy Train once again departs for points unknown. Microwave burritos are on me.


The same American flag that recently flew over the graves of a million dead soldiers on Memorial Day flew yesterday next to the flag of North Korea, the worst human rights violator on Earth, where hundreds of thousands of political prisoners have been systematically murdered, where the population is indoctrinated from birth and millions are starved to death by design. And when Trump shook the hand of Kim Jong-un, the dictator of this nation-wide prison camp, who has personally ordered the execution of hundreds of people, many of them with anti-aircraft weapons and blowtorches, including members of his own family, I couldn't help but think of all the Americans who can't wait for our president to come back home and take care of these "son's-of-bitches" who disrespect the flag and our soldiers by kneeling at football games. Spokesman-Review 06/16/18


Your president just tossed aside our post-World War II alliance like it was his empty Happy Meal box and then went to bat for a criminal regime who murders political opponents and attempted to subvert our nation's election. Have a nice day.


Does Trump have to actually do that squat and kick dance before we accept he is beholden to Russia? His arrogant in-your-face treason makes Benedict Arnold look like Mary Poppins. This cancer needs to be removed before it's too late.

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