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Running With Scissors Since 1999

I'm helping Jesse produce his Mr. Dark series. 

Episode Two is ONLINE NOW!

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I won first place in The Inlander's Short Fiction Contest. Read:
Uncle Le-o-nard's
Perplexing Exit


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Does God Hate Spokane?
A pop quiz about the Westboro Baptist Church, who brought their God-Hates-Everything show to Spokane.

What I Learned from 
the Spokane Anarchists

We march with the young rebels during their July 4th March for Rights.

Cuttin' Onions with Zemek
I try to show graffiti artist gangsta dude Zemek how to chop onions. 
Weirdness ensues.

Welcome to the Fire Room
A young man is confronted by a menacing bartender. Horror. Quite disturbing.

Five Finger Fillet
The Contender challenges Tough Guy Champ to the ultimate knife game.

Rogue Wave
I dream I am swamped by a rogue wave as I explore the beaches of The Olympic Peninsula.

 photo hospital.jpg

 photo Affliction.png
My brush with the
Black Scythe 9/1/13


I come upon a cloudburst near 
Joshua Tree National Park.

The Perfect Haunted House
Mr. Needles, Professor Terrington and Stik Mann search for the perfect haunted house to use in a zombie movie - but Stik Mann has ulterior motives.

(I am not) The Blue Bear
Espionage, kidnapping, torture, kinky sex and teddy bears. S-s-psychological, p-political horror.

Nib-Ron's Warning to OrbEarth
Take heed, gullible earth creatures. (But something is lost in the translation.)

Poster by Chris ?

Here's Screen Test (2014), a bizarre little Jesse James Hennessy film. I wrote the script and was assistant director.


Ditching Mr. D
I foolishly invite Mr. D to accompany me on my summer vacation.

Shadow Biker
... I slipped into a wormhole and spend 24 years as apprentice to Evil Lord Saint-Chev who instructed me in the black arts.

The Al-Ray
James and I canoe out on Mystery Bay to check on an old-school wooden work boat.

I make soup.

Nature and I softly collide on the Fish Lake Trail early one Easter morning.

I've been a part of

NYC 100 Hour Film Race

The Dairy Heirs

NYC 24 Hour Film Race


A Drink in the Dark
(Made the top 24 films in this worldwide competition. Premiered in New York.)

50 Hour Film Slam


The Burning

Oxy and Drakkar

48 Hour Film Fest

The Appraisal


The Sacrifice

The Tenth Floor



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Occupy Spokane
Dominates Downtown

The movement takes over downtown as they march on Chase Bank and the Bank of America, 10/15/11.

PFC Bee Dies for the Homeland
The last few horrible moments of brave Private First Class B. Bee.

PETA Protests Cruelty to Fish
An awesome moment in Spokane's surreal history.


 It's a joke. 
It's just a joke.

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Check out the work of my friend and occasional collaborator, filmmaker 
Jesse James Hennessy


Fun with Firearms
Jesse and I have fun with firearms on Fourth of July morning.

Randomly generated compliments with a rosemary/veal sauce.

Occupy Spokane
I film the first rag-tag meeting of the local offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon.

Dick's Day - Day of the Dick
Vice President Cheney is welcomed to Spokane.

Crossing the Mighty Kootenai
I cross the very scary swinging bridge above the Kootenai River as it surges above flood stage..

Me as Steve Striker, broadcast journalist, \"How ya doin\'?\" photo Picture003b.jpg

Go to my IMDb site, unless you have laundry to do or something.


RetroViral Village
Stik Mann attempts to escape an alternate reality (of his own making?).

The Flood
A paranoid "documentary" about the Ice Age floods that scoured much of Washington State around 15,000 years ago.  I also freak out about caves and hotel rooms and Indian spirits.

Travel Notes
The mystery, religious pilgrimage, and Doubting Thomas angst I experience while traveling.

High Water
The Spokane River roars through downtown Spokane - Spring 2011

 photo - ssg


The Great Salt Flats

Descent into the Valley of Death

Anasazi Ruins

Mi Dentista Mexicano

No Thirteens in Las Vegas

Ghost Town

Antelope Near Devil's Tower

Paradox at Bonneville Salt Flats

Kansas Prairie Fire

Chicago Revelation 

MO of MY

The Klamath River Whale
I film a gray whale who wouldn't leave the Klamath River Bridge.

Arm Chomping
Keeping the revered art of arm chomping alive at Mootsys Tavern.

James shows off his salvaged boat. Then we tour his boat building school.

The Western Loop
The video journal of my 1/14 road trip.

 James Cubed       photo/graphic - ssg

with weird stories 
behind them.

Mr. Needles and Professor Terrington instruct an inept waiter on proper wine service.

(re-uploaded 10/14) 
GUNTher and friends have murderous Halloween fun.

  photo skull1.jpg

of my stuff

Jesse visits the 2010 Spokane Tattoo Convention. I follow along with a camera.

Local band Darlin' plays Prago cafe in downtown Spokane. Angela Landsbury and Andy Griffin provide the subplot.

Lunch with Arp Xigar
Arp and I consume raw animal products and redefine the three martini lunch.

A moment at the sauté station with the inimitable Joe Vitt.

 Christmas Special
The Leroy Lovegun Christmas Special (Party Crashing 101)
Click here to see Jesse's version using the same footage.

  photo DSC01767.jpg

of my stuff

A Christmas Moment
James has a "moment" at the Leroy Lovegun Christmas party. 

Shemaleiah's retelling of the Gilgamesh legend. Artsy bondage.

Occupy Spokane's March 
on Chase Bank
The Occupy Spokane movement swells 10/14/11 and spills over into downtown Spokane.

the making of MEAT
A short film of us preparing to make the short-short film MEAT (included within).

Texas Tea
 I meet Ash, a "pumper" from one of the many oil fields north of Pecos. He explains the mechanics of it all, from pump jack to wellhead. This is rural Texas.

Foxxy Moron Show 7/2/05
Foxxy Moron and the Sexxy Revolution at The B-Side Tavern.

OtherSpokane Intro
OtherSpokane's Instructional Video

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Jumping to Conclusions 
at Pig Out in the Park


Occupy Spokane's
 Diverse Folk

Deer in Downtown Spokane

Bestial Zen


Drunk Dude Rescued

Because Art Matters


Shadows of Luigi

Do you smite me, sir?


$1 PBRs

Where Did I Put 
My Sunglasses?

Ledger Parade


Shem in Snow

The Line

Leroy Promo

Dealing with Evil


 photo -ssg


Ron Paul in Spokane

Part One
Part Two

The Newt in The Kan at The Bing

Part One
Part Two

Heeere's my face 
on Facebook

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Judy Roger's
Sarcastic Pantyraid 2000

ColdFire Labyrinth

My meeting with
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dewD-ling --
Coversations with dewD

The Martyrdom of
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Prototype Project
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Other Past Issues

I first used "The Bing" as a name for The Bing Crosby Theater is protected speech pursuant to the "inalienable rights" of all men, and the First (or even the Second) Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Don't tread on me, pretty-please.

This is an archive edition.
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I'm taking a vacation from e-stuff today and trying to finish some writing projects...


Check out this story about Scott Meyers and the tragic overdose and death of his daughter, Rachel, who struggled with drug addiction most of her short life. [Scott is an old friend of The Scene magazine, and was promoter of the local band Black Happy for many years.]

A Tacoma man wants Spokane's Wilson Elementary School to be renamed because Woodrow Wilson was a segregationist and a racist.

The psychology of revenge: biology, evolution and culture.

Every police stop is a death threat. This is the nature of the State itself.

Here's a live feed of the Shell oil ship moving toward St. Johns Bridge in NW Portland, where protesters are dangling from the bridge and kayak activists are in the water below.

Click here for a random Existential Comic.                                                                   photo nope.gif


Last night I watched As Above So Below, a decent horror flick that's a lot like The Descent. I like the whole claustrophobia-as-horror-element thing, but I think it's yet to be used to its maximum effect.

You just lost me, Bernie...

How El Chapo builds his tunnels: Sinaloa's secret team of architects and builders has perfected the art of underground drug smuggling.

Michael Moore's new film attacks US government's state of infinite war.

A Hebrew professor claims the Bible's Moses was on DMT.

Watch the Adbuster's uncommercials.

The costly, deadly dangers of traffic stops in the American Police State.

Why do mammals breastfeed? Researchers are piecing together the story of lactation's evolution. It all started with an egg.

Bob Dellwo, former Spokane councilman, Native American activist, FBI spy, dead at 97.

Did you know that the ampersand was once considered a part of the alphabet?

The quick history of aliens in film.

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
   ~  Benjamin Franklin


Being friends with murderers and the world of murderabilia. 

The death of satire: Once the smartest form of comedy, satire has turned into fake news and dumbed-down clickbait. From Colbert to The Onion, the tide is going out.

Thesauruses are fun: 17 useful words for drinking.

Will intellectual combat ever regain the entertainment value of the William F. Buckley-Gore Vidal jousts?

This video of lightning in slow motion is strangely entrancing.

Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak lead artificial intelligence experts who want killer robots banned.

The great Ralph Steadman illustrates the great Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

How did armies keep archers supplied with arrows while fighting?


Carl Sagan's warning: "We’ve arranged a society on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology, and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces."

When "The Big One" hits in Western Washington, we're likely to feel it in the Inland Northwest, but it might seem like nothing more than the shaking from a large truck.

William Mortensen: the photographer who Ansel Adams called the Antichrist

A short film about Mortensen.

How to use the passive voice correctly.

Which of the 11 American nations do you live in?

Gateway to the heavens: The Assyrian account of the Tower of Babel - very similar to the Bible.


The New York Times and other major US media outlets airbrush out of history the disastrous and criminal role Uncle Sam has played and continues to play in the world.

Matthieu Bourel - Tribute to Man RayAmerican road-tripping has left its mark on literature: Here are the actual routes they took.

The Six Californias plan to break up the state into six different states might make it to the 2016 ballot.

A Cambridge professor suspects the deaths of three scientists investigation melting Arctic ice may have been murder.

Street art images testify to uncomfortable truths

Over the last century, archaeologists have uncovered more than 100 Nazca "trophy heads" – decapitated heads attached to ropes which were hung from buildings and strung around peoples’ waists.


 photo Serpents Curse - Genesis 3-14.jpgI was watching a YouTube video about how CERN is going to open the abyss and release Apollyon the Antichrist who will subjugate and destroy all of creation and it was interrupted by a commercial for Disneyland.

Sandra Bland's autopsy report.

Washington state implements new cannabis laws: What's changed?

New photos show Bush administration reaction to 9/11 attacks. The images, taken by Cheney's staff photographer, were released in response to a Freedom of Information Act by Frontline.

Become an ordained minister for only $14.99.

"And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go..."
  ~  Genesis 3:14

Here's an excellent article in The Inlander about Spokane's architectural style.

I use semicolons; they make me feel smart.

Court declares air fresheners, pro-police stickers as reasonable suspicion for cops to pull you over.

When the brothel trade falls on hard times you do as you must: you buy the closest property you can to Area 51 and turn it into an extraterrestrial boning bar.

According to the Jonah complex and various interpretations of it, the fear of success stems from the sense of overwhelming responsibility that might come with success, of living an extraordinary life that lacks personal familiarity

The notorious and much feared ancient order of Hashshashins.


I keep hearing reports of Macklemore getting booted from local restaurants...

 Painting by Ho Ryon LeeWhy do pendulum clocks that hang on the same wall eventually synchronize?

Who said it: Donald Trump or Mr. Burns from "The Simpson"?

Comparing nuclear war with industrial agriculture.

The five best and five worst demons to get possessed by.

Here's a cool article in Iran Daily about an ancient city of dwarfs. On the same page you'll find an excellent article on how to make Beef Yogurt.

A bear triggers the motion-activated shutter of a wildlife research trail camera set up by biologists just four minutes behind hikers on a trail in Pend Oreille County.

Why do people have foot fetishes?

Surgeons successfully graft hand onto patient's leg and keep it alive for a month.


What will happen to Spokane when The Really Big One wipes out the West Coast?

The good news about the earthquake that will destroy the Northwest.

Exploring the catastrophic possibilities of the modern world, scientists and sociologists explain why the sky may, in fact, be falling.

How to speak American: Steal words, invent new ones, turn nouns into verbs and verbs into nouns. Smush words together.

The Golden Ratio, one thing that ancient Greeks, Renaissance artists, a 17th century astronomer and 21st century architects all have in common.

More data have been created and stored in the past 15 years than in the previous history of humanity. To handle the information glut, read avant-garde poetry.

An army-sponsored workshop on the future of war produces a mashed-up vision of swarmbots, cyborgs, and technology run wild.


Transhumanism and its associated philosophies can be divisive. To be sure, the movement has some negative stereotypes attached to it. But nonetheless, it's gaining traction in mainstream discourse.

How to get out of your own light – Aldous Huxley on who we are, the trap of language, and the necessity of mind-body education.

Here's Frontline's documentary about El Chapo: The Legend of Shorty.

Taxidermists use their art as a way to preserve a disappearing species—but that wasn't always the case. Watch as one expert discusses the evolving ethics of the practice.

Starting September 26, it will be against the law to have an open container of marijuana in your vehicle.

Working in a crematorium: What it's like to burn bodies for a living.


Art by Brando Ragnar JohnsonHip hop "stars" Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are in Spokane this week filming a new music video. We will survive.

Here is the exclusive Rachel Dolezal interview in Vanity Fair, trying to suck a few more drops of blood out of this dying dog of a story.

Teaching Queen Elizabeth the Nazi salute is nothing compared to what the Duke may have been up to with the Third Reich. No wonder Churchill sent spies to post-war Berlin to find records - and destroy them.

Quiz: Are you smart enough for Menza? I got 17 out of 20, with  two outright edjumacated guesses.

Many entrepreneurs don't have a special gene for risk - they're just rich kids with safety nets.

Donald Trump hits double digits in a new GOP poll. The apocalypse is upon us. 

Robert Reich on how Goldman Sachs helped create the Greek debt crisis.

Dean Martin vs. Frank Sinatra's burger recipes.

Watch the last four presidents declare that the US is bombing Iraq.


I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road and not have their motives questioned.

John Oliver on food waste.

Is virtual reality is the future of religion? Twenty-five years from now people will think about Virtual Reality the same way we think about the Internet today - we won't even be ablt to imagine our global existence without it.

The strange, sad story of the man named Mr. Hands who died from having sex with a horse.

The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts.

When is hash oil medicinal and when does it pose health risks? 

PC is undermining free speech, expression, liberties: The "shut it down" crowd that would sanitize humor just doesn't get it - radical comedians should be allies.

Five of the most common grammar mistakes.

Grammar mistakes even smart people make.


Art by Mimi LeChampiYes, Donald Trump - who received several deferments during the Viet Nam War - is a ninny and a hypocrite for dissing John McCain's war record. But McCain's criticism of Trump for "firing up the crazies" is equally hypocritical coming from someone who tried to give us Sarah Palin as a Vice President.

Historians urge that secret correspondence be made pubic about their the Royal Family's ties to the Nazi regime.

The Greek government’s capitulation to its predator-creditors, coming less than a week after Greek voters proudly said NO, illustrates for the umpteenth time, the essential correctness of a remark of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s, that “when you strike at a king, you must kill him.”

Why the best post-apocalyptic stories are usually kind of silly.

Is this for real? Did Wesley Clark just call for the internment of "disloyal" Americans for the duration of the war on terror?

What are we supposed to do with our lives now that the world is ending?

The psychologists who enabled torture.

Kafka's Metamorphosis: 100 thoughts for 100 years of the greatest short story in all literary fiction.


Buckingham Palace defends footage of Queen giving Nazi salute as a child. Here's the Sun's article that exposed it.

The European Space Agency's new head just proposed to build a village on the moon.

Greece surrendered: But to whom exactly?

Can transhumanism overcome a widespread deathist culture?

How to use the passive voice correctly.

Why Texans fear invasion: The Lone Star State's history explains the alarmed reaction to Jade Helm.

The creepiest, most disturbing cakes you can have at your next party.


Check out this trailer for "The Revenant" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, who also directed "Birdman," which won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay.

"Irregardless" is a word, but here's why you still shouldn't use it.

Drop a basketball with backspin from a great enough height, and something rather interesting happens. The Magnus Effect explained (and other related stuff, too).

 photo butterfly2.jpgA new paper on phantom phone vibration syndrome suggests that we rethink our negative approach to technology and its effects on us.

Here's an infographic on how to deal with the police. These are probably the four most common encounters people have with them. 

A mummy wearing an artificial toe was photo butterfly3.jpg found in the tomb of Tabeketenmut in the necropolis of Thebes, near Luxor.

Despite the weirdness of existence, most of us are able to get on with our lives and avoid debilitating feelings of despair, personal failure, and cosmic meaninglessness. But not always.

Cat pianos, sound-houses, and other imaginary musical instruments.


"The corporate dismantling of civil society is nearly complete in Greece. It is far advanced in the United States. We, like the Greeks, are undergoing a political war waged by the world’s oligarchs. No one elected them. They ignore public opinion. And, as in Greece, if a government defies the international banking community, it is targeted for execution. The banks do not play by the rules of democracy."

Existentialism? Don't even get me Sartred.

Gov. Inslee signs off on Spokane Gateway Bridge, connecting the University District with Sprague.

Earth endangered by new strain of fact-resistant humans: "It's possible that they will become more receptive to facts once they are in an environment without food, water, or oxygen," a researcher said.

National Geographic: This graphic looks at how marijuana affects the body - and how researchers are using the knowledge to develop new treatments.

How did nobody notice five million pounds of rock fall off of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park?

Existential Comics: A philosophy comic about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world. Also some jokes.

What top athletes look like without their clothes.

Ray Bradbury on creative purpose in the face of rejection.

[Did you know: Ray Bradbury is a descendent of Mary Bradbury, who was tried at one of the Salem witch trials in 1692.]

What is the difference between cannabis-infused edibles and inhaled marijuana?


Airway Heights mayor said he didn't realize that comparing Obamas to monkeys was racist. "I didn't mean to offend anyone."

The New Yorker story about Cascadia's "Really Big One" has a lot to do with colonial hubris, says The Stranger.

A look at who got what in the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Mexico releases video of El Chavo's escape.

The man who lost his memory at the dentist.

Psychedelic drugs including LSD and magic mushrooms are much less harmful than has been claimed, and should be reclassified to make it easier for scientists to research their potential benefits, a leading psychiatrist has said.

7/14/15Coffee stain on my kitchen counter

An earthquake will destroy Seattle, Portland, and a sizable part of the coastal Northwest. The question is when.

  Alien coffee stain found on my kitchen counter.

Understanding cannabis testing: A guide to cannabinoids and terpenes and all of those numbers.

The Dark Web: What it is, how it works, and why it's not going away.

Should children do philosophy?

Conservationists want you to stop building rock piles.


Startling similarity between Hindu flood legend of Manu and the Biblical account of Noah.

The ancient Romans have passed many traditions on to modern society, but they certainly had a different perspective on urine, for which they found many uses.

When your reasons are worse than useless, sometimes the most rational choice is a random stab in the dark.

What are those tiny, sticky crystals that cover cannabis flowers? 
Answer: Kief.

Thoreau on hard work, the myth of productivity, and the true measure of meaningful labor.

Giant ball pit for grown-ups opens to the public in Washington, DC.

They went down to Catemaco, Mexico - the Disneyland of satanic tourists - to check out all the chicken killing, voodoo dolls, and spirit possession the town had to offer.

Horrifying moments from classic kids cartoons.


Civilian victims in Yemen will be ignored because US and its allies are responsible.

Why are some drug legal and others illegal? Racism.

I still have some faith in humanity: Stone-throwing protesters chase Serbian prime minister from ceremony.

Critics are wrong about "The Human Centipede" film trilogy. They "should be viewed as surrealistic, cleverly politicized fables of corruption, excess, and lunacy."

The crisis in Greece isn't an ancient tragedy; it's a modern farce only Samuel Beckett could have written.

From Bacon's Rebellion to the Boston Bombings: How well do you know American extremism? Take the quiz.

John Oliver on Thailand's bizarre fixation on Hitler imagery


Here's how to translate DC's favorite foreign policy clichés, from "boots on the ground" to "thank you for your service."

I thought becoming Jack Kerouac would cure my depression.

Most of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poet friends were on some kind of drug most of the time. Not Ferlinghetti. "Somebody had to mind the shop."

Kayaking and paddle boarding coming to downtown! The Spokane Parks and Recreation Department is building a small boat launch near the Division Street Bridge.

Here are 11 science fiction books that are regularly taught in college classes.

The ancient art of magic, curses and supernatural spells.

Take a bite out of MacSabbath, a McDonald's-themed Black Sabbath tribute band.

Do I sound gay? A filmmaker's personal journey explores the "gay voice."

Here's the trailer for Bruce Campbell's "Ash Vs. Evil Dead."

A Netherlands city could be the first to pave its streets with recycled plastic bottles.

The rise and fall of Quaaludes.

"Modern Americans behave as if intelligence were some sort of hideous deformity."
   ~  Frank Zappa


Jesse's film "Mental" was chosen as one of the top 24 in the world for the New York 24 Hour Film Racing Contest!

How virtual reality porn could bring about world peace: An okay article. I thought it was fun that the console used in the photos required two hands.

R. Crumb illustrates Philip K. Dick's hallucinatory spiritual experience.

The secret history of the word "Cracker."

Police now rely on SWAT teams and their violent tactics for routine police work.

How to build a pyramid: Hidden ramps may solve the mystery of the Great Pyramid's construction.

One of the largest human experiments in history was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco.

British government tested chemical and biological agents on thousands of citizens.


 photo UnderBridge.jpgHere's the Spokane Arena's bucket list. They asked people to tell them who they want to see play at the arena. The results show Spokane's staggering musical un-hipness.

   Underneath the Division Street Bridge.

Fire-walking, skin piercing, bloodletting, even voluntary crucifixion: Why do people across cultures participate in extreme rituals of bodily mutilation?

Organizational Structures: A survival guide.

The group is called the Northwest Front, and its final solution to the race problem is to expel non-white people from the Pacific Northwest and to establish a mono-racial republic.

Greece is the latest battleground in the financial elite's war on democracy.

How virtual reality porn could bring about world peace: an okay article. I thought it was funny that the console used in the photos required two hands.

Microdosing: A revolutionary way of using psychedelics?

The Tunguska event: Still a mystery after 107 years.

7/8/15 photo - ssg

The Greek crisis: What you're not being told.

Why are Americans so easy to manipulate and control? shoppers, students, workers and voters are all seen the same way: as passive, conditional objects.

Required viewing for thinking humans: The Century of the Self.

I am so, so very sorry: 10 reasons zombies are physically impossible.

American comedy's proud history of offensiveness: In the 70s, SNL and National Lampoon helped define groundbreaking, subversive comedy that wasn't afraid to infuriate its audience.

"What a fascinating thing! Total control of a living organism!"
  ~  psychologist B. F. Skinner

7/7/15photo - ssg

One person is dead and three are injured after ice caves collapse at the Big Four Ice Caves in Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

A researcher from WSU is attempting to understand exploding head syndrome.

Bullfrogs threaten native Northwest species.

Is this real? A wingsuit flight through a six and a half foot cave.
_____photo - ssg

In this wide-ranging interview in The Nation, socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says the elite are in for an ugly surprise.

Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan don't even merit mention in conservative Texans' new version of American history.

Wine and drugs in ancient Rome: facts and details.


Artwork by Pawel KuczynskiThe myth of big, bad gluten: Maybe we should stop asking what's wrong with wheat and begin asking what's wrong with us.

A homunculus refers to the representation of a fully formed but tiny human being. According to sixteenth century alchemical texts, the small human could be created through an alchemical process and carried great powers.

One of the last grim scenes of the Civil War was caught on camera.

I know it's hard to hear, but we should be grateful for stories like this that demonstrate both the harshness and the beauty of Darwinian reality: Man dies after strapping fireworks to his head and setting them off.


I have officially quit my position at The Restaurant. Rest assured I'll be touching on this more in the future. Wink, wink...


Now it's dark...



One more day until Mr. Dark #2. I just saw the nearly complete film. Pretty dang cool, as Jesse might say.

I believe I'll celebrate Independence Day by officially quitting my job at The Restaurant.


 photo - ssgIt was the hottest June ever recorded in Spokane's history, with 90s and 100s at least through Tuesday.

The 10th century chronicle of the violent, orgiastic funeral of a Viking chieftain.

This video breaks down in simple terms the only way "those in power" can stay in power. It's not as complex at it may seem.

Stanley Kubrick archivist talks about the controversy around A Clockwork Orange.

Punctuation marks that you probably didn't know existed.

graphic - ssgSurrealissimo: The trial of Salvador Dali - a BBC production about when the original surrealist group put Dali on trial for being a douche.  A good show albeit with terrible acting by the dude playing Dali. I'd like to see this done with local actor Christopher Lamb (who I've worked with many times in various JJH films), whose portrayal of the Spanish loon is right on.

George Orwell blasts American fashion magazines (1946).

John Oliver on transgender rights.

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