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Running With Scissors Since 1999

I helped Jesse produce 
his Mr. Dark series. 

It's happening NOW!


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Welcome to the Fire Room
A young man is confronted by a menacing bartender. Horror. Quite disturbing.

The Perfect Haunted House
Mr. Needles, Professor Terrington and Stik Mann search for the perfect haunted house to use in a zombie movie - but Stik Mann has ulterior motives.

(I am not) The Blue Bear
Espionage, kidnapping, torture, kinky sex and teddy bears. S-s-psychological, p-political horror.

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I won first place in The Inlander's Short Fiction Contest. Read:
Uncle Le-o-nard's
Perplexing Exit

Nib-Ron's Warning to OrbEarth
Take heed, gullible earth creatures. (But something is lost in the translation.)

Does God Hate Spokane?
A pop quiz about the Westboro Baptist Church, who brought their God-Hates-Everything show to Spokane.

RetroViral Village
Stik Mann attempts to escape an alternate reality (of his own making?).

The Flood
A paranoid "documentary" about the Ice Age floods that scoured much of Washington State around 15,000 years ago.  I also freak out about caves and hotel rooms and Indian spirits.

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My brush with the
Black Scythe 9/1/13


I come upon a cloudburst near 
Joshua Tree National Park.

What I Learned from 
the Spokane Anarchists

We march with the young rebels during their July 4th March for Rights.

Cuttin' Onions with Zemek
I try to show graffiti artist gangsta dude Zemek how to chop onions. 
Weirdness ensues.

Five Finger Fillet
The Contender challenges Tough Guy Champ to the ultimate knife game.

Rogue Wave
I dream I am swamped by a rogue wave as I explore the beaches of The Olympic Peninsula.

Poster by Chris ?

Here's Screen Test (2014), a bizarre little Jesse James Hennessy film. I wrote the script and was assistant director.


Ditching Mr. D
I foolishly invite Mr. D to accompany me on my summer vacation.

Shadow Biker
... I slipped into a wormhole and spend 24 years as apprentice to Evil Lord Saint-Chev who instructed me in the black arts.

The Al-Ray
James and I canoe out on Mystery Bay to check on an old-school wooden work boat.

I make soup.

Nature and I softly collide on the Fish Lake Trail early one Easter morning.

I've been a part of

NYC 100 Hour Film Race

The Dairy Heirs

NYC 24 Hour Film Race


A Drink in the Dark
(Made the top 24 films in this worldwide competition. Premiered in New York.)

50 Hour Film Slam


The Burning

Oxy and Drakkar

48 Hour Film Fest

The Appraisal


The Sacrifice

The Tenth Floor



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Occupy Spokane
Dominates Downtown

The movement takes over downtown as they march on Chase Bank and the Bank of America, 10/15/11.

PFC Bee Dies for the Homeland
The last few horrible moments of brave Private First Class B. Bee.

PETA Protests Cruelty to Fish
An awesome moment in Spokane's surreal history.


 It's a joke. 
It's just a joke.

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Check out the work of my friend and occasional collaborator, filmmaker 
Jesse James Hennessy


Fun with Firearms
Jesse and I have fun with firearms on Fourth of July morning.

Randomly generated compliments with a rosemary/veal sauce.

Occupy Spokane
I film the first rag-tag meeting of the local offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon.

Dick's Day - Day of the Dick
Vice President Cheney is welcomed to Spokane.

Crossing the Mighty Kootenai
I cross the very scary swinging bridge above the Kootenai River as it surges above flood stage..

Me as Steve Striker, broadcast journalist, \"How ya doin\'?\" photo Picture003b.jpg

Go to my IMDb site, unless you have laundry to do or something.


Travel Notes
The mystery, religious pilgrimage, and Doubting Thomas angst I experience while traveling.

High Water
The Spokane River roars through downtown Spokane - Spring 2011

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The Great Salt Flats

Descent into the Valley of Death

Anasazi Ruins

Mi Dentista Mexicano

No Thirteens in Las Vegas

Ghost Town

Antelope Near Devil's Tower

Paradox at Bonneville Salt Flats

Kansas Prairie Fire

Chicago Revelation 

 photo - ssg

MO of MY

The Klamath River Whale
I film a gray whale who wouldn't leave the Klamath River Bridge.

Arm Chomping
Keeping the revered art of arm chomping alive at Mootsys Tavern.

James shows off his salvaged boat. Then we tour his boat building school.

The Western Loop
The video journal of my 1/14 road trip.

 James Cubed       photo/graphic - ssg

with weird stories 
behind them.

Mr. Needles and Professor Terrington instruct an inept waiter on proper wine service.

(re-uploaded 10/14) 
GUNTher and friends have murderous Halloween fun.

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of my stuff

Jesse visits the 2010 Spokane Tattoo Convention. I follow along with a camera.

Local band Darlin' plays Prago cafe in downtown Spokane. Angela Landsbury and Andy Griffin provide the subplot.

Lunch with Arp Xigar
Arp and I consume raw animal products and redefine the three martini lunch.

A moment at the sauté station with the inimitable Joe Vitt.

 Christmas Special
The Leroy Lovegun Christmas Special (Party Crashing 101)
Click here to see Jesse's version using the same footage.

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of my stuff

A Christmas Moment
James has a "moment" at the Leroy Lovegun Christmas party. 

Shemaleiah's retelling of the Gilgamesh legend. Artsy bondage.

Occupy Spokane's March 
on Chase Bank
The Occupy Spokane movement swells 10/14/11 and spills over into downtown Spokane.

the making of MEAT
A short film of us preparing to make the short-short film MEAT (included within).

Texas Tea
 I meet Ash, a "pumper" from one of the many oil fields north of Pecos. He explains the mechanics of it all, from pump jack to wellhead. This is rural Texas.

Foxxy Moron Show 7/2/05
Foxxy Moron and the Sexxy Revolution at The B-Side Tavern.

OtherSpokane Intro
OtherSpokane's Instructional Video

 photo - ssg


Jumping to Conclusions 
at Pig Out in the Park


Occupy Spokane's
 Diverse Folk

Deer in Downtown Spokane

Bestial Zen


Drunk Dude Rescued

Because Art Matters


Shadows of Luigi

Do you smite me, sir?


$1 PBRs

Where Did I Put 
My Sunglasses?

Ledger Parade


Shem in Snow

The Line

Leroy Promo

Dealing with Evil


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Ron Paul in Spokane

Part One
Part Two

The Newt in The Kan at The Bing

Part One
Part Two

Heeere's my face 
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I first used "The Bing" as a name for The Bing Crosby Theater is protected speech pursuant to the "inalienable rights" of all men, and the First (or even the Second) Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Don't tread on me, pretty-please.


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The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the St. Michael's Parish in Spokane as a hate group. That's right, those singing nuns could be packing heat under those blue robes.

dem·a·gogue • noun • a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.
Chris Hedges: The Age of the Demagogues.

Why Silicon Valley techies are dropping LSD at work.

The US had the exact flight path of the Russian plane. They knew where and when it would be flying: are we supposed to believe they didn’t communicate this to the Turks, their NATO allies? That this was an orchestrated event – orchestrated by Washington – seems almost beyond dispute.

The origins of nicknames: Where did we get Dick from Richard? Why is Bill short for William?

Help me! I am trapped
in a Haiku factory.
Save me, before they


The world can fall apart without me today. I need to get stuff done.

11/28/15Art by Nicolas Tolmachev

This year's most outrageous Black Friday fight looks like it was faked.

Donald Trump's police state.

John Pilger on Paris, ISIS and media propaganda

John Quincy Adams once approved an expedition to the center of the earth

Seemingly taking a cue from Donald Trump, the Republican field is cursing in public at a rate unheard of in modern presidential politics.

Flesh!: Artists make and model full-body suit made of chicken skin.

Paris, where the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity meet reality.


                                                   photo buynothingday.jpg


Art by Pawel Kuczynski"Gobble, gobble."
   ~  John McLaughlin 


A descendant of a man who filmed the JFK assassination from an angle depicting the grassy knoll, is suing the federal government for $10 million for allegedly losing the original footage.

The Two Turkeys: What's the deal with a country and a bird having the exact same name?

"Charlie Sheen does drugs at my house."

How the elite deal with sparks of revolt: "I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half."

Seattle Times editorial board: Donald Trump's creeping fascism needs to be rejected.

Donald Trump's alarming skid toward outright fascism.

Donald Trump under fire for mocking disabled reporter.

Why "fascist" is the term that best describes Donald Trump.

Ben Carson's end times beliefs.

John Smith of Jamestown remembers 1609, the "starving time,": "And one amongst the rest did kill his wife, powdered her, and had eaten part of her before it was known, for which he was executed, as he well deserved; now whether she was better roasted, boiled, or carbonadoed, I know not, but of such a dish as powdered wife I never heard."

John Oliver says kill the penny

How to explain an iPhone using only the 1000 most common English words.

Global war on terror coincides with a dramatic increase of terrorism: A reminder that "endless war" like "terrorism" is a tactic.

The gruesome history of beheading.

The US military is a national security threat: America's armed forces are a massive drain on resources that could otherwise strengthen the country.

The Empty Room: "On Thanksgiving Day the three of us took psilocybin mushrooms and sprawled on a dirty, marijuana seed–infested section of carpet in the middle of Deanna’s floor."

The mighty have fallen: Woody Allen goes digital.


Obama makes a statement on national security. Says everything's fine. Happy Thanksgiving. It was supposed to be broadcast from the Oval Office but was changed to be closer to the Situation Room.  Everything's fine. Happy Thanksgiving.

[There was an air strike on the Syrian/Turkey border at about the same time.]

I keep having this reoccurring dream of me and my family all wearing funny-looking pants and performing Edelweiss before a stern-looking crowd of Trumpzis just before we ditch out the back door and over the mountains to Canada. 

Spokane Mayor David Condon knew of alleged sexual harassment by police chief in April, records show.

Did Condon's administration withhold damning public records until after his re-election?

Four old documentaries on Spokane worth watching.

How to Seduce a Turkey: The bizarre poultry sex experiments of the 1960s.

All hail Der Donald.

Bombing ISIS will not work. They want us to bomb them. Without an enemy, they're just a bumch of bearded guys in tacky outfits that the locals really don't like.

In his essay Industrial Society and Its Future, The Unabomber Theodore J. Kaczynski argued that while his bombings were “a bit” extreme, they were quite necessary to attract attention to the loss of human freedom caused by modern technology. His book Technological Slavery breaks all of his philosophies down for those of us that just know him through corporate news stations.

"The sharper the tools, the darker the times."
   ~  Lao Tzu


First snow in Spokane. You could even say it blows.

So far, 136 Spokane families have come home and found notes on their doors from the Spokane Fire Department telling them their home is unsafe to live.

This is even scarier than it sounds: Turkey just shot down a Russian warplane. Turkey is a member of NATO. We are sworn to defend them. The winds of war are blowing. What do you suppose that Turkey's action, using US-supplied F-16 planes, was taken with the full knowledge and advance support of the US?

3.4 earthquake felt in parts of North Idaho. 

A stretch of road near Santa Clarita has inexplicably lifted upward and crumbled over the course of just a few hours. Geologists are stumped.

NYT editorial board today outright calls Trump a racist liar.

Donald Trump's alarming skid toward outright fascism.

Some conservatives are defying expectation and backing Bernie Sanders.

Colorado juries are refusing to convict pot-influenced drivers.

Grammar lessons from the leaked CIA style book.


35,000 people are still without power around Spokane. Many will be in the dark until Thanksgiving. All public schools are still closed. Snow is in the forecast.

photo - ssgHere's a cool Spokesman-Review article about my friend Dan Sanchez, owner of Mootsys Tavern, who is renovating two downtown buildings.

Here's a video I did for Dan last year to show the project to potential investors.

John Oliver explains the refugee vetting process.

Pope Francis says Christmas is a charade this year because the whole world is at war.

Trump personifies everything the rest of the world despises about America: casual racism, crass materialism, relentless self-aggrandizement, vulgarity on an epic scale. He is the Ugly American in excelsis.”

France can now shut down any website and search whoever it wants.

A prominent economist has a radical proposal for stimulating the economy: just add money to everyone's bank account.


John Lennon wrote a song with the goal to confuse, befuddle, and mess with the people analyzing the Beatle's music. Goo goo gajoob.

Paris is being used to justify agendas that had nothing to do with the attack: let’s ban encryption, even though there’s no evidence the terrorists used it to carry out their crime, and let’s ban Syrian refugees, even though the attackers were neither. 

The country - one of our allies - where journalism is being murdered.

The hacktivist collective Anonymous says the Islamic State is planning to launch attacks in the U.S., Paris, Indonesia, Italy and Lebanon today.

The story of the chemists behind the legendary LSD known as Orange Sunshine.

Scream into the void.

The inexplicable world of Hitler chic in Thailand: Yes, this is a real thing. There's even a Hitler fried chicken chain with  a Nazi-saluting, Ronald McDonald/Fuehrer  hybrid.


ISIS wants us to invade them. And they say so in every issue of their glossy, full-color magazine called Dabiq.

Modern day lynching in Mississippi: "This is what they did for fun."

"Imminent threat of attack": Brussels closes metro as the Belgian capitol is put on high alert.

Weed-infused coffee? The "Seattle Speedball" is now actually a thing.

Wikileaks released this prophetic open letter that Gaddafi penned as the US and NATO bombed Libya:

"Now listen you, people of NATO. You’re bombing a wall which stood in the way of African migration to Europe, and in the way of Al-Qaeda terrorists. This wall was Libya. You‘re breaking it. You’re idiots, and you will burn in Hell for thousands of migrants from Africa and for supporting Al-Qaeda. It will be so. I never lie. And I do not lie now."

The US State Department approved a deal to sell the government of Saudi Arabia a shipment of “smart bombs” that is worth over $1.29 billion.

How to live and write like Kurt Vonnegut.

This question has plagued me for years: Why don't we just throw all our garbage into volcanoes?

Captagon, ISIS's favorite amphetamine, explained.

When meth was an antidepressant: President Kennedy was routinely injected with 15 mg of methamphetamine by his personal physician in order to maintain his spritely appearance.

"When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am your God."
   ~  Leviticus 19:33-34

Another Bullshit PhotoBullshit Date

Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

More Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit Bullshit. Bullshit. More Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.


Subfreezing temps in Spokane. Wind chill at 15 degrees. 100,000 people still without power.

When asked how requiring Muslims to register differs from Jews having to register in Nazi Germany, Donald Trump said, "You tell me."

War porn videos are getting millions of hits on YouTube.

The Literary Review has announced the (obviously NSFW) nominees for its 2015 bad sex in fiction award. It’s about to get 50 shades of terrible in here.

 John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez made a movie that won't be released for 100 years.

The most important moments from Bernie Sanders' speech defending Democratic Socialism. Here's the full video.

How we have depicted insanity throughout history.

The long, strange history of "flipping the bird."


Wow. I just watched Soaked in Bleach, a docudrama - - dealing with the events leading up to the death of Kurt Cobain, as seen through the perspective of Tom Grant, the private detective who was hired by Courtney Love to find Cobain shortly before his death in 1994. He asserts that Cobain's death was not a suicide. I doesn't look good for Courtney.  Now streaming on Netflix.

Washington Governor declares state of emergency. Activates National Guard.

Tuesday's windstorm in Spokane was the product of a unique set of meteorological  circumstances.

Suspected ringleader of Paris attacks killed in raid.

"On day one, I am appointing a special committee to investigate the crimes on Wall Street."
   ~  Bernie Sanders

Movie stars from Golden Age of Cinema dance to Uptown Funk.

<---  Yay, this guy.

On the eve of the Holocaust, Americans overwhelmingly rejected Jewish refugees.

America faces existential threats, yet there's a good chance an idiot might become president.


Very strange. I woke up to a different landscape. I can now see downtown buildings from my Brownes Addition apartment, where yesterday I could see only trees...

Two people are killed in the windstorm. The wind obliterated much of the Chinese Lantern Festival in Riverfront Park.

In Spokane County alone, over 100,000 customers (not people, but customers - households and businesses) woke up cold and without electricity. All schools and colleges are closed.

   The tree that disappeared in the above gif --->

France moves to strip citizens of liberties after Paris attacks. This is how we let the terrorists win.

We talk democracy, then overthrow elected governments and prop up awful regimes. How would we like it if another country overthrew our president and installed a dictator?

   What really killed the dinosaurs --->

Here's Bill Maher's awkward chat with Stephen Colbert.


ISIS says they'll attack DC.

Amid threats of attack on US soil, Spokane County Sheriff Knezovich supports deputies carrying their weapons while off-duty.

Charlie Sheen is HIV-Positive.

Anonymous declares war on ISIS.

Washington state governor says the state will "continue to be a state that welcomes those seeking refuge from persecution." Nearby,  Idaho governor calls on Obama to halt the Refugee Resettlement Program.

The Stranger says putting the French flag on the Space Needle is racist.

The Nation's reading list of what's going on in with ISIS.

What you need to know about the origin of ISIS.

Syria's war: Who is fighting and why.

Neither airstrikes nor boots on the ground will do it. We must address the conditions that let to the rise of ISIS.

And yet, we've never lived in such peaceful times.

Bill Maher walks a tricky line on Paris, religion and race.

Oppenheimer and Einstein wrote a top secret document on aliens and UFOs.


Shessh. I go away for a few days and the whole world falls apart...

We couldn't agree on whether it's ISIS or ISIL, so ... Daesh ... Let's confuse it even more. Actually I predicted something like this long ago, that we would come up with an umbrella term for all boogymen. How about NOTUS?

I just read that Johnny Mathis is coming to Spokane in April. Honestly, I thought he died in the early 70s.

What ISIS (or whatever you want to call them) really wants.

Here's an analysis of punk's history, evolution and literature. What does being punk even mean anymore

Iraqi intelligence warned France of ISIS attack a day before the Paris assault.

Crows are capable of human-style reasoning.


Just had a death in the family. I'll be back in a few days.
Rest in peace, Uncle Ed. Thank you for everything.


Neil Young is 70.

This is awesome. David Foster Wallace's 2005 commencement address at Kenyon College: This is Water.

A study involving nearly 1,000 heterosexual men and women finds that neuroticism, impulsiveness and obsessive tendencies may be advantageous when seeking a mate.

Hunter Thompson on outlaws...
Kurt Vonnegut on man-eating lampreys...
Tom Robbins on jitterbugs...

In 2014, the United States, a country at peace with its neighbors, that has less than 5 percent of the world's population, accounted for more than a third of the world's military spending. Congress could cut the Pentagon's budget in half, and the U.S. would still be the strongest military power in the world.

How an article on face perception inspired a surrealist masterpiece.


Painting by Ruben PangFast-food workers rally in Spokane for $15 minimum wage.

Black Lives Matter supporters in Oregon are targeted by state surveillance.

Thermal scans of the Great Pyramid of Giza have revealed an "impressive" anomaly in the rock - a change in temperature that could indicate something behind the 4,500-year-old walls. 

Ethical Guidelines for Pro-Life Time Travelers:
Killing baby Hitler - Good
Killing fetus Hitler - Bad

Only six percent of Americans aced this basic science survey from the Pew Research Center.

In order to win the best butt contest in Brazil, you have to look like a shaved gorilla.

Watch the territorial history of the US in this video.


Jeb Bush says, given the opportunity, he'd go back in time and kill baby Adolf Hitler. I don't know about killing him. But I'd at least give him a good spanking.

I just liked President Obama's new Facebook page. Not only can he now legally wipe me out with a drone attack, he can also make a snide comment to one of my posts.

The Spokane City Council voted yesterday that anyone guilty of a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge in the city of Spokane will soon be able to have the conviction removed from his or her criminal record.


Check out this piece Jesse wrote about an important part of the filmmaking process: Storyboard Like a Mutha.

Chris Hedges: The TPP is the most brazen corporate power grab in American history.

Spokane husband and wife attempt to survive three weeks in southern Mexico deathtrap for six-part reality TV survival series on the Discovery Channel.

Garrison Keillor says Prairie Home Companion will broadcast from the INB Performing Arts Center on May 14th.

From Vice: Calling bullshit on the internet's left-wing gun control memes.

Clever moments of movie foreshadowing you might have missed.

Facebook's founder and CEO believes that one day, we'll be able to share our toughts directly - brain to brain - using technology.

This short film At The End asks the question: Would you become a slave to escape a doomed Earth?

How much did the Pentagon pay your favorite sports team for its patriotism? Check it out.


NBC weather clown Al Roker brings his traveling goofball show to Spokane this morning.

Trump's appearance on Saturday Night Live is universally panned.

Reports of strange lights in skies over California.

Noam Chomsky and Abby Martin: The Empire's election extravaganza.

NYT: Poppy Bush finally gives Junior a spanking.

Philosophical questions that we'll probably never solve.

Here's a good film about military, government, and corporate psyops.

"To understand the nature of the present war — for in spite of the regrouping which occurs every few years, it is always the same war — one must realize in the first place that it is impossible for it to be decisive.”
   ~   George Orwell, 1984


  photo AniCpmMachine.gif photo face_ani.gif
 photo p3d_ani.gif
+  photo Electicity_3.gif
 photo frogcollage.jpg
   photo freaky_skull2.gif photo freaky_skull2.gif photo freaky_skull2.gif photo freaky_skull2.gif photo freaky_skull2.gif photo freaky_skull2.gif
=  photo croppy_e0.gif


Mexico Supreme Court rules that smoking pot is a fundamental human right.

Click here to play the Mexican National Anthem.

Can we picture the fourth dimension?

Dutch artists often included people or animals pooping in their work partly as a joke and partly to remind viewers of Nature's inspiration in their art.

Check out this animation of a racist preacher's descent into madness.

Anonymous carries out its threat, releases identities of alleged Ku Klux Klan members. Here's the list. It really isn't much of an "outing." Most of these people declare their alliance with the KKK on their Facebook pages.

The CIA actually prints a Simple Sabotage Field Manual on their website.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Star Trek's worst fight scene ever.

Socialist sourpuss Chris Hedges on what it takes to be a rebel in modern times.


I love the Nerdwriter on YouTube. Check out his defense of offensive jokes: Louis CK is a Moral Detective. And this: Why Trump is a Gift to Democracy.

Chew on this: Seattle magazine The Stranger says the Pike Place Market Gum Wall is a symbol of white privilege.

Comedians on acid: Hippie madness at the end of the Sixties.

The Key of Hell: an 18th-century manual on black magic.

Seth MacFarlane introduces Bernie Sanders.

Marco Rubio says socialism is distinct from the communism his parents fled in Cuba, and he doesn't fault Bernie Sanders for promoting it.

Here are Trump"s promos for his appearance on this week's SNL.

The horrible, literal origins of the phrase "don't blow smoke up my ass."


First freeze in Spokane.

Spokane Mayor Condon is first mayor to be reelected in 40 years.

Spokane voters reject Worker Bill of Rights.

One hundred years ago Spokane gave women the vote before New York, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania.

Ohio voters overwhelmingly reject marijuana legalization.

Pat Robertson says "Gay people should wear specially-colored clothes to warn straight people." 
[I thought they already did.]

A local developer has bought an entire city block in West Central Spokane and gave all of the residents 27 days to get out. His plan is to raze the block, build a coffee shop and a car wash.


The Pentagon is sending F-15Cs - supposedly to fight the ISIS war. But the jets only have air-to-air weapons, and ISIS has no planes. Which means the real adversary is Russia.

The psychology of statistics: In the coin flip paradox, you have to know what the coin flipper is thinking.

Moses was tripping, and other scientific explanations for biblical miracles.

The rare illness that makes people think they're dead: "Walking Corpse syndrome" is often misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. 

Watching Pasolini's Salo in Kuala Lumpur.

The passion of Pasolini, murdered 40 years ago yesterday.

An homage to Pasolini.

Here's a UCLA student film of an interview from 1979 with the then 33 years old David Lynch, about the making of his recent film Eraserhead.

David Foster Wallace on David Lynch.

Things that aren't as dangerous as Hollywood thinks.

What it feels like to die from a snake bite.



Mysterious gash forms on Wyoming ranch, unleashing fears of hidden volcanoes and earthquakes.

Art by Valentina KalliasOn Friday, President Obama announced the deployment of special ops forces in Syria. The decision to commit ground troops stands in direct opposition to his September 2013 speech in which he promised that U.S. military action in Syria would not include a ground war.

A visit to the largest body farm in the world, where researchers study human decomposition in order to help law enforcement.

What's the difference between scotch, whiskey and bourbon?

If you're not paranoid, you're crazy: How can we live free lives with more and more intrusive means of watching and influencing people?


It's streaming on Netflix - treat yourself to one hour of awesomeness: Kung Fury.

Giant crack in the Earth - six football fields long - appears near Casper, Wyoming. 

The big ideas behind Andy Warhol's art.

Horror movies that are scary because of what they say about humanity.

How we punish people for being poor.

Hangover cures from famous heavy drinkers.

The science of death and zombies: Can you escape zombies if you smell like death?

How much consciousness does an octopus have?



                             Check out the new trailer!

About that tapping: I think I got it figured out. Anyone looking for an apartment?

 O   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o

7-5-20   15-21-20      7-5-20   15-21-20
G e t         O u t            G e t        O u t

How "combinatory play" is the secret of genius.

Ted Cruz is right: Let Limbaugh and Hannity moderate a GOP debate.

The European Parliament has voted to support a nonbinding resolution that calls on EU member states to protect NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden from extradition.

NASA releases photos of mysterious, giant, ancient earthworks.

Part documentary, part sci-fi - "The Visit" explores what would actually happen if aliens came to Earth.

Ecstasy and acid in your medicine cabinet? Doctors explore psychedelics.


More tapping last night, all night. 
     Again, the tapping was rapid - about three per second - and equally spaced between raps. The number of taps began as being completely random, between one and twenty-some, followed by a short period of silence. 
     As I listened, it seemed that patterns were forming. I was able to tape record the phenomenon. This morning I transcribed the numbers of knocks that occurred in rapid succession, and the length of the silence between. (The "-" representing about one second, the spaces representing three or four seconds, and paragraph returns representing six or seven seconds.)

7-5-20   15-21-20      7-5-20   15-21-20
7-5-20   15-21-20      7-5-20   15-21-20
7-5-20   15-21-20      7-5-20   15-21-20

This is getting creepy...

Remembering "Tuesday's Child," LA's best Satanist magazine.

The grisly details of early anatomy textbooks.

Men are taking photos of beautiful landscapes and allowing their exposed scrotums to creep into the frames. It's called nutscaping.

Seeking soul cakes...


No rapping at the door last night...

David Lynch's hard stand against any analysis of his work has done little to dissuade his legion of interpreters.

The tragic, forgotten history of zombies. The horror-movie trope owes its heritage to Haitian slaves, who imagined being imprisoned in their bodies forever.

Yesterday the US set a record for not having a president die in office.

Sanders says he will end marijuana's federal classification as a schedule 1 drug.

The field guide to the female psychopath.

The seven biggest myths about drug testing.


I laid in bed last night, waiting for the rapping to begin. Then, just as I was falling asleep - a loud BANG! I sat up. 
     But this has happened to me before. There's even a name for it: Exploding Head Syndrome (seriously), which consists of a loud noise that you suddenly imagine just before you wake up or fall asleep. 
     As I pondered this, the tapping began again. Same as last night. Though maybe not as loud. I got out of bed and stepped to the door. A long 2x4 was leaning in the corner for some long forgotten reason, which I had to move to get near the tapping. I leaned the board upright against the wall and put my ear closer to the door.
     Again, the rapping was coming from "inside" the thin center board of the door. I walk around and can hear it from both sides of the door. But I say to myself, no, this can't be; the noise has to be the result of something moving, and it's not possible for anything to be moo-
     Then BAM! - suddenly, from the door. I fall beck. The board had fallen over and slammed the doorknob.
     I went back to bed, fairly shaken. There was no more rapping. I knew I would have to take the investigation to the next level, whatever that was. 
     Later that night, I dreamed there was a comically large wad of some kind of food in my cheek, which I unsuccessfully tried to chew. My cheek was bulged absurdly large, like a soccer ball. 
     I later interpreted this as my subconscious warning me not to bite off more than I can chew.


There is a rapping in my apartment. 
     I realize such things are common, especially in old buildings like the one I live in. And I understand how the imagination can interpret these creaks and chirrs to be screeches and groans. This is different. 
     The tapping is coming from an unused door, inside my apartment, which separates the bedroom from the hallway. Further, I have pinpointed the exact location of the disturbance - inside the wood of the center of the door itself. 
The tapping is rapid - about three per second - and equally spaced between raps. The number of taps is random, between one and twenty-some, followed by a short period of silence. 
     If it happens again tonight I'll try to record it.


My internet's been out...


Two Spokane teen brothers allegedly used to pimp out underage girls.

The former Catacombs restaurant/bar in downtown Spokane will reopen as The Gilded Unicorn. Yes, you read that correctly.

NYT Op-Ed: Jimmy Carter says the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia should join with Russia and Iran to develop a peace plan for Syria.

In Wisconsin, evidence of prehistoric human sacrifice.

Bernie Sanders rants about military spending in this 1992 speech. Awesome.

Ben Carson: Intensify the War on Drugs and keep marijuana illegal.

Ignoring US destabilization of Libya, GOP Benghazi hearing asks Clinton all the wrong questions.

Five technologies NASA is developing so we can make it to Mars and back.

Twenty-seven percent of US adults didn't read a single book last year.


I did a mini road trip yesterday. Here's the map. I took I-90 east, over Fourth of July Pass, to the Highway 3 Rose Lake turnoff, just before you get to Cataldo, ID. Highway 3 follows the Coeur d'Alene River and chain of lakes south to the very cool little town of Harrison, on Coeur d'Alene Lake. Then I took Highway 97 along the lake, checking out many bays and back roads, and back to I-90 to complete the loop.

Thanks, GOP, for insuring Hillary Clinton will be our next president.

Libya is a festering pit of radicalism, anarchy and death, epitomizing everything that can go wrong when Western intervention has no clear long-term purpose. And a woman who believes she should be president of the United States believes that what's going on in Libya is a success.

US ally Saudi Arabia prepares to behead and crucify a pro-democracy protester.


I had a nice road trip yesterday. Here's the map.

At one point, I was out in the Pine City/Malden area looking for the John Wayne Trail when I came upon Texas Ferry Road and I knew I was getting warm. (Before you chastise me, I said nothing about the fact that running through the same area is Negro Creek. I kid you not.)

   This is the house my grandparents built just outside of Fernwood, Idaho, on Carpenter Creek Road,  in the late 50s. It's now all boarded up and looks like it's about to collapse over the hillside --->

I spent nearly every summer of my childhood here, in the surrounding wood, and along the meandering St. Maries river that flows nearby.

   I totally forgot about this. In the early 80s I poured footings and set posts to give the house some extra support. At one point I signed my questionable work --->

Gee, I wonder who did that? The University of Washington is suing the CIA for allegedly withholding information about a massacre in El Salvador. Over the weekend, someone broke into UW's Center for Human Rights office and stole a laptop that held 90% of their research related to El Salvador.

Obama says that if the GOP had their way he would be involved in wars in seven different countries. Really? How many countries DOES the president have us fighting in?

US approves $11.25 billion warship sale to Saudi Arabia.


I still have a car for another week so I'm off on a series of mini road trips. 


Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party wins Canadian election. It's bad news for US conservatives. 

Canada is on its way to becoming the first country in North America to legalize cannabis.

Click here to play the Canadian National Anthem. 

Here's what everyone is freaking out about: The new Star Wars trailer. I think the last one I saw was the first one, back in the last Seventies.

Larry Wilmore on The Nightly Show deliciously rips on Jeb Bush.

Pend Oreille woman inherits rare photo of Jesse James with his killer Robert Ford.

Albert Hofmann's LSD archive may be in jeopardy.

Why Hillary won the debate (even though she didn't).

Stop dangling your modifiers in public.


When I ordered a small Coke, the girl at the Zips drive-through asked if I wanted the small or the small small. 
     "Which one's smaller?" I asked. "The small?
     "No. The small small is smallest."
     "Why don't you call the small a medium and call the small small a small?"
     "Because then we'd have to call the medium something else."
     "But the old small would be the new medium."
     "Yes," she said. "But then the old medium would be the new large and we'd have to make the old large the large large."
     "I'll just have the small small," I said.

John Oliver risks $5,000 fine and six months in Canadian prison to sway prime minister election. Click here to play the Canadian National Anthem.

John Waters on obscenity - one of the few people who agree with me that the movie Salo is a work of genius.

Trump is right about W and 9/11.


  Have you heard of The Billion People March?
 "This human experiment of ours is plummeting toward a thousand-year dark age and we don’t have a plan to pull it back from the brink. But there is one beautiful strategy that could save us, a big-bang moment. A day when the people of the world rise up, bring the global machine to a grinding halt and demand an end to business as usual."

Joseph Campbell on the 11 stages of the hero's journey, animated.

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."
   ~ Joseph Campbell

What was Hillary Clinton's biggest lie during the first Democratic debate? That NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden could have gone through official channels.

If everything is amazing, why is nobody happy? Consider the answers of two philosophical giants: Plato and Louis C.K.


The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the inner workings of the U.S. military’s assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The documents, provided by a whistleblower, offer an unprecedented glimpse into Obama’s drone wars. This is a big deal.

Bizarre data from far-off star may suggest a solar-collecting alien megastructure. Potentially a big deal.

Strange signals from a distant star are defying natural explanation.

In the NYT! Guess who else is a socialist?

SpongeBob sings Black Sabbath's War Pigs. Definitely a pig deal.

 What? You didn't know I was a young black man?10/15/15

I'm spendin' the day doin' back-home chores...


At first, it was like Don King was producing the Democratic Presidential Debates. I kept trying to imagine Anderson Cooper's Howard Cosell impersonation.

During the debate, I liked how Bernie Sanders - while speaking in a Las Vegas casino - used the derogatory term "casino capitalist" when referring to greedy, reckless Wall Street types. 

Sanders ended up looking pretty good. Clinton played the politician well, but took me back to the Slick Willie era (Slick Wilma?). The other three held their own, and ended up adding to the debate in a fairly positive way (though they're not going to be around for long). I've criticized Anderson Cooper harshly in the past, but I thought he did a good job. The winner? I gotta go with Bernie.

"Never before at a mainstream debate has a presidential candidate dared to question the core system of wealth and power."
   ~  Michael Moore on Bernie Sanders at last night's debate.



                                   I do love a good road trip. I do I do I surely do.



I'm back ... Oh, the things I've seen:

The Freemont Street Experience - Downtown Las Vegas...


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