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Running With Scissors Since 1999




The Perfect Haunted House
Mr. Needles, Professor Terrington and Stik Mann search for the perfect haunted house to use in a zombie movie - but Stik Mann has ulterior motives.

Welcome to the Fire Room
A young man is confronted by a menacing bartender. Horror. Quite disturbing.

What I Learned from 
the Spokane Anarchists

We march with the young rebels during their July 4th March for Rights.

Cuttin' Onions with Zemek
I try to show graffiti artist gangsta dude Zemek how to chop onions. 
Weirdness ensues.

Rogue Wave
I dream I am swamped by a rogue wave as I explore the beaches of The Olympic Peninsula.

 photo LeoPicInlander.jpg

I won first place in The Inlander's 2014 Short Fiction Contest. Read:
Uncle Le-o-nard's
Perplexing Exit

Nib-Ron's Warning to OrbEarth
Take heed, gullible earth creatures. (But something is lost in the translation.)

Does God Hate Spokane?
A pop quiz about the Westboro Baptist Church, who brought their God-Hates-Everything show to Spokane.

RetroViral Village
Stik Mann attempts to escape an alternate reality (of his own making?).

The Flood
A paranoid "documentary" about the Ice Age floods that scoured much of Washington State around 15,000 years ago.  I also freak out about caves and hotel rooms and Indian spirits.

 photo hospital.jpg

 photo Affliction.png
My brush with the
Black Scythe 9/1/13


Five Finger Fillet
The Contender challenges Tough Guy Champ to the ultimate knife game.

The Al-Ray
James and I canoe out on Mystery Bay to check on an old-school wooden work boat.

(I am not) The Blue Bear
Espionage, kidnapping, torture, kinky sex and teddy bears. S-s-psychological, p-political horror.

PFC Bee Dies for the Homeland
The last few horrible moments of brave Private First Class B. Bee.

I come upon a cloudburst near 
Joshua Tree National Park.

I helped Jesse produce 
his Mr. Dark series. 

  photo 4530177.gif

The full series is online!


Ditching Mr. D
I foolishly invite Mr. D to accompany me on my summer vacation.

Shadow Biker
... I slipped into a wormhole and spend 24 years as apprentice to Evil Lord Saint-Chev who instructed me in the black arts.

I make soup.

Nature and I softly collide on the Fish Lake Trail early one Easter morning.

I've been a part of

NYC 100 Hour Film Race

The Dairy Heirs

NYC 24 Hour Film Race


A Drink in the Dark
(Made the top 24 films in this worldwide competition. Premiered in New York.)

50 Hour Film Slam


The Burning

Oxy and Drakkar

48 Hour Film Fest

The Appraisal


The Sacrifice

The Tenth Floor



photo - ssg


Occupy Spokane
Dominates Downtown

The movement takes over downtown as they march on Chase Bank and the Bank of America, 10/15/11.

PETA Protests Cruelty to Fish
An awesome moment in Spokane's surreal history.


 It's a joke. 
It's just a joke.

Poster by Chris ?

Here's Screen Test (2014), a bizarre little Jesse James Hennessy film. I wrote the script and was assistant director.


Fun with Firearms
Jesse and I have fun with firearms on Fourth of July morning.

Randomly generated compliments with a rosemary/veal sauce.

Occupy Spokane
I film the first rag-tag meeting of the local offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon.

Dick's Day - Day of the Dick
Vice President Cheney is welcomed to Spokane.

Crossing the Mighty Kootenai
I cross the very scary swinging bridge above the Kootenai River as it surges above flood stage..

Me as Steve Striker, broadcast journalist, \"How ya doin\'?\" photo Picture003b.jpg

Go to my IMDb site, unless you have laundry to do or something.


Travel Notes
The mystery, religious pilgrimage, and Doubting Thomas angst I experience while traveling.

High Water
The Spokane River roars through downtown Spokane - Spring 2011

  photo output_Pr0Sai.gif


The Great Salt Flats

Descent into the Valley of Death

Anasazi Ruins

Mi Dentista Mexicano

No Thirteens in Las Vegas

Ghost Town

Antelope Near Devil's Tower

Paradox at Bonneville Salt Flats

Kansas Prairie Fire

Chicago Revelation 

 photo - ssg

MO of MY

The Klamath River Whale
I film a gray whale who wouldn't leave the Klamath River Bridge.

Arm Chomping
Keeping the revered art of arm chomping alive at Mootsys Tavern.

James shows off his salvaged boat. Then we tour his boat building school.

The Western Loop
The video journal of my 1/14 road trip.

 James Cubed       photo/graphic - ssg

with weird stories 
behind them.

Mr. Needles and Professor Terrington instruct an inept waiter on proper wine service.

(re-uploaded 10/14) 
GUNTher and friends have murderous Halloween fun.

  photo skull1.jpg

of my stuff

Jesse visits the 2010 Spokane Tattoo Convention. I follow along with a camera.

Local band Darlin' plays Prago cafe in downtown Spokane. Angela Landsbury and Andy Griffin provide the subplot.

Lunch with Arp Xigar
Arp and I consume raw animal products and redefine the three martini lunch.

A moment at the sauté station with the inimitable Joe Vitt.

 Christmas Special
The Leroy Lovegun Christmas Special (Party Crashing 101)
Click here to see Jesse's version using the same footage.

  photo DSC01767.jpg

of my stuff

A Christmas Moment
James has a "moment" at the Leroy Lovegun Christmas party. 

Shemaleiah's retelling of the Gilgamesh legend. Artsy bondage.

Occupy Spokane's March 
on Chase Bank
The Occupy Spokane movement swells 10/14/11 and spills over into downtown Spokane.

the making of MEAT
A short film of us preparing to make the short-short film MEAT (included within).

Texas Tea
 I meet Ash, a "pumper" from one of the many oil fields north of Pecos. He explains the mechanics of it all, from pump jack to wellhead. This is rural Texas.

Foxxy Moron Show 7/2/05
Foxxy Moron and the Sexxy Revolution at The B-Side Tavern.

OtherSpokane Intro
OtherSpokane's Instructional Video

 photo - ssg


Jumping to Conclusions 
at Pig Out in the Park


Occupy Spokane's
 Diverse Folk

Deer in Downtown Spokane

Bestial Zen


Drunk Dude Rescued

Because Art Matters


Shadows of Luigi

Do you smite me, sir?


$1 PBRs

Where Did I Put 
My Sunglasses?

Ledger Parade


Shem in Snow

The Line

Leroy Promo

Dealing with Evil


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And that's how Marge Simpson became a Democrat

From The Christian Post: Five historical omissions in Dinesh D'Souza's film "Hillary's America".

Trump could have taken this opportunity to point out that Army Captain Humayun Khan died in a disastrous war supported by Hillary Clinton that never should have been fought in the first place. Instead, Trump takes a swipe at the Muslim soldier's parents.


The Houston Chronicle endorses Hillary Clinton (rather, warns about Trump):

"Any one of Trump's less-than-sterling qualities - his erratic temperament, his dodgy business practices, his racism, his Putin-like strongman inclinations and faux-populist demagoguery, his contempt for the rule of law, his ignorance - is enough to be disqualifying. His convention-speech comment, 'I alone can fix it,' should make every American shudder. He is, we believe, a danger to the Republic."

The 239 people, places and things Trump has insulted on Twitter: A complete list.

Narcissism, disagreeableness, grandiosity—a psychologist investigates how Trump’s extraordinary personality might shape his possible presidency.

Comparisons to Hitler are justified with Trump's statement: "I alone can fix it."


My favorite part of last night's convention was when the Bernie people's chants of "No More War" and "No More Drones" were drowned out by the pro-war cries of "USA! USA! USA!" It was a more participatory form of fascism, as opposed to the strong arm variety displayed during the Republican convention when protesters held up signs and Trump goons covered them up with American flags.

Still, the Dems threw a great party. Hill was a good host and gave a nice toast at the end - lots of truth, lots of believable BS, even some good old fashioned saber-rattling. She'll instantly pull ahead of Trump by 20 points in the polls. 

So-called Progressives are turning their true-blue coats to rusty-red faster than it took Bernie to gnaw through the bone Hill tossed him last night.

Painting by Sarah SoleNotable Tweet: "The Dem Party is like the dude who gets caught cheating and makes the conversation about why you violated his trust by checking his phone." - @Flames_Baldwin

"It's basically a choice between Grandma Nixon and the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse."
   ~  Trevor Noah

The top 10 reasons the US government seems to be fine with blowing up children.


Ah aint doin' nuttin' ta-day. Nuttin'!


How am I supposed to hear the DNC bullshit propaganda when so many people are yelling "Ber-nie, Ber-nie, Ber-nie"?

Bernie endorses Hillary. Sanders supporter: "He fed us Mountain Dew and now is telling us to go to bed. Not gonna happen."

Robert Reich and Chris Hedges on who Bernie voters should support now.

DNC betrayed Bernie Sanders and the rest of America.


Yeah, yeah, quack, quack. All the stuff about the Democratic convention. To me it was Doctor America dropping the baby on its head. 

Here's the real story: Spokane Police are actively investigating a road rage incident in which a man pointed a gun at another driver. Here is the picture, taken be the person the gun was pointed at:

I'm sure you'll agree with me that the man with the gun is one of America's most distinguished and versatile actors, the inimitable James Earl Jones.

Bernie Sanders' supporters booed, heckled and protested on the first night of the Democratic National Convention.

You can run but you can't hide.Was Russia behind the DNC hack? A brief guide to the evidence.

Oliver Stone warns that data-collecting Pokemon Go is leading us to a robotic totalitarianism.

Quiz from Frontline: Spot the illegal police stop.


I just watched the Republican Party destroy itself. Now I'm about to watch the Democrats destroy themselves. I do feel a bit guilty for enjoying this so much.

For months, Bernie Sanders supporters and surrogates have complained about unfair treatment from the Democratic National Committee—only to have these concerns dismissed by media observers as petulance and conspiracy-mongering. They were true.

Demo chair Wasserman-Shultz resigns in disgrace, only to be elevated by Clinton to key campaign role.

Leaked emails show plans to reward big donors with federal appointments.

Here are some other emails that showed the DNC actively worked with the media and the Clinton campaign to smear Sanders.

Democratic leaders and cyberspecialists in the U.S. are wondering if Vladimir Putin is meddling in the presidential election.

Poll: Trump leads Clinton after Republican convention.

John Oliver on the Republican National Convention.

7/24/16Behind the mask...

If you've ever wondered what you would have done had you lived in 1930s Germany, here's your chance.

                         Behind the mask --->

Michael Moore gives five reasons why Trump will win.

The Christian Right has surrendered to Trump.

From Common Dreams: Why Donald Trump could be the next president of the United States. "The great tragedy of the moment is not rooted in the Republican Party’s self-cannibalization. It’s with a Democratic Party that 'successfully' suffocated responsible answers to the crises consuming our world."

NATO takes issue with Donald Trump's comment on defending allies.


Rolling Stone: How the Republican Convention made a joke of American democracy.

Washington Post: Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy.

Nixon, Hitler, and Nationalism: Trump's speech triggers alarm bells.

It hit 7.5 on the Nuremberg scale: After that diabolical, masterful performance, Donald Trump could easily end up president.

Trumpology: A master class.


 photo 25485978382_d05e3260e5_b-427x305.jpgTrump out-Mussolini-ed Benito last night. It was an awesome and frightening thing to behold on the American political stage. The thing I've feared all of my adult life is happening...

Donald Trump's Caesar moment: Detached from history and fueled by fear, his speech was utterly unlike anything we've heard in American politics. "It is impossible to imagine anyone else giving an acceptance speech so disconnected from anything in the American tradition."

Reason Magazine: Trump's speech was a terrifying display of nightmarish authoritarianism.

Seven authoritarian lines in Donald Trump's speech last night.

RNC displays tweet from white supremacist as Trump accepts nomination.

NYT: Make America hate again. "You could not find a City on a Hill, a single Point of Light, no Morning in America. Only doom, dystopia, dread, darkness — and a bumper-sticker solution to restoring greatness."

Washington Post fact checks Trump's speech: 25 dubious and misleading statements.

Bernie Sanders: Trump behaving like a dictator who doesn't understand the Constitution.
Elizabeth Warren: Trump sounded like some two-bit dictator.


We're in it deep this time --->

How close was Donald Trump to the mob?

Trump suggests the US shouldn't automatically come to the defense of its NATO allies.

Who was Saul Alinsky and why does Ben Carson think he makes Hillary Satanic?

Cruz beautifully snubs Trump at convention. Crowd boos. You gotta love the "son-of-a-bitch" just a little.

Michael Moore predicts "Trump is going to win." 

While we were concerned with Pokemon and Melania-gate: At least 85 civilians, including almost a dozen children, were killed when US air strikes targeted an area in northern Syria held by Islamic State fighters.

Taylor Swift's legs and climate change.

Turkey's president says all he wants is the same powers and Hitler.


It's official: Republicans pick Trump.

Should we take into account that Melania Trump plagiarized cartoonish, pedestrian, brain-dead propaganda?

Today I saw someone holding their Pokemon device up to the side of their face and talking into it. Bizarre.

An oil train derailment in downtown Spokane would pose extreme challenges.

A guide to Republicans predicting doom of the GOP - now including W.

Name dropping: Ben Carson links Hillary to Lucifer.

Would Turkey be justified in kidnapping or drone-killing the Turkish cleric in Pennsylvania?

Erdogan is using the failed coup to get rid of the last vestiges of secular Turkey. The purge widens to include teachers and journalists. More than 50,00 people have been rounded up, sacked or suspended from their jobs.

Your Daily Meme: Every cigarette you smoke takes seven minutes off of your student loan.


Art of the Deal ghostwriter says Trump is a sociopath who may cause nuclear war.

The swift rounding up of judges and others after a failed coup in Turkey suggested the government had prepared a list beforehand, adding to the rumors that it was all an elaborate hoax by Erdogan.

How secure are the American hydrogen bombs stored at a Turkish airbase?

An amazing intellect: Sam Harris (author and neuroscientist) joined Dave Rubin for a two hour sit down about Islam, Trump, Hillary, religion, free will, athiesm, spirituality and artificial intelligence.

US defense contractor to blanket Earth with new surveillance technology.


Libertarian-leaning luminaries weigh in on Clinton vs. Trump: Who's worse?

How Nikola Tesla predicted the smartphone.

A brief history of Trump's tallest tales.


The military coup in Turkey, the terrorist attacks in France, the missing 28 pages of the 9/11 report, the election sham in the US, and on top of all of that ... Pokemon ... Wow, what a week.


Here are the formerly suppressed 28 pages of the Intelligence Committee's findings into Saudi Arabia's involvement in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

More than 80 killed in French terrorist attack.

Footage of truck running into the crowd in the attack.

Trump praises dictators, but Hillary befriends them.

Why the Islamic State hates France. What ISIS really wants.

Following the Nice attack, Gingrich calls for deportation tests of everyone with a "Muslim background."

Twitter reacts to new Trump-Pence campaign logo.

Trump declines invitation to speak at the NAACP convention.

Mick Jagger, 72, to become father for the eighth time.

Twelve grammar and writing tips from Archer.


Happy Bastille Day!

Pokemon GO is explained to Joe Rogan.

Here's a full list of the Republican Convention speakers and other goodies. Bizarre. 

Ruth Ginsburg apologizes for criticizing Trump.

Across Africa, 1,700 Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets, and other military personnel are carrying out 78 distinct "mission sets" in more than 20 nations.

It was 96 degrees in Fairbanks, Alaska yesterday.

The beginning of the second American Revolution. 
The leader
of the coming revolution. 

Picasso's erotic sketches.

New polls say Clinton and Trump are tied.

Everything Christopher Hitchens ever said about Hillary Clinton.

How to spot the International Space Station.


Bernie Sanders abandons the revolution.

Riot gear, tactical armor, and 10,000 handcuffs: Cleveland prepares for the GOP convention.

New Black Panther Party says to carry arms in Cleveland if legal.

The New York Times says Trump is right about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Jesse Ventura explains why so many Americans are voting for Trump.

Half of all US food produce is thrown away, new research suggests.

Pokemon have been reported at Auschwitz, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the National September 11 Memorial.

The summit where scientists learn to build starships.


Bite me, Bernie. You called for a revolution then made peace with the enemy for a better parking spot. I'd almost rather Trump drive us over the edge of the abyss in a clown car than yield to death-of-a-thousand-cuts Hillary. Color me dis-fucking-scusted.

Here's the Marc Maron podcast. The Spokane praising starts at around the 7:30 mark.

Pokemon Go, explained by Rolling Stone.

How square watermelons get their shape, and other GMO misconceptions.


Marc Maron was in Spokane over the weekend. In his recent WTF podcast, he had some wonderful things to say about the city. If you don't subscribe to the podcast, I'll post it here as soon as he does.

Why do so many artists have synesthesia?

Why it matters the Dallas police used a drone to kill someone in America.

Here's how long it would take for vampires to annihilate humanity.

According to Aboriginal tradition, the Wandjina were “sky-beings” or “spirits from the clouds” who came down from the Milky Way during Dreamtime and created the Earth and all its inhabitants.

What do soldiers from around the world eat when in the field?

Noah's Ark found in Kentucky!

"The real question, is not whether the people who wipe their boots on us during the next fifty years are to be called managers, bureaucrats, or politicians: the question is whether capitalism, now obviously doomed, is to give way to oligarchy or to true democracy."
   ~  George Orwell

7/10/16Painting by Michael Owens

The era of lethal police robots has arrived.

America's new superweapon: Electromagnetic projectile launchers that fire at 4500 mph.

Insisting that Jesus was white is bad history and bad theology.

The Dallas police shooting was blowback from police impunity and structural racism.

Here are ten movie examples of clever uses of the MacGuffin.

George Carlin's list of people who ought to be killed.


With all of the crazy stuff going on in the US, you'd think it was built on thousands of ancient Indian burial grounds.

The steady flow of violence live-streamed over the last 48 hours is a turning point for the US. No one knows what will happen next.

Does the new Pokeman GO game reveal when you walk into oncoming traffic?

Faced with Trump and Clinton, Americans yearn for a third choice.

From Scientific America: Are robots still just tools when they are used to kill?

Milo Yiannopoulos on the Joe Rogan Experience

The International Space Station's library of films and movies is massive.


Welcome to a new chapter in military urbanism. Some of the more disturbing aspects of the Dallas shootings: 

Legal experts raise alarm over shocking use of "killer robot."

When can police use a "bomb robot" to kill a suspect?

A drone was used to blow up a US citizen without trial yesterday. Let that sink in.

Cops kill with a robot for the first time in US history.

Police identify Dallas shooting suspect.

What we know about the shooting suspect.

A friend of mine just asked: "Why aren't we posting the criminal records of the five police killed in Dallas?"

The Executive Director of the National Association of Police Organizations just said that Obama caused this "war on cops."

"It’s a despicable fact that the death toll in the Dallas attack appears to mark the second largest loss of police life since 9/11. It is nonetheless still a despicable fact that police have killed 566 people in 2016 alone."

Minnesota cops may have removed the Facebook Live video of a man getting shot during a routine traffic stop.

What Martin Luther King said about using violence to enact change.

The State Department is re-opening the Clinton email probe. I think.




Why are the results of science considered more reliable than those from other forms of human inquiry, like poetry or philosophy?

Waiting for Godel: The mathematician Kurt Gödel's incompleteness theorem ranks in scientific folklore with Einstein’s relativity and Heisenberg’s uncertainty. But what does it mean?

Visitors to this rock don’t typically come for lessons in geology; they come, often, because of the rock's association with a race of space creatures.


The terrorists the Saudis cultivate in peaceful countries.

Brexit emboldens Texan campaign to Texit from United States.

Next door to a Germans-only colony featuring streets named Hitler and Goebbels was a youth camp with swastikas on bunks and Hitler Youth short shorts.

Secrets of the Colosseum: A German archaeologist has deciphered the Roman amphitheater's underground labyrinth.


Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner, dead at 87.


photo - ssgSorry. My interweb thingy's been down for a few days.

Sociopathic men and women are selling weapons to the most horrible humans on Planet Earth and are robbing the American people of their liberties and bank accounts but at least have been kind enough to warn us about the dangers of eating raw cookie dough.

Google to see the hundreds - if not thousands - of news mediums who covered the important and pressing Killer Cookie Dough story.

Eating roadkill is now legal in Washington state.

 photo - ssgIt's now legal to carry a concealed weapon in Idaho.

The American Revolution was the original Brexit.

Happy Independence Day! Who we've slaughtered with drones is your holiday weekend news dump. 

I just watched/listened to Kanye West's infamous Famous ... What a piece of crap. Maybe he really did make a deal with the Devil.

Prohibition gave rise to more dangerous ways to get drunk, and a new subgenre of music to tell the tales.


For the first time in many years, I got though Hoopfest without ridiculing or even mentioning the Hellish Hoopaballoo on these pages.


Why should axing due process stop with the Second Amendment?

Thirteen people who were wrongly placed on the "Terror Watch List."

A major crack has appeared in the edifice of globalization, and the neoliberal order that has dominated the world's economy since the end of World War II is now in danger. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

Conservative columnist George Will leaves the Republican Party over Trump.

Rod Serling on how imagination turns science fiction into fact.

One archeologist is convinced that Turkey's Gobekli Tepe is the site of the world's oldest temple.


Britain pulls out of the European Union. "We have woken up in a different country." Prime Minister resigns.

Everyone just lost my vote: Sanders says he will vote for Clinton.

Led Zeppelin did not plagiarize "Stairway to Heaven," jury rules.

Here are the 10 weirdest moments of the trial.

What happens in the brain when music causes chills?

6/23/16photo by nbc news

The Democrats' congressional sit-in is still going on. I can't help but admire the method, but the cause is misguided: Putting anyone on a governmental list that denies an American their rights without due process is wrong - few people know how individuals get on the list,  and a growing number are finding out how difficult it is to get off of it. Imagine how an unhinged and/or dishonest president - which we have foolishly guaranteed ourselves - will abuse this power. And, it's hypocritical: where were these "protesters" when we produced and sold billions of dollars worth of weapons to a dictatorial regime in Saudi Arabia? If we want to change our culture of violence, we need to strike at the roots, and we're still not willing to do that.

Of all the people involved in the Led Zeppelin/Spirit copyright suit concerning "Stairway to Heaven," I feel sorry the most for the jurors who have to listen to that song over and over yet again, as if the latter third of the Twentieth Century never ended.

From those gun-totting, right-wing wackos at the ACLU: The use of error-prone and unfair watchlists is not the way to regulate guns in America.

Liberal elites hate the left: Bernie Sanders, by aggressively fighting for progressive causes, has pushed liberal hypocrisy out into the open.

Eight secret societies you might not know.

Vintage psychedelic ads from the Sixties and Seventies.

Because I can...

6/22/16drawing by Nyarly

Clinton's likely Pentagon chief already is advocating for more bombing and intervention.

The Grateful Dead guide to dealing with a bad acid trip.

Remembering Owsley of Owsley Acid fame.

Why animal metaphors describe how we think.




Jot a gob. Morking for the wan. Tay suned...


If you cannot see the irony in having a gun ban enforced by men with guns, then you fail to understand why the Second Amendment was written in the first place.

The latest US and swing state polls, updated every day through Election Day.

How disgust made humans cooperate to build civilizations.


Since the day my daughter was born, my son called her "Clarence" for some unfathomable reason. Yesterday my grandson disappeared for an hour and came back to present her with a "traditional" Mom tattoo. 


painting by Charles BurnsOrlando shooter's wife: The FBI told me not to tell the media he was gay.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson believes Second Amendment rights are too fundamental to be denied without due process, and being put on a list arbitrarily by the government is certainly not due process.

American kills himself in Taiwan courtroom after pot conviction.

John McCain says Obama is "directly responsible" for the Orlando attack.

Senate votes to require women to register for the draft.

Hillary's all for it.

Hackers just released the DNC's secret file on Donald Trump. 
Here's the 200 page document

One in 10 Germans would support the rule of a dictator.

"This is the same Bill who rammed NAFTA down our throats, creating the job-sucking sound that continues to devastate today’s middle class. He also colluded with laissez-faire ideologues and plutocratic Republicans to deregulate Wall Street, allowing global speculators to wreck our economy by playing casino games with our bank deposits and home mortgages."
   ~~ Jim Hightower, on Hillary wanting to bring back Bill.

Newt Gingrich calls for a new House of Un-American Activities committee. 

The art of conversation: Timeless, timely do's and don'ts from 1866.


Is there really a valid reason for documenting the collapse of civilization?


Trump stuff.
Hillary stuff.
Bernie stuff.

The science and gruesome spectacle of beheadings.

Rod Serling on how imagination turns science fiction into fact.

A starship would place humans in captivity for generations. There could be serious mental health implications for inhabitants, and questions raised regarding the morality of reproduction when those who are born will also die on board. On the concept of freedom on an intergalactic Noah's ark.


Trump suggests Obama was involved with the Orlando shooting. The president might be an ISIS sleeper agent.

Trump is the fearmonger Republicans have been waiting for.

Hillary Clinton will be bad news for marijuana research.

From the American Conservative: Trump worships at the altar of himself - Trump's personal Jesus.

Will Orlando shooting swing election for Trump?

John Oliver on the Orlando shooting: This just hurts.

Watch the Hamilton cast's explosive Tonys performance.

Where are the songs about Hamilton's disdain for the lower class?

You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.
   ~  Romans 2:1


Some people have pointed out that the worst shooting in American history was actually Wounded Knee.

Man headed to LA pride parade arrested with weapons.

Largest mass shooting in US history

A huge monument is found "hiding in plain sight" in Petra, Jordan.

How Trump bankrupted Atlantic City casinos and still made millions.

Are moral judgments expressions of the same disgust forged by evolution to protect us from disease? Read the Aeon conversations.

Thousands of people to flood to Philadelphia for Democratic National Convention protests and marches.


The best photo-op of the year - the Pride Parade - starts at noon in downtown Spokane today. If you were in town last night you'll have an idea of how crazy this can be.

What's up with this week's megaquake/tsunami drill in Seattle?

Ron Paul also says the US elections are rigged.

The Democrats are building their own wall to keep out undesirables: a "no-scale fencing" will surround the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia where the potentially volatile Democratic National Convention will be held.  photo - ssg

The death of Stalin: An empire that sows fear, reaps it.

Ten theoretical magastructures.

6/10/16photo - ssg

Why I left Arizona  --->

"It's about time," says libertarian women.

FBI criminal investigation: Clinton approved CIA drone assassinations with her cellphone.

In a year when one presidential candidate is a raving bigot who wants Muslims banned from entering this country and the other is a war hawk who has supported every war in the Middle East, one of the reddest states in the union paid homage to the most famous Muslim on earth.

Federal appeals court says Americans have no right to carry concealed weapons in public.

Governments don't want a population capable of critical thinking. They want obedient workers, people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation.
  ~  George Carlin

Hey, check out the official GOP website. You'll find pics of Hill and Bernie, even Abe Lincoln, but not Donald Trump! Not even a mention. 



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