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Running With Scissors Since 1999

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Rogue Wave
I dream I am swamped by a rogue wave as I explore the beaches of The Olympic Peninsula.

Five Finger Fillet
The Contender challenges Tough Guy Champ to the ultimate knife game.

Welcome to the Fire Room
A young man is confronted by a menacing bartender. Horror. Quite disturbing.

(I am not) The Blue Bear
Espionage, kidnapping, torture, kinky sex and teddy bears. S-s-psychological, p-political horror.

The Perfect Haunted House
Mr. Needles, Professor Terrington and Stik Mann search for the perfect haunted house to use in a zombie movie - but Stik Mann has ulterior motives.

 photo LeoPicInlander.jpg

I won first place in The Inlander's 2014 Short Fiction Contest. Read:
Uncle Le-o-nard's
Perplexing Exit

MoRE of MyViDS

Ditching Mr. D
I foolishly invite Mr. D to accompany me on my summer vacation.

Does God Hate Spokane?
A pop quiz about the Westboro Baptist Church, who brought their God-Hates-Everything show to Spokane.

Nib-Ron's Warning to OrbEarth
Take heed, gullible earth creatures. (But something is lost in the translation.)

What I Learned from 
the Spokane Anarchists

We march with the young rebels during their July 4th March for Rights.

The Flood
A paranoid "documentary" about the Ice Age floods that scoured much of Washington State around 15,000 years ago.  I also freak out about caves and hotel rooms and Indian spirits.

 photo hospital.jpg

 photo Affliction.png
My brush with the
Black Scythe 9/1/13


RetroViral Village
Stik Mann attempts to escape an alternate reality (of his own making?).

The Al-Ray
James and I canoe out on Mystery Bay to check on an old-school wooden work boat.

Cuttin' Onions with Zemek
I try to show graffiti artist gangsta dude Zemek how to chop onions. 
Weirdness ensues.

I come upon a cloudburst near 
Joshua Tree National Park.

PFC Bee Dies for the Homeland
The last few horrible moments of brave Private First Class B. Bee.

I helped Jesse produce 
his Mr. Dark series. 

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The full series is online


Shadow Biker
... I slipped into a wormhole and spend 24 years as apprentice to Evil Lord Saint-Chev who instructed me in the black arts.

I make soup. Quickly.

Nature and I softly collide on the Fish Lake Trail early one Easter morning.

I've been a part of

NYC 100 Hour Film Race

The Dairy Heirs

NYC 24 Hour Film Race


A Drink in the Dark
(Made the top 24 films in this worldwide competition. Premiered in New York.)

50 Hour Film Slam


The Burning

Oxy and Drakkar

48 Hour Film Fest

The Appraisal


The Sacrifice

The Tenth Floor



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Occupy Spokane
Dominates Downtown

The movement takes over downtown as they march on Chase Bank and the Bank of America, 10/15/11.

PETA Protests Cruelty to Fish
An awesome moment in Spokane's surreal history.


 It's a joke. 
It's just a joke.

Poster by Chris ?

Here's Screen Test (2014), a bizarre little Jesse James Hennessy film. I wrote the script and was assistant director.


Fun with Firearms
Jesse and I have fun with firearms on Fourth of July morning.

Randomly generated compliments with a rosemary/veal sauce.

Occupy Spokane
I film the first rag-tag meeting of the local offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon.

Dick's Day - Day of the Dick
Vice President Cheney is welcomed to Spokane.

Crossing the Mighty Kootenai
I cross the very scary swinging bridge above the Kootenai River as it surges above flood stage..

Me as Steve Striker, broadcast journalist, \"How ya doin\'?\" photo Picture003b.jpg

Go to my IMDb site, unless you have laundry to do or something.


Travel Notes
The mystery, religious pilgrimage, and Doubting Thomas angst I experience while traveling.

High Water
The Spokane River roars through downtown Spokane - Spring 2011

  photo output_Pr0Sai.gif


The Great Salt Flats

Descent into the Valley of Death

Anasazi Ruins

Mi Dentista Mexicano

No Thirteens in Las Vegas

Ghost Town

Antelope Near Devil's Tower

Paradox at Bonneville Salt Flats

Kansas Prairie Fire

Chicago Revelation 


The Klamath River Whale
I film a gray whale who wouldn't leave the Klamath River Bridge.

Arm Chomping
Keeping the revered art of arm chomping alive at Mootsys Tavern.

James shows off his salvaged boat. Then we tour his boat building school.

The Western Loop
The video journal of my 1/14 road trip.

 James Cubed       photo/graphic - ssg

with weird stories 
behind them.

Mr. Needles and Professor Terrington instruct an inept waiter on proper wine service.

(re-uploaded 10/14) 
GUNTher and friends have murderous Halloween fun.

  photo skull1.jpg


Jesse visits the 2010 Spokane Tattoo Convention. I follow along with a camera.

Local band Darlin' plays Prago cafe in downtown Spokane. Angela Landsbury and Andy Griffin provide the subplot.

Lunch with Arp Xigar
Arp and I consume raw animal products and redefine the three martini lunch.

A moment at the sauté station with the inimitable Joe Vitt.

 Christmas Special
The Leroy Lovegun Christmas Special (Party Crashing 101)
Click here to see Jesse's version using the same footage.

  photo DSC01767.jpg


A Christmas Moment
James has a "moment" at the Leroy Lovegun Christmas party. 

Shemaleiah's retelling of the Gilgamesh legend. Artsy bondage.

Occupy Spokane's March 
on Chase Bank
The Occupy Spokane movement swells 10/14/11 and spills over into downtown Spokane.

the making of MEAT
A short film of us preparing to make the short-short film MEAT (included within).

Texas Tea
 I meet Ash, a "pumper" from one of the many oil fields north of Pecos. He explains the mechanics of it all, from pump jack to wellhead. This is rural Texas.

Foxxy Moron Show 7/2/05
Foxxy Moron and the Sexxy Revolution at The B-Side Tavern.

OtherSpokane Intro
OtherSpokane's Instructional Video

 photo - ssg


Jumping to Conclusions 
at Pig Out in the Park


Occupy Spokane's
 Diverse Folk

Deer in Downtown Spokane

Bestial Zen


Drunk Dude Rescued

Because Art Matters


Shadows of Luigi

Do you smite me, sir?


$1 PBRs

Where Did I Put 
My Sunglasses?

Ledger Parade


Shem in Snow

The Line

Leroy Promo

Dealing with Evil


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The Film Theorists

The Horror You Don't See. How directors oftentimes make what you DON'T see scarier than what you DO. The threat is outside the frame, but very real.

The Stolen Techniques of Slasher Film Horror. In fact, the slasher film was born with Bob Clark's 1974 chiller Black Christmas.

The Disgusting Origins of Found Footage Films. And it wasn't Blair Witch...

"That was some weird shit."
   ~  George W. Bush, on Trump's inauguration.

Spokesman-Review: Spokane's Mark Few, who led Gonzaga to a 36-1 record, is The Associated Press' Coach of the Year.

 Next month's cover.Smithsonian: The Redacted Testimony That Fully Explains Why General MacArthur Was Fired. Far beyond being insubordinate, the military leader seemed to not grasp the consequences of his desired strategy.

Guardian: After the Attack. The FBI has released previously unpublished images of the damage done to the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks.

Inlander: Riverfront Park could find itself with some new recreation-oriented entrances

Public Domain Review: Cecil H. Dill, a farmer from Traverse City, Michigan, demonstrates his ability to render popular melodies with "fart hands" before modestly telling how he discovered his unusual talent.


CounterPunch: War and Propaganda. The U.S. has been at war throughout much of its history. Whatever the real reasons for our military actions, they were usually sold to the public as being defensive in nature and this practice still goes on.

Keith Olbermann: Could Donald Trump pass a sanity test?

Rolling Stone: Rolling back climate regulations is Trump's most dangerous con yet.

AlterNet: Are Congressional Republicans Ready to Dump Trump? Three hardcore officials break ranks, as the Senate vows to take up charges of collusion and money laundering.

Prospect: The FBI files on being and nothingness. From 1945 onwards, J. Edgar Hoover's FBI spied on philosophers Camus and Sartre. The investigation soon turned into a philosophical inquiry.

Spokesman-Review: Food Network dude Alton Brown again eats around Spokane.

Popular Archaeology: Researchers reconstruct a house in Pompeii by using 3D technology

 photo tumblr_o6mleimutN1txeruoo2_r1_540.gif"He hymns the rotten queen with saffron hair
Who has saltier aphrodisiacs
Than virgins’ tears. That bawdy queen of death,
Her wormy couriers are at his bones.
Still he hymns juice of her, hot nectarine." 

Sylvia PlathOuija


Frontline: Climate Change Skeptic Group Seeks to Influence 200,000 Teachers. Every public school science teacher in America may soon receive literature rejecting humans' role in climate change. 

Politico: House Republicans voted Tuesday to revoke the FCC’s broadband privacy rules, sending legislation to the White House that would undo the federal government’s strongest-ever online privacy regulations.

Here are the 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them.

AlterNet: Noam Chomsky says Trump has put the future of human civilization in jeopardy.

Independent: Dick Cheney says Russia's interference in US presidential election is "an act of war."

E. J. Dionne Jr.: Admit It. Trump is Unfit to Serve. What is this democratic nation to do when the man serving as president of the United States plainly has no business being president of the United States?

OpenCulture: Hear Jimi Hendrix's virtuoso guitar performances in isolate tracks.

How many Lowes could Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowes? 

Spectator: Why Milton Still Matters. Even Miltonists know that almost no one reads Paradise Lost anymore.

Review of Black Holes: Zero Stars


If you are lucky enough to be in Spokane right now, you are sharing in a spectacular time: the Spring weather is delicious, the Zags are in the NCAA College Basketball Final Four, and the Spokane River is providing a rare and awesome show directly through the belly of our fair burg.

Keith Olbermann: Which of Trump's Cronies Will Flip on Him First

Todd Gitlin: Gibberish Is the White House's New Normal. "He does not release words into a stream of consciousness but into a heap. He heaps words on top of words, to overwhelm meaning with vague gestures. He does not think, he lurches..."

Michael Winship: A Couple of Things About Jimmy Breslin. The brash, profane and brilliant newspaper columnist knew a lot about life - and Donald Trump.

Smithsonian: The Truth About Pheromones. The sight of someone in tears might make you feel concerned. But the smell of tears, researchers say, has a different effect.

Guardian: Gastrophysics - The New Science of Eating. The pleasures of the table reside in the mind, not the mouth.

Roland Barthes on how to read the signs in the news.

And then toss in two cents from Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noah.


Chris Hedges: The Warring Kleptocrats. The Trump kleptocrats are political arsonists. They are carting cans of gasoline into government agencies and Congress to burn down any structure or program that promotes the common good and impedes corporate profit.

Common Dreams: What He Could Do. If it remains to be seen whether we are truly “witnessing…the birth of a new political order,” it is clear, a month into Trump’s ascension, that we are all his prisoners, held fast in the projected drama of his mind.

Guardian: How Lenin's love of literature shaped the Russian Revolution. The father of the Soviet Union was also a Latin buff who adored Goethe and liked to compare his enemies to figures in novels.

Scientific American: How the science of "Blue Lies" may explain Trump's support. They're a very particular form of deception that can build solidarity within groups.

Tablet: In the mid-1930s, when Nazi jurists and politicians looked for innovations in racism and a guide on how to discriminate, they looked to America.


ZAAAAAAAAGS!!! Spokane's Gonzaga Bulldogs beat Xavier 83-59 to secure the program's first NCAA Final Four berth.

National Geographic: Spinach Leaf Transformed Into Beating Human Heart. Using the plant like scaffolding, scientists built a mini version of a working heart, which may one day aid in tissue regeneration.

NPR: Alex Jones apologizes for promoting "Pizzagate."

Esquire: Pizzagate Will Never Die. Here's why the conspiracy theory has new life.

Aeon: It took a lot of fossil fuels to forge our industrial world. Now they're almost gone. In a post-apocalyptic society could we reboot a technological civilization without them?

Smithsonian: How Big Can a Land Animal Get? King Kong's biggest enemy isn't humans - it's the laws of physics.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's presidency effectively over after repeal failure.

Dangerous Minds: Vintage sleaze and pulp erotica by prolific fetish illustrator Eric Stanton.

New Yorker: The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death. Welcome to the gig economy, where an unhealthy obsession with work is sold as "hustle" and "entrepreneurial spirit."


Here is a video compilation of area flooding of the Spokane River, taken a few days ago from a Sheriff department's helicopter (by someone having too much fun with the zoom). And the river is even higher now!

I don't usually watch her but this Rachel Maddow review of the latest developments in the litany of investigations of Trump and chumps is pretty good.

It all makes Morning Joe goofy. And Trevor? Well...

Große Lüge.

Smithsonian: The True Story of Pocahontas. Pocahontas might be a household name, but the true story of her short but powerful life has been buried in myths that have persisted since the 17th century.

CNN: In 5 months, 8 prominent Russians - all in key positions in Russian politics - have wound up dead in recent months. Conspiracy theories are swirling.

Playboy: Meet the author who exposed the hidden history of Nazis on meth.

DailyBeast: How Russia recruited Ernest Hemingway


Zags win again! Gonzaga beats West Virginia, 61 - 58. They'll take on Xavier Saturday in the Elite 8. 

Guardian: Does the "Cyrus prophecy" help explain evangelical support for Trump? The Persian king might have been a pagan, but he still served God's plans. For some Christians, Trump does just that.

Here is Trump's interview with Time Magazine on truth and falsehoods.

Aeon: Human-pig chimeras could help us meet our desperate need for transplantable organs. But a chimera such as this would be genetically human-animal, not just an animal with human organs. How do we decide the moral status of this creature, and would its slaughter be murder?

 Alfred Hitchcock on how to create suspense.
                                              manipulate an audience.
                                              edit a film.

CounterPunch: The strange rehabilitation of crusader-in-chief George W. Bush. Standing on the south lawn of the White House just days after 9/11, Bush told the nation - and the world - that “[t]his crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take awhile.”

Seth Meyers on
Trevor Noah on             TRUMPCARE...
Stephen Colbert on


It's No Trump Thursday! No Trump. All day.

"Stuck in Spokane writin' songs..." Here's Tom T. Hall and the Spokane Motel Blues.

Spokesman-Review: The highest flow on the Spokane River in 20 years is showing that the river may be changing.

The Conversation: Think water comes in just liquid, ice and gas? Think again. Scientists finds that water might exist in an entirely new state.

Smithsonian: What you need to know first to understand the Russian revolution.

Mental Floss: What languages are the hardest to learn?

New York Mag: The "Airplane!" Guide to Joke Delivery. The writers of the classic 1980 comedy deconstruct their screenplay.

Popular Archaeology: The Forgotten Wisdom of the Chauvet Cave. "It is a direct window into our earliest forms of artistic and abstract expression."

Aeon: Casanova was an actor, a priest, a gambler, and a common man passing as (and sleeping with) the aristocracy.

New Republic: The Art of Paying Attention. Why we need critics to think about power and how it works.

Ozy: Is this novel the deadliest book in history? The most popular book in the late 18th century was also its most lethal.

Quentin Tarantino reveals how all of his movies are connected.


Flooding emergency declared as the Spokane River reaches near-record highs.

It's a mixed bag. The Spokane River is putting on a spectacular show of water power, but at the same time, recharging our aquifer and protecting us from future droughts.

Spokesman-Review: A big thing marijuana opponents warned you about is definitely not happening. A state-run survey of 37,000 middle and high school students in Washington state finds that marijuana legalization there has had no effect on youngsters’ propensity to use the drug.

Rolling Stone: Matt Taibbi on Trump the Destroyer. In a chaotic rollout for the ages, Trump stuffed his Cabinet with tyrants, zealots and imbeciles - all bent on demolishing our government from within.

Keith Olbermann: The only true surprise? These people are idiots.

NY Daily News: Per the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, Trump should be removed from office.

The Nation: By understanding how Trump fits within our recent history will we can see how the end of the US empire can be a new beginning for our democracy.

Spokesman-Review: His family's name adorns a downtown Spokane building. He was once a cocaine kingpin, busted for conspiring to distribute between 15 and 50 kilograms of coke. Today, Cip Paulsen is the legal "King of Green" who runs a marijuana grow operation in the Spokane area.

Wall Street Journal issues scathing condemnation of Trump. "If President Trump announces that North Korea launched a missile that landed within 100 miles of Hawaii, would most Americans believe him? Would the rest of the world? We’re not sure..."


One of the greatest and most heinous acts of treason in the history of humanity could be taking place before our eyes. This is not the time to let your guard down. 

Here is the full testimony of James Comey and Mike Rogers on Trump's wiretapping claims, and possible Trump collusion with Russian in the election. 

Washington Post: Six big takeaways from Congress's extraordinary hearing on Russia, Trump and wiretapping.

Keith Olbermann: The most telling thing about the FBI's probe into Trump.

NYT: Trump's method, our madness. What we're all experiencing now is somewhat like the confusion an analyst encounters with a psychotic patient.

Spokesman-Review: Spokane GOP leaders say there is room in the political party for differing opinions on abortion and said they plan to stand by their invitation to Tomi Lahren, the conservative political commentator who set off a social media storm Friday when she referred to pro-life conservatives as hypocrites on the TV show “The View.”

David Rockefeller, super-rich guy, dead at 101.


We made it. First day of Spring!

Spokesman-Review: It's official. Gonzaga is now the most hated team in America. But the referees who missed the goaltending call are a close second.

American Conservative: Foreign policy and the "chosen people" narrative. For five generations, Americans have been told that we're "good guys" who have been chosen to wage war against "bad guys."

Jimmy Breslin, dead at 88.

The Spectator: Seducing Mussolini. Star-struck Claretta Petacci was determined to conquer her "divine Caesar" - and was finally strung up beside him.

Atlantic: A democracy with an exceptionalist heritage is unprepared to respond wisely when arrogance takes over. That's the lesson of Athens and Plato. Greatness has to be earned again and again.

John Oliver explains why Trump's followers will turn on him.

Esquire: 15 extremely underrated films that every movie buff needs to see.


You will rarely see the Spokane River roaring through downtown as it is now. Go witness for yourself. Amazing, even a bit scary!

Spokesman-Review: Zags beat Northwestern; advance in tourney. Studio crew learned what Zags fans already know - never assume a Gonzaga victory.

American Conservative: Jeff Sessions is Rip Van Winkle on drug policy. "He apparently went to sleep shortly after Richard Nixon declared a “war” on illegal drugs in 1971 and just recently awakened from his slumber. There is little evidence that Sessions understands what havoc the war on drugs has wrought both domestically and internationally since Nixon issued his declaration."

TruthDig: The theme that unites all of Trump's initiatives so far is their unnecessary cruelty.

Jake Tapper on Bill Maher - the three basic truths of covering Trump's lies.

Alternet: Trump and Mussolini - 11 key lessons from historical fascism. Italian fascism provides a better model for our moment than Nazi Germany - and the comparison is not encouraging.

NYT: Chuck Berry was rock's master theorist and conceptual genius, a songwriter who understood what the kids wanted before they did themselves.

Spokesman-Review: New flights are boosting travel options at Spokane airport.

Futurism: Meet the future of warfare - the electromagnetic railgun.


Chuck Berry, dead at 90.

The Conversation: The power of ordinary people facing totalitarianism. Hannah Arendt, a political theorist, fled Germany during Hitler's rise to power and later wrote about "the banality of evil." Her work has recently become a best-seller.

The Stranger: Why did rural and poor Americans vote for a man whose budget will hurt them? Here's one explanation.

CenterPunch: The hardening of society and the rise of cultures of cruelty in neo-fascist America.

Futurism: NASA's Curiosity rover has just sent back some mysterious inconsistencies.


As we celebrate this bonnie St. Patty's Day with Jamison and goofy hats, let's remember the rich landlords who - driven by greed, political insensitivity, and religious bigotry - exported most of the food out of Ireland and let a million people starve to death surrounded by rotting potatoes.

The Spokesman-Review's John Blanchette says the Zags didn't exactly shine as guardians of the No. 1 seed.

Mother Jones: The Trump administration's four most heartless statements about the budget. Such as cutting Meals on Wheels "is one of the most compassionate things we can do."

Aeon: What we physically feel shapes our minds; the impact of immersive virtual violence must be questioned, studied, controlled. Until then, should murder in virtual reality be illegal?


Guardian: The Guardian apologizes to the City of Spokane. A bit condescending, maybe, but pretty cool.

Smithsonian: How journalists covered the rise of Mussolini and Hitler. Reports on the rise of fascism in Europe were not the American media's finest hour.

Spokesman-Review: Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly condemned the recreational use of marijuana. Yesterday he went a step further, casting doubt on medical marijuana use.

Rolling Stone: Jeff Sessions goes full "Reefer Madness" on pot. (Don't get the reference? Watch Reefer Madness in all it's insane, exploitation film glory here.)

Keith Olbermann is on a roll:
Trump's amazing speech sure didn't age well.
Russia! Russia! Russia! 
Trump can't even watch TV correctly.

His prophecy from seven years ago regarding the court's Citizen's United decision.

PublicBooks: How oligarchy breeds tyranny, according to Plato.


Not Spokane.Ubi es, Brute?

Here's The Guardian story that says what a hellhole is the city of Spokane and why everyone wants to kill themselves (if not for the Zags).

Spokesman-Review's Shawn Vestal rips them a new one.

KXLY says "Pffft."

Even Seattle's The Stranger comes to Spookaloo's defense.

Not Spokane.Aeon: Our intelligence is rooted in our evolved, embodied needs as an organism. In short, we think with our whole body, not just with the brain. AI without embodiment can only learn so much and so quickly.

Politico: Trump aides describe a White House hobbled by rampant mistrust and paranoia. Staffers are leaving their phones at home, using secret apps and monitoring each other's social media.

Not Spokane.Slate: Rachel Maddow turned a scoop on Trump's taxes into a cynical, self-defeating spectacle.

Rolling Stone: Here's what we did learn about Trump's taxes.

New Yorker: Who leaked part of Trump's 2005 tax return? It is curious that the return is for a particularly good year for Trump's business.




  photo blah.jpg photo blah.jpg photo blah.jpg


Guardian: The 1930s were humanity's darkest, bloodiest hour. Are you paying attention? A decade haunted by mass poverty, violent extremism and world war gives us one crucial advantage: the chance to learn the era’s lessons and avoid its mistakes.

AlterNet: If we don't act now, fascism will be on our doorstep, says Yale historian. 

Atlas Obscura: In 1849, the collection of erotic art from excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum was bricked off and remained famously off limits to women, youngsters, and the general public. For a century and a half the collection remained out of sight. Here's more on Wikipedia. And (NSFW) here.

BBC: We think of the Greeks as the orderly people who gave us drama, democracy and philosophy. But the fearsome monsters in Hellenic art reveal a dark side.

National Geographic: This region fooled scientists for decades. They couldn't account for the strange landforms of eastern Washington State.


The city of Spokane has renamed Riverfront Park's Canada Island to "snx(w) mene," which is Salish for salmon people. Say it with me - "sin-Hoo-men-huh." Just like it looks.

Atlas Obscura: Before the Soviet Union began, they exiled hundreds of academics and journalists on "Philosopher Ships."

Scientific American: House Republicans would let employers demand workers' genetic test results.

Trancentral: Ten psychedelic movies that will alter your perception of reality.

Prospect: In 1936, a middling novelist went to live among the poor and unemployed in the north of England. He returned as George Orwell, champion of democratic socialism.

NYT: Columnist Paul Krugman is floored by the GOP's Obamacare replacement bill's "surreal" awfulness.

Daily Dot: This artist put Trump quotes on sexist 1950s ads to send a sharp message.

Politico: All of Trump's ties to Russia in seven charts.


NYT: The Bombs of Steve Bannon. From his films on Sarah Palin to his time running Breitbart, Steve Bannon learned how to be a very good propagandist. It's a role that has served him well in the White House.

AlterNet: Some of Bannon's biggest intellectual influences are fascists and white supremacists.

Jim Hightower: What should we do about a mentally ill president?

BBC: How did evil evolve, and why did it persist? "Evil" behaviors can be categorized into four basic groups - and they are far from being unique to our species.

"Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their own free will."
   ~  Joseph Goebbels

3QuarksDaily: Why some neuroscientists call consciousness the c-word.

Reuters: NSA staff used spy tools on spouses and ex-lovers.

The Atlantic: Why do so many men watch lesbian born? Sexual fantasy obeys its own set of rules that have nothing to do with propriety, common sense, or even the physical laws of the universe.


Rolling Stone: Why the Russia story is a minefield for Democrats and the media. "The press has to cover this subject. But it can't do it with glibness and excitement, laughing along to SNL routines, before it knows for sure what it's dealing with. Reporters should be scared to their marrow by this story. This is a high-wire act and it is a very long way down. We might want to leave the jokes and the nicknames be, until we get to the other side – wherever that is."

"We're all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn't. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing."
   ~  Charles Bukowski, who died on this day in 1994.

The Point: Of Ice and Art. From Freud’s unconscious to Hemingway’s theory of artistic ingenuity, the iceberg has come to represent the creative process. Why?

CSM: Did WikiLeaks just unmask CIA cyberoperations?

The Nation: Every perished democracy died in its own way. In 1930s Germany, what mattered most was that so many citizens were willing to allow Hitler to do what he did.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Lies can be impeachable offense. Trump is "unfaithfully" executing his duties as president by lying about President Obama – and how that could lead to his impeachment.

Spokesman-Review: The legal marijuana industry generated nearly $13 million worth of revenue in Spokane County in February, amid potential federal action.

AP: China approves new Trump-branded massage parlors, bars and escort services.

Chronicle of Higher Education: In praise of "useless" knowledge. The best scientific minds have been driven by curiosity and intellectual challenge, not practical applications.

The Stranger: Trump signals that he wants to restart the War on Drugs. Right as Washington State was about to clean up its shameful drug-law history.


Here ya go: WikiLeaks' Vault 7. Don't get lost.

AlterNet: Post-truth is pre-fascism. The possibilities are much darker than Americans are used to considering.

Keith Olbermann: The Russian developments that matter most.

Watch this amazing moment during a recent Senate confirmation hearing when Al Franken accuses Jefferson Beauregard Sessions of lying under oath.

Bloomberg: Trump's wiretap tweets raise risk of impeachment. If a president makes false claims of a crime without proof, there's only one constitutional remedy.

Politico: Kellyanne and Sean reveal the eight tricks for defending Trump.

Aeon: Where the old autocrats wanted their subjects to become ‘new men’, today's authoritarian does not pretend to make you better, only to make you feel better about not wanting to change.


Pitchfork: A history of anti-fascist punk around the world in nine songs.

NYT: Trump's political career is built on a lie about Obama. That's the first thing to remember when trying to divine the meaning of Trump's accusation that he was wiretapped on Obama's orders: Trump tells a lot of lies.

Spokesman-Review: Much-maligned Rachel Dolezal once faced down racists.

Foreign Policy: Trump's recent tweets aren't just conspiratorial gibberish - they're the erratic ravings of a guilty conscience. Trump knows the feds are closing in on him.

CNN: For a man with 26.1 million Twitter followers, Trump follows back surprisingly few people on his @realdonaldtrump account - a mere 43. Here's what he sees on his phone.

Dennis Kucinich: Our political economy is designed to create poverty and inequality.

NYT: Analyzing Trump's new travel ban.


AlterNet: This is a fight against fascism. There continues to be a gross underestimation, even amongst politically aware liberals, of what we are really up against, and how to counter it.

CNN: FBI chief asked Justice Department to refute Trump wiretap claim.

The Economist: There are three explanations for Trump's accusation that Barack Obama ordered his phones to be tapped. None of them is comforting.

Washington Post: Putin destroyed Russia's independent press. Trump seems to want the same.

Esquire: Roger Stone forgot other people can read his tweets.

Incredible animation summarizes Noam Chomsky's five filters of the mass media machine.

John Oliver explains how Trump's growing Russia scandal is like Watergate, only stupider.

Vulture: David Letterman on life after TV, late night today, and the man he calls Trumpy.


Politico: How a group of anonymous keyboard commandos conquered the internet for Trump - and plans to deliver Europe to the far right.

Keith Olbermann: Why Trump is refusing to confront reality.

Time: Donald Trump and the New Dawn of Tyranny

SNL's Weekend Update brutally mocks Trump's baseless wiretapping claims against Obama.


Politico: Trump accuses Obama of "wire tapping" Trump Tower phones. “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” Terrible! Just 

TruthDig: European parliament votes to end visa-free travel for Americans in the European Union. Thanks, Trump.

Reuters: Keystone XL builders can use non-US steel, White House says just days after Trump tells nation no.

Bloomberg: US airport pat-downs are about to get more invasive. While few have noticed, U.S. airport security workers long had the option of using five different types of physical pat-downs at the screening line. Now, those have been eliminated, replaced instead with one universal approach. And this time, you will notice.

CounterPunch: Our Nietzschean Struggle. Representatives of the American right are reminiscent of what nineteenth-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche referred to as the ancient aristocrats or “nobles.”

Neal Gabler: The Media's Rapid Retreat. "...(T)he roaring lions of the press suddenly became cuddly kittens...The media response would be laughable if it weren't so terrifying."

One of my favorite Coen Brothers' movies is one of their least watched and least understood. A Serious Man, is a bleak and masterful meditation on the absurdity and futility of existence. One of the most unsettling endings in movie history. Here's an analysis from The Nerdwriter.

White Noise.


The Intercept: As Americans deify the Navy Seal who died, just remember Seal Team 6 is a death squad. Behind the heroic narratives is a darker, more troubling story of criminal brutality and war crimes.

CounterPunch: Trump and Congress. "The wild child of American politics had been caged ... For the most part, his big speech, in both substance and tone, could have been given by Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton. It was pure political boilerplate."

CSM: Russia says officials have daily talks with "US partners." "Almost the entire US elite is , it turns out, linked to Russia. Including the attorney general ... Paranoia knows no bounds."

"This is a great-looking hat," says military-clad Trump, during a speech aboard a warship in Virginia. In his youth, Trump received five deferments from the Vietnam war draft, including one for ‘heel spurs’. "Great-looking hat."

TruthDig: The Deep State's hatred of Trump is not the same as yours.

Arkansas Times: A bill is introduced to the Arkansas congress to ban Howard Zinn books from public schools.

Aeon: Anselm saw God where Spinoza saw the totality of the universe, but their underlying arguments were similar. In debates about the existence of God, what matters is the way logic is developed and deployed. It is easier to denounce someone's God than to engage with their reasoning.


American Conservative: Fascism in the White House? This guy says no ... sorta.

"The fuse is lit": Dan Rather says Trump-Russia scandal is about to go off like a bomb.

Esquire: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III recuses himself from the Russia investigation while the plot thickens elsewhere. 

The Guardian: Attorney General Sessions did not disclose meeting with Russian ambassador during Trump campaign.

Esquire: Obama officials reportedly left a trail to preserve intel of Russian hacking.

The Nation: Trump goes all in for the military-industrial complex. His address signaled his plans for domestic austerity and military bloat.

Internet Archive: Weapons, an international encyclopedia from 5000 BC to 2000 AD.

The Stranger: Looking to understand the mind of Steve Bannon? Watch his documentaries.

Telegraph: Why Anthony Burgess's savagely brilliant A Clockwork Orange is a modern masterpiece.

The poetic harmony of filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky

David Lynch: The elusive subconscious.

Stanley Kubrick: The cinematic experience.


Here's the full text of Trump's joint address to Congress.

The Intercept: Trump's use of Navy SEAL's wife highlights all the key ingredients of US war propaganda.

Washington Post: President Trump has done some low-down, rotten things in his cushy life, but shifting the blame for the death of U.S. Navy SEAL during a covert mission in Yemen to his military commanders will go down as one of the most contemptible and cowardly acts ever committed by a U.S. commander in chief.

Reuters: Always a showman, the TV reality star-turned-politician laid out plenty of promises - a massive infrastructure and public works program; tax cuts for the middle class; immigration reform; a healthcare overhaul; an education bill.

Here's Bernie's take. I'm sorry I didn't vote for him. (I didn't vote for any of 'em.)

Stephen Colbert on the speech. Then he responds to Democrats responding to Trump.

Spokesman-Review: Idaho Senate panel agrees to delete climate change from new school science standards.

Empire Files: Abby Martin talks to Chris Hedges about Trump, fascism and the Christian Right.

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