The OTHER Spokane continues the quest to weasel its way to the office of one of Spokane's richest and most powerful men to discuss "A Modest Proposal."

My Meeting With

I'll get right to the point, Mr. Cowles. It is our hope that you will consider "buying us out," and bringing us into the Spokesman-Review fold as a unique experiment in modern journalism.

As a completely autonomous organ of the S-R empire, The OTHER Spokane would continue in the manner of our prototype issue - brash, experimental, slightly irreverent - and to also include the playful poking of fun at, and/or outright criticism of, our parent company, thus setting into motion, and reaping the benefits of, "The David Letterman Effect."


Trivia about this day in history

The Not-So Subtle
Metaphysics of Disaster

We pull up and stop in front of my house. I am telling them goodbye when Chris interrupts and says to me in a calm voice, "Steve, is your house on fire?"

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Electronic Conversations
BDR and Matrix1413 debate
Evolution/Creationism - sorta

You Must Read SUCK daily

" is the longest-running daily column on the World Wide Web. The journalistic equivalent of running with scissors, Suck's daily essays never let the fight for truth and justice get in the way of a joke."

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The New Century: What's Next?

The coming decades will be the best of times and the worst of times, an era in which we face the prospect of immortality, but confront the very real possibility of extinction. Six of America's deep thinkers -- John Kenneth Galbraith, Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot, Michael Dertouzos, Jerome Groopman, Robert Pinsky and Jeffrey Sachs -- ponder the possibilities of the next century.

Student Concerns

Warning: If you use any of the following term paper cheat links...
Evil House of Cheat School Sucks Essayworld

...there is now PLAGIARISM.COM

This company pushes a software program designed for detecting plagiarism. The program eliminates every fifth word of the suspected student's paper and replaces the words with a standard size blank. The student is asked to supply the missing words. The number of correct responses, the amount of time intervening, and various other factors are considered in assessing the final Plagiarism Probability Score. They claim that "test results have been very accurate; NO STUDENT HAS BEEN FALSELY ACCUSED."

A Spokane Man's
Quest to Free
Paul Ingram

"In 1988, his daughters, Ericka and Julie, accused Paul Ingram of sexual abuse and bizarre claims of satanic ritual abuse. The charges grew out of events at a retreat sponsored by Ingram's church, the Church Of Living Water. At the end of the "Heart To Heart" retreat, Ericka was found sobbing in a corner. Karla Franko, who claimed to have the gift of prophecy and whose ministry was prominent at the retreat, came to "minister" to Ericka. As Franko put it," I am the one who opened the can of worms, all I know is what the Lord told me" in the Ingram case. Karla told Ericka that the Holy Spirit had told her Ericka was a victim of sexual abuse by her father."


we know more than you

Columnists who specialize in
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Top 10 Crimes of the Century
The folks at APB Online have compiled their
"top ten" crimes of the century. As an extra bonus -
absolutely, positively no mention of Jon Bonet Ramsey.

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People on War
A worldwide project that intends to increase awareness around the world of the rules that already exist for people's protection in wartime and to encourage discussion of humanitarian law in the context of modern-day conflict. It is designed to involve those who have experience of war.

Evolution of Communication
An educational web site that takes visitors on a journey of discovery through the fascinating world of communication. It is about the development of verbal and non-verbal communication through human history, covering prehistoric cave drawings and hieroglyphics; the more sophisticated semaphore, telegraph, telephone, radio, and television; and today's advanced computer and satellite based systems.

Coffee Science Information Centre
Provides accurate, balanced and consistent information about coffee, caffeine and health. The primary objective is to bring balance to the coffee and health debate.

An ad appearing at the top of a ReligionToday newsletter:

Trades as low as "$4.95"'ll PEE in your pants about this!

Link to
Webmasters: use it, abuse it, deface it, erase it...

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Register your keywords with them by logging into a free account. TVEyes will monitor the most-watched TV channels, and if one of your keywords is mentioned, they let you know immediately via a simple email.
A comprehensive internet reference. Lists of discussion & information lists, Usenet newsgroups, FTP sites, and more.
Unlimited storage of photos and images. Convenient filing.

An experimental index of popular US radio shows, based on state-of-the-art speech recognition technology. Type in search word.

The Skeptics Society

Reason Online

From "Congratulations! With your piquant penchant for mouthwatering piggy treats as expressed through your divine swine recipe submissions, you've shown us that pork is the tastiest, tenderest one and only pink meat there ever was! The time has finally come to check out all things pork-alicious. So click on over to our newest site; you'll want to run, not walk to your kitchen to try your hand at this plethora of pork recipes. Think Pink!

The Horkheimerster's informative weekly bit


Eye heard the fireworks - announcing the lighting of the Christmas lights - explode above downtown Spokane. He turned on the local news. The lead story on KXLY concerned the festivities and firewords which were about to start in Coeur d' Alene. As the Spokane fireworks ended with a powerfully loud finale, KXLY cut back -- live -- to Riverfront Park. At the end of the broadcast, they showed highlights of the Coeur d' Alene fireworks.

Why Things Are

The Influence of the Horses' Butt on History



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Top issues, reporting tools, sources online and other internet resources and links useful to journalists.

One reporter's collection of links and search engines. Designed for speed and convenience.

Liszt is a enormous directory of Internet discussion groups: mailing lists, newsgroups, and IRC chat channels. A way to find groups of people on the 'net discussing whatever. Most famous for their mailing list directory,

An extensive list of links to sites useful in verifying internet information.

FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting)
A national media watch group that offers well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship. Advocates for greater diversity in the press. They scrutinize media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints.

From the Society of Professional Journalist. Contains information about the Freedom of Information Act on the Web. Information from all 50 states, contacts for all departments of the federal government, and how-to help on filing FOIA requests. The latest FOIA news, plus regular Alerts from SPJ's Freedom of Information chair.

Recipes for hundreds of drinks, with search engine. A great way to unwind after a hard day of digging through a politician's dumpster.

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produce. comsume. die.

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National Enquirer
Weekly World News
Star Magazine

New Studies Reveal
for the Northwest

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