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The OTHER Spokane doesn't let the flu thwart its quest to weasel its way to the office of one of Spokane's richest and most powerful men to discuss "A Modest Proposal."

Part Two of
My Meeting With

"Earlier today, I received a notice that my message to could not be delivered.

A few hours later, I simultaneously received the same notice about every other address at the domain....

Is it possible that "someone" had the addresses blocked?....

Another (possibly) related note: A few minutes after the simultaneous notifications, I received another non-deliverable notification from....the lawfirm Brown, Raysman, Millstein, Felder, & Steiner, from New York, a firm specializing in internet law."



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achoo! Influenza General Information

Top Ten Flu Facts

Influenza A Virus Replication
Influenza 101
Flu Shot or Not - ABC News
Disarming Flu Viruses - Scientific America
Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report

A Spokane Man's Homage
to the Unknown Writer

Stanley Portal Hyatt

"...The Diary of a Soldier of Fortune by Stanley Portal Hyatt. In this book I read the life of a headstrong and highly opinionated young Englishman whose brief thirty-seven years were as rich in discovery, bold action and defeat as anyone I had ever read of before....Even though by the time of his death he had written seventeen books, mostly novels, his literary bud had yet to bloom in the opinion of some, and today all of his books are long out of print."

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Utne Reader Daily


In 1918 and 1919, a world epidemic of simple influenza killed 20 million people in the United States and Europe.
The swine flu vaccine in 1976 caused more death and illness than the disease it was intended to prevent.
In the average year, influenza is associated with about 20,000 deaths nationwide.
Specialists trained in recognition of influenza will typically diagnose influenza correctly only 30% of the time.
Influenza is typically contagious for 5-7 days from fever onset.


KHQ News Promo Piece
"No one brings you the day's news like Randy Shaw, Penny Daniels, and..."
(Now, who was that other guy?)

Daily Sky above
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Spokane Astronomical Society

Starhustler The Horkheimerster's informative weekly bit

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"Virtually Northwest, the premier on-line service of The Spokesman-Review, brings the majority of the stories from each day's editions of this Idaho paper to the Internet reader. Virtually Northwest discusses issues that are of interest to residents of the Idaho area as well as issues that a pertinent to world affairs."


Y2K Fizzle: Everything New is Old Again
Daily Updated Y2K Glitch Report
Millennial Madness
Next Few Months Will Be The Toughest - Bug Still Lurks
FBI acted on more than 20 Y2K threats
Whitley Strieber's Journal
Ed Yourdon on Y2K
What they said with dread
Y2K Datapage - Sightings

The Top Top-100 Lists of the Millennium
Will Durst

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Clinton unveils "Cyber-Protection" plan

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