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Election 2000, as seen from Chile
How absurd American politics looks from the outside.

If politics got real...
...the debate on campaign finance reform would focus on how ordinary citizens can acquire a measure of power in America's money-drenched democracy.

How Will The Internet Influence Democracy?
Howard Rheingold

DizzyDarkness Skeleton Closet
The place for dirt, attitude and opinionated character reviews of all the Presidential Candidates.

A Deer Park man's ode to George
Nether cutt & run

Campaign 2000 Editorial Cartoons

A Primer on the Primaries
TIME.com's guide to how America selects
its presidential candidates

Politics Index
ABC News

Jello Biafra 2000


"If elected President, on my first day in office I will personally pardon everyone who has been convicted on a federal, non-violent drug charge, order the immediate release of those in prison, reunite them with their families, and restore their civil and voting rights."
Harry Browne, Libertarian candidate of president

Busted - America's War on Marijuana PBS
Drug Mistreatment -- Utne

Today in Radical History

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Anarchy, Anarchism & Libertarian Socialism

Yahoo now lists 30 Web pages
in its
"Fake Candidates" category.

MoJo's Must Reads

Hail to the (Studio) Chief
A guide to the 100 most important political movies ever made.

"I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious."
Thomas Jefferson

New KGB Takes Internet by SORM
The Russian government has just authorized itself to spy on everything its citizens do on the Net -- and to punish Internet Service Providers that won't help.
CIA says Russia, China Build Cyber Attack Abilities
MediaCentral 2/23


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Clinton sent Congress a $1.84 trillion farewell budget.
That's $6,730.50 per man, woman and child.


SPY Eye sees... EYE

As Tipper Gore -- wife of the Information Superhiway Guy -- waltzed into town, Eye checked the official web site of the Spokane County Democratic Party. He went to the calendar and found that it had not been updated since January of 1997.

Essays from
The Progressive Populist

Libertarian Party News

U.S. Senate vote expected on bill to reform civil asset-forfeiture laws
Should we send hate criminal Al Gore to jail for assault on 'cripple' Kerrey?
Did baseball break anti-discrimination law by suspending racist John Rocker?
Proposed law in Mississippi would (ahem) get a grip on public priapism
Bill Clinton's $139 million-a-second State of the Union "promise-a-thon"
Drug office's dollars-for-propaganda deal on TV is "insidious censorship"
White House, Congress, TV networks all at fault over drug-ad deal

Random AntiRacist site

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Disquieting Quotes

"When I was coming up, it was a dangerous world and you knew exactly who they were. It was us vs. them and it was clear who them was. Today we are not so sure who the they are, but we know they’re there."
George W. Bush

"His style of delivery is wanting. I think it's very long and sober. ... He should play with himself more."
Actor Spaulding Gray on Al Gore's performance with the NYC Gay Men's Chorus in a rendition of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."

" '[B]ad hair' negatively influences self-esteem, brings out social insecurities, and causes people to concentrate on the negative aspects of themselves."
Yale University psychology professor Marianne LaFrance, in a study titled "The Psychological, Interpersonal and Social Effects of Bad Hair."

This week's CLINTOON

  StreetSmartBizGuru takes on WTO
Is free trade really the best route to sustainable development, when local environmental, labor and human rights laws can be overruled by anonymous 3-judge panels behind closed doors in Geneva?

FindLaw Legal Grounds
Relevant Hearsay, Cyberlaw News,
Arresting Developments, Weird Legal News

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