Poke. Hee. Hee. Beelzebub's Buzzwords
A quick-hitting list of the key Washington D.C. fundraising buzzwords of the day, compiled by Jim Hightower for The Nation.
OUCH: How Money in Politics Hurts You

Election 2000: Total Raised
Find out how much candidates have raised, how much they've spent, and how much cash they have on hand. Also learn about the
source of funds, who the contributors are, and what industries give the most. From the Center for Responsive Politics.


SPY Eye sees... EYE


Eye wandered into the Spokane City Council meeting and took his seat as Mayor Talbott was chastising Police Chief Bragdon about the problem of teen vagrancy. The Mayor said that groups of rambunctious youths threaten to chase off downtown business. He said he was walking down the street one night when a group of twelve or more rebelrousers blocked the way. The Mayor had to STOP AND WALK AROUND!

"Surely there's a solution to this problem," Eye thought. As he left left meeting, he encountered a group of women from the County Commissioners office blocking the door. "Excuse me," said Eye. One of the ladies snooted, but nevertheless stepped aside and let Eye pass by.

The Complete Bushisms
Updated weekly. Compiled by Jacob Weisberg

Can you exaggerate like Al Gore?
Dodge questions like George W. Bush?

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  In Defense of Mixing Religion and Politics
D.P. Sorensen, Salt Lake City Weekly
Raising McCain, Boy George and You Can Call Me Al all have a friend in Jesus.

by Wendell Berry
The movements which deal with single issues or single solutions are bound to fail because they cannot control effects while leaving causes in place. (From Resurgence, issue 198)

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MoJo's Must Reads

After Maria Hsia was convicted last week of all 5 felony counts stemming from Gore's 1996 campaign fund-raiser in the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles, ABC's Peter Jennings gave it 19 seconds. CBS's Dan Rather gave it a whopping 23 seconds. And NBC's talkinghead, Tom Brokaw, didn't even mention it.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

Explore the nearly 150-year history of the State of Jefferson -- a quirky secessionist movement along the Oregon-California border, that is arguably the oldest continuous bioregional movement in the country.

The Mythical State of Jefferson
Bad Subjects magazine

State of Jefferson Website

The Jefferson Territory

If we could shrink the worlds population down to a village of 100 people, maintaining all the existing ratios, the village would look like this:

57 Asians
21 Europeans
14 from the western hemisphere
8 Africans

70 of the 100 would be non-white
70 would be non-Christian

6 people would control 50% of the wealth, and all of them would be US citizens

70 people would be unable to read
more than half would suffer malnutrition
80 would live in sub standard housing
1 of the 100 would have attended college

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Your Urine, Please
By Barbara Ehrenreich, The Progressive
Although 80% of large employers now test job applicants for illegal substances, they seem to have little interest in other aspects of employees after hours activities--such as the adequacy of their diets or their ability to afford housing on a minimum wage.


Essays from
The Progressive Populist

A Deer Park man's ode to George
Nether cutt & run

Libertarian Party News

Release, 22 March 2000:
Put a moratorium on gas taxes -- and let Americans save 42c a gallon
Release, 17 March 2000:
Strike a blow for privacy: Refuse to answer nosy Census questions
Release, 3 March 2000:
Study: Gun training (not gun bans) can help reduce tragic child violence
Release, 2 March 2000:
Mom faces jail sentence in battle over breast-feeding versus jury duty
Release, 21 February 2000:
New study: Blacks are twice as likely to be charged with a "hate crime"
Release, 14 February 2000:
February 15th's criminal milestone: 2 million Americans are behind bars
Release, 11 February 2000:
Arizona pays $126,000 to jail armless woman for $20 marijuana violation

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Disquieting Quotes

"...[W]e must contemplate what shall be the consequences for the world if we are no longer fighting the shadow of evil, but casting it ourselves." -- Alan Keyes
"While Al Gore may be a robotic, condescending race-baiter whose pockets are stuffed with illegal foreign donations, a 4% unemployment rate and a 10,000 Dow Jones Industrial Average can turn even the slimiest frog into a prince...."
--David Frum, Wall Street Journal
"When it becomes dominated by a collectivist creed, democracy will inevitably destroy itself." --F. A. Hayek
"In politics, stupidity is not a handicap."-- Napoleon Bonaparte

And good for the economy too!

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