GOD--hoo ha, what is it good for?

God: life's placebo.

If you have visited more than once I can make an educated opinion about you: You have wasted at least some of your valuable lifespan discussing/arguing the existence/meaning of God/Death/Truth/Art.

Big whoop.

For now there is only one fact for you to consider: GOD IS ONLY AN OPINION.

That's right, until proof exist you really are only just wasting time to enforce your own ego of opinion upon someone of alternative ideals.

Stop reverting to a schoolyard mentality! (So now I shall attempt to change your minds by creative writing. And yes, I do recognize the ironic hypocrisy of this article. So what?)

It DOES NOT matter what you believe (some of the "faithful" may disagree) because you will not be able to prove it to anybody else and whatever you believe you know you are wrong anyway otherwise you would not have to rely on the word "faith" so often in you criteria.

NOW do you want to know the REAL fact about GOD?

(Sure you do.)

Okay here is the low-down, straight from the hip, hard-core fact about god/existence, etc.

I am GOD. None of you really exist (at least you cannot really prove it). From my perspective I truly cannot prove your existence except that you interact with me. Once out of my range of influence you probably cease to exist. The universe came into being upon my moment of self-awareness…all the history/evidence of past events, causality is just my mind coping with the ability to make events happens in proper correspondence to my growth as GOD. You come into existence for me to have playthings. You have "free will" so I can be "surprised" and enjoy the abundance of feelings I have created (even when I get a speeding ticket from some "police officer" I dreamed up; the emotion I am overwhelmed with is indescribable).

Actually everything will cease to exist once I "die", or as I like to think of it as moving past my teenage stage--to accept my status as master of the universe (bwah ha hah!). Sorry but none of you really exist.

So, now you have your answer. NOW stop arguing and let's go get some Chinese food.