_ _ _Is...

Stik Mann: Spokane...

dewD: Spokane is...

Stik Mann: Spokane is now under your skin like a bump that you think is some horrible disease that will eventually kill you but later you find out that it's just a benign lump.

dewD: Yeah, Spokane is a lonely puppy that was taken in by police and trained to be an attack dog and trained to disco dance while everyone watches and criticizes and the essence of gotta jaboo and you keep on drinkin' too and the muzak that farts away the rolling silence of I-90.

Stik Mann: Spokane is under your fingernails like dead butt skin from when you weren't thinking about it and you scratched your ass.

dewD: Yeah, Spokane is the step mom of a short-bus trailer park bully helmet scratching your nuts with cold toes and pulling out your handgun for the gals and shouting with nobody listening and noticing the freezing, and then even more

Stik Mann: Spokane is stuck between your teeth like decomposing roast beef or a Snickers bar or a broken piece of floss.

dewD: Yeah, spokane is where one might be able to walk into their own barn on a warm day and be especially nice to cute horses.

Stik Mann: Spokane is the slimy toejam on your jungle-rotted foot digits that you expose on a long bus trip and people behind you make snide remarks and someone hits you in the back of the head with an M&M.

dewD: Yeah, Spokane is a big Walla Walla but with better pay, house prices and bands and friends and real folks who proclaim they don't know nothing and that I am one of them who don't and I vehemently agree.

Stik Mann: Spokane is that particularly nasty booger that you've recently extracted just as an old friend whom you haven't seen in years walks around the corner and sees you and approaches and extends his hand and says with a smile, "dewD, dewD! It's been years," and you have to shake his hand but you keep the snot-contaminated finger bend over into your palm and the guy thinks you're giving some kind of secret gay code and he lies and excuses himself and says he has to go meet his ex-cheerleader girlfriend in the parking lot of the Methodist church.

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