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Reality-Based Correspondense

I was born in Spokane and lived there til I was 13. Currently I live in San Francisco.

I am thinking of moving to back to Spokane, and have a theory that the pretty, sleepy, low-rent town is poised for a cultural invasion of people spilling over from the crowded coast.

But Spokane is weird! Like, Twin Peaks weird, something-just-under-the-surface weird, low-variety right-wing white-supremacist weird, so I ask you, OtherSpokane, whose website gives me hope, what is it really like, living over there in the inland empire?


Hi, Jade. Thanks for the letter. I'm happy to say that you've hit it right on the nose with a big, wet fish. Spokane is indeed a hotspot on the surrealistic powergrid; but then, so is Bangladesh. The difference being, of course, is that Spokane is a great place to live.

I live in the very gut of it all -- downtown, in a small, 1-bedroom apt ($310/mo., all utilities paid) in the West First neighborhood. I'm a few blocks from the library, the biz district, the Skywalk system, the city bus depot, the Centennial Trail (an incredible sixty-mile bike trail that follows the river), restaurant row, my job (as a cook at a buffet), and Riverfront Park (one of the most beautiful city parks in America).

Like the corny Chamber of Commerce TV ad -- showing a dorky-looking guy throwing a frisbee to a dog -- says, "Spokane. You'll love it here."

[Re: Kingdom Implosion]

To get on the "let's blow up what we haven't paid for yet" bandwagon, the new parking garage is a most likely target. Of course, selling the idea here in Spokane may be difficult, but surely not impossible.

We could, say, invite all the nude dancers, homeless folks, street kids and panhandlers to a free beer and debautchery day at "The Garage."

At the height of the sinning, so to speak, we could touch off the fuse.

I'm sure we could get some major support from a fairly diverse group of people. Some city council members, I'm sure. And Penny Lancaster is a shoe-in, as well as Richard Clear.


I dunno, Rick. I forsee a legal quagmire. We'd have the thing paid off before they finally decided who got to push the button.


Are you the one who carved "" in our employee break table outside the TARGET store at the Northpoint Shopping Center? If so, you owe us $125 .


Would I get to keep the table? I'm serious. It's a good, well-build, picnic-type table like the Forest Service spends five or six hundred bucks to make. I'll come pick it up. (But, to set the record straight, I didn't carve it -- I wrote it with a pen -- you should only charge me $75.) Let me know.


Re: Issue four. When I get a page referring to porn (soft/hard/otherwise, as on your April splash page) and go there while at work, I would be AUTOMATICALLY "WALKED TO THE DOOR". So, I guess I would not want to browse to this web site while at work. Many other browsers might have same issue, not realizing (or taking the chance) it is an April 1st joke.

If this month has low attendance then you know how many "customers" are at work.


March hits: 540. April: 395. I guess the joke was on me. Hope we didn't lose any advertisers.


Re: Issue four. I am sorry to see that you are a victim of a twisted hacker. Please let me know when your site is back up and running and I will place it back in the Spokane Website Directory.


April Fools, Mike. Click "click here" on splash page and it'll take you to Issue 4. You have two or three links inside.

Stik Mann,

You got me. That was a good one. I put you back in the Directory. Thank you for putting a link to me within your site.


Hee, hee.


What's the deal? In your Politix section, you ask us to "Type in your deepest held political beliefs. Click button to register where most important." If you type something in and hit the SUBMIT button, all that happens is the page reloads. Is something not working?


Jboy, perhaps you didn't follow the instructions. Did you really write your deepest held political beliefs? Or did you just type in something to see what happens?

Why should I take the time to do it? I don't think anything happens. Just tell me what's going on.

No. Follow the directions.

Grandpa Stik,

I love you. Don't say bad words. Don't draw big fat monsters. Don't make scary fingers on monsters. I like e-mail. I like Pokemon.

Love, Billy

Hi, Billy. Love you too. I won't draw any big fat monsters with scary fingers. I'll try not to say bad words. I don't know very much about Pokeman. I like Hersey bars with nuts in them.

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday night, we claimed a victory that placed the Democratic nomination in our hands. In order to win the fight and defeat the Republicans in November, I need your help. The road ahead is an expensive one and the Republicans could outspend us by as much as 4 to 1. Won't you please help?

Al Gore

Gee, Mr. Gore, I only make a little above minimum wage. You still want my money?

Dear Yahoo! account holder:

By creating and using your Yahoo! account, you agree to abide by Yahoo!'s Terms of Service (TOS). It has come to our attention that you may have violated the TOS.

If your use of your Yahoo! account is brought to our attention again, and we believe that such use violates the TOS, then we may terminate your account without further notice.


Would it help to say I'm sorry?

It is my belief (granted I am drunk) that "The Other Spokane" website holds the Guiness Book of Records for the most links. Can anything else ooooozzzze out of your head Stik Mann? Good job on noticing that the Demos web site had not been updated in two years. Neither have their policies.


James & Eloise wrote:

Unsubcribe IMMEDIATELY! Where or how did you get our e-mail,please delete NOW! Sounds like white supremecists stuff and we don't want it! TAKE US OFF NOW!

I'm not sure how your e-mail address got on the mailing list. I assure you, I abhor white supremacy as I do all close-minded people. I took you off the list.


I liked the piece about myself. Clever and a good time.

But what do I do now, now that I am the subject of a recall petition? Where do I sign?

Keep up the good work.

Steve Eugster

Wow. Great mag. Arp is God. Sooooo glad that now I can say I've found God, and that we've drank a few beers together, and that God is witty.


Attaboy, Stik,

Interesting site, looks like fun. Any profit in the future?

Milt Prigee,

Thanks. So far it has been fun. Profit? Perhaps, but I'm not sure how to pursue it. I have the business sense of an amphibian.

We do not tolerate Unsolicited Commercial E-mail. (UCE otherwise known as SPAM).

Omnicast Internet Services

This is not a commercial endeavor.

Looks very good. Thanks for the exposure.

Tom Murlowski, Associate Director
The November Coalition

Dear Editor,

Erb or Rick or all of the above turned me on to your Publication. Great idea!! If Stacey doesn't want to buy the publication I will offer you a basement office (electricity present but no light). It's obvious you don't need a light, only power.

Good Luck,

Nice offer, but didn't you end up with most of my student loan money?


I keep finding hidden things in the site - like clicking on the lightning to hear a tinny Paganini. If you told where these things are, more people could find them.


I was waiting for someone else to say it.

Who are you? Why do you send me things without identifying yourself?

John Craig

Mr. Craig. Hi. My name is Steve. I use the name Stik Mann in The OTHER Spokane for no real good reason. I added all e-mail addresses to my mailing list that I found in the Spokesman-Review. If you'd like to be removed from the list, let me know.

Hi, Steve. No need to remove me from your list. It's probably best to keep my eye on a future co-worker. Good luck on your venture.

John Craig


How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

Carl K.

You just did. (Or by sending an e-mail with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject area.)


How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

Carl K.

Ah, you just did again.

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