Dear Sir or Madam

I sent Darren a copy of Newsletter 2.5, the phoney, classic Microsoft-pay-you-big-bucks-for-forwarding-to-unsuspecting-folks letter...

Fuckin SPAM already. Jesus Steve.

Losing your warped sense of humor in your old age, Darren?


I am currently in corporate hell. What sense of humor?

I am moving out to the country in three weeks. South of here, near Valleyford. Very cool. Full Photolab in the basement and nothing but wheat as far as the eye can see in the back yard. Perfect place to write my book. Ah yes, the book.

Kill me now. Do you guys need a full time dishwasher?


What makes you think restaurant hell is better than corporate hell?

Envious of your move to wheat fields.

Ever experiment with the new digital cameras?



You can speak your mind in restaurant hell and people understand the words, "fuck you", in corporate hell one must call a meeting, have a focus group, then hire a consultant to study the proposed outcome.

Digital cameras are the scourge of the earth. They lie and so do the people who use them. Give me a wet silver image any day.

This spring come out to the farm and hang with the wheat.


I don't think any of our dishwashers work full time. Any I can think of who did work full time are now safely locked away. Still, nice point about the restaurant/corp hell.

How did you scan the photos for your website?

What are you and your camera doing now?



I scanned all my photographs using a Microscan 300, flatbed, single pass, 24bit scanner using the scan wizard software bundle. The key to good scanning is not the scanner, it's the software.

My camera and I are photographing again. I photographed a very provocative scene last weekend. A 1906 headstone in a graveyard with a keyboard in front of it, as if the headstone is the monitor. On Superbowl Sunday none the less. Yes, Darren has left the planet. For better or worse I was dealt the disassociated artist card. I can think of a hundred worse cards to be dealt in life. Fuck it! I will take it.

So what if I would rather have the children of the world hold a goat slaying drink it's blood on the alter of a local catholic church, grind up the hoofs for an aphrodisiac, have an orgy, then go to a Marlyin Manson concert instead of watching Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWF.

The previous paragraph is an excerpt from Virtually Onstage. I dig the writing aspect of this project. I knew that it was going to happen, but I was unaware of the major positive effect that writing has on my soul. Thank God.