Der Lifestyle Nazis

You know, some people really piss me off. Now, I'm not talking about the people who cause my normal, daily bouts of annoyance, you know, people not getting my burger right, and so forth.

No. I am talking about those people who have appointed themselves to be "protectors from ourselves". People who have so little to do in their lives that they have decided to tell us what is right and wrong, how to spend our free time and money, and even what to eat!

In this day of a strong economy and people doing, generally speaking, pretty well in their lives, it is understandable that there is more time for leisure --and of course there are leisure activities that don't meet with the approval of some groups of people.


Lifestyle Nazis are people, like Spokane's own Penny Lancaster, who feel they have the right to tell us how to spend our money. Okay, yes, they have the right to tell us their mind about the subject. However, when people ignore them, and scoff at them as the buffoons they are, they feel it is now time to go to the legislature. Yep, get the force of law behind THEIR point of view.

Lets look at "Der Fuerer" of Spokane's Lifestyle Nazis, Penny Lancaster.

You see, Penny doesn't like looking at naked people. Apparently it does not jive with her particular brand of so-called Christianity. So she decides nobody should look at naked people. So Frau Lancaster decides to form a little group to protest people looking at naked people. This group of people complained to the county commissioners about the strip club DeJaVu. They claimed the club was harmful to children. Never mind the fact children are not allowed to go into the club, forget that the activity in the club cannot be viewed from the outside.

You see, if you can say you are protecting children you can do anything in this society. This is exactly what Penny Lancaster did; she used children to further her own social agenda.

Disgusting, but effective. In the end Frau Lancaster and other little Nazis convinced the county commissioners to pass ordinances severely restricting how strip clubs and other adult entertainment outlets conduct business.

Does this mean that Frau Lancaster is done? Well did Hitler quit after he conquered the Sutenland? No!

Recently the Spokesman-Review reported that a group floating an initiative to ban casinos on the ballot failed to garner enough signatures. This of course means there is not a lot of public interest in banning casinos. The article then went on to quote Penny Lancaster as saying that her little band of Nazis aren't done. They are going to demand that the City Council ban casinos anyway. Never mind the tremendous amount of taxation revenue that lands in the city coffers. Never mind that, in this country, it is entirely up to an individual to choose whether her or she participates in a LEGAL activity. HEIL LANCASTER!

Ok, all tongue-in-cheek aside, here is the point. Penny Lancaster has every right in the world to have her point of view. In fact it is commendable that she is getting involved in issues that, I'm sure, she feels strongly about. Most people don't. Her brand of activism is something that I would call preemptive. She is not reacting to any real threat or danger to society. She is acting on a perception and conclusion that the facts do not bare out.

There aren't more than a few of these gambling establishments, in fact some have gone out of business due to inability to make it in the market place. People are not suddenly spiraling into poverty, crime is not up.

In fact, the revenue the county and city are getting from the gambling casinos is essentially a windfall.

What is wrong, and in fact, dangerous, is Penny Lancaster using and circumventing the democratic process to get the force of law to impose upon the rights of people to earn a living, and spend their leisure time and money, as they see fit. She does this for the simple reason that these activities do not jive with her view of a perfect Christian world. Frau Lancaster claims that our community will be lacking in "character," if the community continues to allow businesses of these types.

It is imperative that we stand up to her machinations and speak out against her insidious activity.

I have said before that we all have a voice. We all have the means to fight the encroachment of our rights by both the government and private individuals. We must use that voice, or we will be rendered mute and left to wonder...what happened?