Not so Random Thoughts
on a Minor Revolution

My, my, my. What hath God wrought? A dogcatcher, a council run by a downtown business, a parking garage, meter money, Corker, Eugster, Greene, Higgins, newspaper -- what a fantastic show. I love Spokane. Where else can you get so much free entertainment? Ok, yeah, this year's 5th district race, but one thing at a time, all right?

First of all, Henry Miggins is not now, nor has he been, nor will he probably ever be a dogcatcher. Spokane's new City Manager Henry Miggins has spent a good chunk of his adult life working in various levels of city government, including a position as internal auditor. And that, my friends is why he was hired.

Remember Mayor John Talbot has been calling for an internal audit of the city for years. Inexplicably, there are some very powerful interests who do not want, and indeed, have vigorously fought, the idea of an audit of the city books. Well guess what folks; we now have a man who was an internal auditor for Multnomah County. I am hoping the audit will now happen and the people of Spokane can get a true accounting of how their tax dollars have been spent.

Secondly, I have worked with Steve Corker for the past couple of years, and I can tell you that he is, without question, one of the finest people I have ever met. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, and honest. Anyone who would honestly believe that Corker is a pawn of Metropolitan Mortgage is either a liar and/or a fool.

And, if you pay attention, you will notice that those who are screaming the loudest about cronyism are the interests (read Cowles Family) who lost both their political clout (in the city council) and their credibility with the electorate.

As far as the parking garage goes, why park there? The parkade near Rite-Aid is cheaper; you can go through the Skywalk and voila there you are in River Park Square. Ready to see a movie, or spend a lot of money on the crap at Nordstrom's (stuff which, by the way, you can get for less at the Bon).

Hell, why pay to park downtown when you can park for FREE at Northtown or the Valley Malls. And hey, the movie theaters at these malls are showing the same movies as AMC, and, at night, for less.

What this whole city council thing means is that wrongs and abuses perpetuated by past council members -- THEIR cronies, namely the Cowles Family, Cavanaugh's Hospitality Inc, and others -- are now being exposed, righted, and swept away.

An example of these abuses: starting in March, the council will most likely have to begin paying $150,000 a month to cover the shortfall at the parking garage. This is money that belongs to the taxpayer - money that is, in my mind, literally being stolen by the developers of River Park Square, The Cowles Family. Yes, I said stolen. I believe the developers to be nothing more than common thieves.

This expenditure will be going on while the city copes with possible shortfalls due to I-695.

Ridiculous isn't it? This is the kind of cronyism that had been going on for decades. It is good it has stopped.

The council needs to be praised and thanked that a few downtown interests no longer controls the destiny of Spokane.