BDR's E-Cons

Sorry, Charlie

I was reading my mail one morning when the following instant message appeared on my screen:

matrix1413: are you for evolution or creationism?
baddreamrepairman: Neither. You?
matrix1413: what is the point of you being here if you dont belive either?
baddreamrepairman: Being where? I got your message from out of the blue while reading my mail.
matrix1413: in this club
matrix1413: i belive we were created
baddreamrepairman: So do I.
matrix1413: i have to go my troop leader is mad
matrix1413: talk to you later
baddreamrepairman: Write to me later and explain "the club."
baddreamrepairman: Bye.

About an hour later, "matrix" sent another message.

baddreamrepairman: Hi. Actually I should have said both insead of neither. I believe both.
matrix1413: um your a very wierd old man you know that?
baddreamrepairman: I know that. Who are you? What club were you in?
matrix1413: evolution vs. creationists
matrix1413: im charli
matrix1413: charlie
baddreamrepairman: Now I understand....My name's stik.

I had joined an online evolution/creation debate club a few months ago. My name evidently still appears on the member list, along with my profile (which says I'm a quasi-journalist, spent the Spring bombing Europe and sending baked goods to strangers, having substituded cement instead of flour in the recipe).

I looked up Charlie's profile. He is thirteen years old, from the South somewhere. He likes to read and build models.

baddreamrepairman: Which side are you on?
matrix1413: creationist
matrix1413: die hard creationist
matrix1413: no way anyone is gonna convert me
baddreamrepairman: Even evidence?
matrix1413: even evidence cause God said it I belive it THAT SETTES IT
matrix1413: SETTLES
matrix1413: IT
baddreamrepairman: God said what?
matrix1413: That He Created The Worled
matrix1413: World
baddreamrepairman: Many people who believe in evolution also believe that God created the world.
matrix1413: well if they wanna be a monkeys great great nephew than let them but i didn't desent from monkeys.
baddreamrepairman: Evolutionists don't say that you did. They say that humans and apes descended from a common ancestor.
matrix1413: God created me and my family human and thats the way they've always been
baddreamrepairman: I agree.
matrix1413: o
matrix1413: ok
matrix1413: i thoughht we were gonna have to debate
baddreamrepairman: I think we do.
baddreamrepairman: But I have an advantage.
matrix1413: why do we have to debate you agree with what i said?
baddreamrepairman: I agreed with one thing you said, about God creating the human family.
matrix1413: well what do we debate about then?
baddreamrepairman: What is evolution, Charlie?
matrix1413: the wrong religion
baddreamrepairman: Why do you say that evolution is a religion?
matrix1413: because they belive that we evolved
baddreamrepairman: You know, I'd like to talk to you about this. But like I said, I have an advantage. I'm much older than you. I think you should ask your parents.
matrix1413: my mom wont care i got into one of these debates with a 62 year old guy
matrix1413: but if you want ill ask
baddreamrepairman: Please.

There was a short pause…

matrix1413: she said yes
baddreamrepairman: Oh, really? Ask her who the drummer was for the Beatles.

Another pause…

matrix1413: ringo star
baddreamrepairman: Hi, mom. By the way, I'm only 44.
matrix1413: who are the beetles?
matrix1413: are they the ones with sergant peper?
baddreamrepairman: Well, sorta.
baddreamrepairman: Why do you not believe in evolution?
matrix1413: because i dont put my faith into anything that isnt in the bible
matrix1413: and evolution has nothing to do with the bible
baddreamrepairman: Evolution isn't in the bible, but either is Mathmatics.
matrix1413: yes huh
matrix1413: what about the geniology of adam and his sons?
matrix1413: and the 3 day
matrix1413: and many other examples
matrix1413: especially in revalation
matrix1413: the 7 seals
matrix1413: and stuff like that
baddreamrepairman: If evolution is true, does it mean that those things are not true?
matrix1413: yes
baddreamrepairman: I believe both. How could that be possible?
matrix1413: it isnt
matrix1413: you cant serve 2 masters
matrix1413: i hope im not offending you
baddreamrepairman: No, you're not.
baddreamrepairman: Are you familiar with what scientists say is their evidence for evolution?
matrix1413: yes im familiar with that
matrix1413: but it isnt evidance because it cant be
matrix1413: a lot of it is circular reasoning
baddreamrepairman: Not sure what circular reasoning is.
matrix1413: an example is when you date the strata by the fossil and the fossil by the strata
matrix1413: get it?

Pause. I wasn't sure where to go with this. Should I start listing examples of evidence? Is it right for me to be talking to this kid? What if I did convince him? What consequences would there be with his family, his church? I needed to think about it.

baddreamrepairman: Gotta go. But it was good talking to you. Call me again sometime.
matrix1413: ok c-ya

The next day I was reading my mail again when Charlie called me back.

matrix1413: hi
baddreamrepairman: Hello, Charlie. What's up?
matrix1413: mom bets you don't go to church
baddreamrepairman: Your mother is correct.
matrix1413: thougt so
baddreamrepairman: You?
matrix1413: yes baptist
matrix1413: you should go
baddreamrepairman: Perhaps…
baddreamrepairman: What do they teach you about evolution in school?
matrix1413: that ist wrong and aganst Gods will
baddreamrepairman: Private school?
matrix1413: home scooled
matrix1413: scholed
matrix1413: schooled


baddreamrepairman: I'm kind of busy right now, Charlie, but I'd like to sent you an e-mail if that's okay.
matrix1413: ok c-ya

I wrote and sent the following letter to Charlie:

Hi, Charlie,

Sorry I can't talk long via Instant Messages, but I am pretty busy. E-mail is more convenient for me.

You asked if I was offended when you said I can't serve two masters. It doesn't offend me - but to be honest, it does hurt a bit. I am not an evolutionist, Charlie. I don't put my faith in evolution. If at the end of my life, and all things are revealed, I find that evolution did not occur, I would not be too surprised. The "wisdom" of Man is often proved wrong; but, this is rarely so when the body of evidence is so overwhelming.

If you like, I could send you some links to websites that give a comprehensive but not overly technical overview of the theory of evolution and its evidence.


The next day Charlie sent the following letter:


Mom says I cant talk to you any more. sorry