The Peace of Forty Days
(La Paz de Cuarentas Dias)


Chapter Three:
First Encounter with the Trickster
By Stik Mann

Prologue -- Chapter One -- Chapter Two

Iguana Jim & Limbo Lisa's
account of their trip to the Caribbean

We're diggin' it
Destination: Paradise

"Anywhere is walking distance if you've got the time."
--Steven Wright

Backpacker Planet
The growing tribe of full-time travellers are more like the tourists they love to hate than they realize.
Traveler Meccas

Origin Xpedition to the Source
follow four expeditions based on the planet's elements:
water, earth, air, and fire.
Regional Hiking, Biking, Paddling, & History

Why I Live in a Tent

How to See the World

The Boys from Denmark
by Spokane's KissyHead

web topographic maps


Hitch-hiking Resources


Chapter 37 of Emily Post's 1922 Book of Etiquette
Traveling at Home and Abroad

Enlightenment With A Vengeance
A surrealistic journey to Anywhere, America.
Currently underway and updated daily.
Well-written and very odd.


Mt. Spokane Mountain Bike Ride

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