Big Bro's Bigger Eyes

Just watched a Discovery channel program on the coming global surveillance. My notes:

The RCMP in Canada (the state police) now have a national system of criminal recognition using extremely hi-tech methods that will be the pattern for a global surveillance system, and in fact says the report, that is exactly what other countries are working on now with Canada. The show goes on to note that "biometric" recognition, e.g., where face, patterns of speech, writing, fingerprints, and other "intimiate" and unique aspects of each indiviudal are catalogued in large computer systems, will be used for purposes of commerce, law enforcement, etc. There were camera shots of how a finger is placed in a "recognition" slot to determine identity (which of course is quite common now, unfortunately).

It was recently revealed that a company back East was collecting driver's license photos from millions of people for a huge database; the company was supposedly a "private" enterprise, but the courts stopped the company WHEN IT WAS LEARNED THAT IN FACT IT WAS THE SECRET SERVICE who was collecting the information thru a "front" company.

A whole test tube of DNA can be made from a single molecule (a piece of hair, etc); all 50 states are in process of collecting DNA databases that will be part of national DNA database on all citizens. It starts with criminals having to submit DNA samples, but is moving rapidly toward every citizen having to submit this...the reason is that if the FBI or whichever law agency finds a DNA sample at crime scene, it makes sense (TO THEM) to be able to scan EVERY citizen to find the criminal, since the criminal may be "new" with no previous sample submitted. (I supect that all the school "incidents" involving violence will further fuel this "drive" toward national surveillance by WHATEVER MEANS)

The show continues: The future is this: EVERYBODY will be instantly identifialble, verifiable. Anyone who does not submit will be instantly subject to surveillance because they are "marginalized", e.g., outside of the norm.

Behind the Iron curtain, the show had footage taken in a HUGE library of information kept on virutally everybody in East Germany. One in seven people were gov't informants, and tons of data were kept on the general populace. Organized crime is rising behind former Iron Curtain countries, though, so new "reasons" are cropping up for increased gov't surveillance of the populace...even in the U.S., though, surveillance is drastically increasing. the FBI is pushing a system where it will be effectively in charge of the phone companies "switchboards" here due to the crime problems here. The FBI did a "backroom deal" with manufacturers of telecom eqp't so that there was a "backdoor" in ALL such eqp't for FBI surveillance (INFOBOL?).

Mike Frost used to work for Canada's supersecret spy agency CSE; in the show he notes that the spy/surveillance network in place is "almost unbelievable"; he notes project ECH, says it is in fact a reality, and intercepts ALL (as in EACH AND EVERY) phone call, cell call, fax, email, radio transmisisions most of which go thru 13 major satellites used by ECH. to pick all this stuff up.

The show then went on to discuss Proj.Ech, noting the keywords and voice recognition hitech methods used to recognize whoever. They talked with Fred Stock, formerly with CSE (Canada's supersecret spy group), and he discussed this in depth. Says they are "rogue agency" operating outside of canadian gov't's mandate, in league with our own NSA. Our NSA is "biggest brother" in world's spy network; dwarfs both CIA and FBI in power, budget and influence. They do NOT NEED COURT ORDER TO GATHER INTELLIGENCE; they can do this to WHOMEVER they want, for whatever reason. Notes a chencyan offical who was "taken out" by missile when his position was "triangulated" due to his using his cellphone.

Notes that military is being increasingly "intertwined" with NSA and domestic law enforcement for enforcement against US; Lisa Dean (an authority on all of this) notes that in 5 years (10 year tops) we will NOT BE A FREE SOCIETY, with NO PRIVACY WHATSOEVER, with everyone under 24 hour surveillance.

I tell you true: We have WAY MORE TO fear from the gov't WAY MORE than ANY criminal. Screw "safety" that the BigBro is promising us...there is NO safety for ANYONE when the ALL SEEING EYE of the gov't is focused on us all.