Horace McQuigler

Response to Mr. J

I am responding to a political "opinion" column found recently on your web site. This particular jeremiad was written by a Mr. Randall Jones. I would like to respond to his "opinions" in order.

1) Mr Jones states he feels that "serious" term limits be put into place for elected officials. Mr. Jones, why even have elected officials than? As soon as our elected officials learn how to govern, or senate or represent they will be replaced. Let's cut out the middle and go straight into anarchy. There would be chaos in the City Hall's around the country. Cows breeding with dogs. Jews marrying Catholics. It would be madness.

2) Mr. Jones believes Gun Control is not the answer. Then what is? He wants to...

3) Fry them. That's what Mr. Jones wants to do. No matter that 14 prisoners on death row were released in the last year due to DNA evidence proving their innocence. So I guess if we kill an innocent person we must tell their families to buck up and take one on the chin for society? What the hell, let's just start drawing lots now and the shortest straw goes first. Come on be a true American and fry for the Ol' Red, White and Blue. You're not guilty? Who cares?

4) We agree on Judges and Lawyers. They're all scum and should be publicly flogged every time a judge and lawyer even eat a lunch together. Conflict's of interest at the highest levels.

5) Interesting that Mr. Jones blast liberals for thinking before reacting. Let me see, it was the conservative right that created a "filegate" a "whitewater," a "travelgate" and on and on. It wasn't a surprise to anybody (but Limbaugh and his cronies) when there were no indictments handed down. Perhaps you should not throw stones from inside that glass house, Mr. Jones.

6) National art and the promoting of art is part of what makes a country great. The endowment for the arts promotes creativity, seeing beyond the lines of normalcy, and seeing beauty where others do not. A world, a country, a state, a county, a city without art would be a very lonely and depressing place to be. I suppose one could call the build-up of military power or the creation of larger police forces works of art, but I'd rather give my money to some poor bastard who uses elephant dung to showcase his emotions than give Johnny any more guns.

7) Taxes? Haven't paid 'em since '83.

I respect Mr. Jones rights to have his views, I just think he is representative of the Old School John Birchers who use to make the "Inland Empire" their home. He and others of his ilk have seen their time come and gone. To bad they haven't yet noticed.