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Issue 22
May 15, 2002

Running with Scissors
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An e-journal documenting modern culture as it manifests on or near that hot spot on the surrealistic powergrid known as Spokane, WA and/or the known or unknown universe

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Speak to me

Hey, yo!
Take a sneak peek at some of the artwork that will appear at the show:

The Three Fates
Saguaro ribs and concretions, leather, paint, rock
24'' x 8''

Yuma Desert Winter
Skull, leather, cactus, sand, 
wood, paint
3.5'' x 11''

Man Startled by a Bug
Saguaro ribs and concretions, shredded plastic rope, glue
16'' x 14''

Speak to me again

Billy: Grandpa Stik, why does that lady have Band Aids on her eyes?

Me: I'm not sure.

Billy: What's the doctor writing in that book?

Me: I don't know, Billy.

Billy: What's that machine do?

Me: Beats me...But keep asking questions, kid; it's how you learn.

reetings faithful readers and welcome to this very special edition of Stik Mann’s OtherSpokane. A very special issue, I say, because I am very happy to announce a very special art event.

A new company called "Primal Goo," or "Prehistoric Pooh," or something like that, just sent out the following news release:

For immediate release:

Stik Mann’s OtherSpokane and Panacea for Hirelings presents “Listening to the Lies of Mescalito,” Friday, June 7 at Art by Yourself, 122 S. Monroe.

  The desert-inspired constructions and sculptures of Stik Mann will be displayed and offered for purchase. All pieces were made from found objects and revelations garnered from Mann’s journeys through the Sonora Desert of Southern Arizona and Northern to Central Mexico.

  “Bringing the desert to Spokane adheres to one of basic tenets of Surrealism,” says Mann, “— the creation of wonderment and surprise by the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated elements.”

  Scenarios of Mann’s encounters with the legendary desert imp, Mescalito, will be reenacted by Spokane Absurdist group, Panacea for Hirelings, using shadow puppets, original music and live ammunition.

  Reception begins at 7:00 pm. Panacea will perform “The Apparition” at 8:00 pm and “Empty Sandals” at 9:00 pm. Panacea’s strange and unique puppetry and sets will be demonstrated throughout the evening.

  Stik Mann, longtime Spokane resident, freelance writer and artist, is former publisher/editor of The Scene magazine, and is currently editor of Stik Mann’s OtherSpokane ( – “an e-journal documenting modern culture as it manifests on or around that hot spot on the surrealistic powergrid known as Spokane, WA, and/or the known or unknown universe.”

  Panacea’s theatrical eruptions have shaken the Subud House, local bars and punk rock shows, as well as “random environs” – where their improvised reactions to immediate artistic discoveries have caused a wide range of emotions in their unsuspecting audience.

  Contact info:

  Stik Mann

  Panacea for Hirelings
(509) 999-0195

  Andrew Baucom
Art by Yourself – 122 S. Monroe
(509) 838-8993

And yes, I will be temporarily ending my self-imposed exile from the Lilac City to attend the above event. I hope to meet many of my faithful readers who know me only by my e-persona. Look for me at precisely 7:15 p.m., making a grand entrance in my psychedelically-painted, stretch limo, accompanied by my dates, Q-6 news personality Dave Cotton's congenital love (child)ren, Chill and Daisy. 

Drop me an e-line and let me know if you can make it.

Other News:

I just started a company called Primordial Ooze Productions. I'm fairly proud of this creation, to which family and friends will readily attest. 

I'm not exactly sure what it is that I'm going to produce; but, when I am sure, here's the logo. (The illustration is from one of my paintings, Adam #2, which will also be included in the show.)

And, on a serious note:

Since we last met, both ends of the emotional spectrum -- great sadness and immeasurable joy -- has been experienced by your humble narrator.

Firstly, I am pained to report the passing of my dear, sweet Aunt Geraldine. 

I shall remember her as I saw her last – full of life, with bright eyes and an uplifting attitude, talking proudly about her granddaughter, Brook, and very much in love with her husband, Max. She both laughed and sighed as she spoke, sharing warm memories of my grandparents. 

Selfless and hardworking, she faced loss and hardship with a dignity and grace unbecoming most of humanity -- if only I had a fraction of her strength.

She is a part of my very first memory: Three faces, all smiling and radiating love, all young and beautiful like angels – my mother, my Aunt Joanne, and my Aunt Geraldine – all looking down upon me, a mere babe in my crib.

  Goodnight, Auntie. I'll never forget...

And secondly, on the opposite extreme, I am overjoyed to announce the birth of Isabella Kay, grandchild number three. 

I held her in my two hands. She was just hours old. She opened her eyes; and, as God is my witness, my dear and faithful readers, I saw in her eyes the eyes of my Aunt Geraldine, the eyes of my Grandma and my Grandpa, of my Uncle Dal who I hadn't thought of in years, of my Grandma Gert, as well as the eyes of those who died before I could know them: my father, my Grandpa Jack. And behind those eyes I saw the eyes of others, ancestors of whom I have no knowledge whatsoever. 

It was their blood, and my blood, that flowed through the tiny being in my hands. I held her up before me like a priest with a sacred offering. 

I could feel in my fingertips the rapid beating of her little heart.


Next Issue: News of the artsy-fartsy shindig.

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