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Winter Solstice 2005

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"If freedom of speech
is taken away,
then dumb and silent
we may be led,
like sheep
to the slaughter."

George Washington


                            of Stik Mann's 

This a special issue, I say, because the gloating of your usually humble e-editor has poured o'er  the brim of my soul and trails behind me like slime behind a garden slug. So, to all of the flag waving, follow-the-leader, I-trust-my-president bumper sticker bearing Bozos who called me everything from a commie to a Al-Qaida collaborator, allow me to shout the following so close to your face that you can smell my yesterday's Spicy Chicken Calabria:

          I TOLD YOU SO!

For the past 13 years, yours truely has been shouting from the rooftops of various mediums that the Bush family and their goose-step-in-place thugs and criminal suck-ups represent the biggest danger this country has ever faced. 

Even as we speak, newspapers are blaring the crimes of these un-American, Stalin-worshipping, brain-diseased low lifes - Bush Orders Spying on Americans, Big Brother Gone Wild, White House Bypasses Justice Department. (Don't even get me started on Iraq, torture, secret detentions, CIA kidnappings, etc., etc.) All of this and more while they ransack the American people and their treasury and their future with the soul-less insensitivity of rum-addled Huns.

My friends, there will be much talk of investigative hearings and impeachment proceedings - don't settle for this. This is TREASON! Don't be satisfied until these filthy-lucre-wading weasels are swinging from hemp neckties.

But enough ranting; on with the show.

The Spokane Digital Film Festival
Wow! Sounds super cool, huh? The only problem is it doesn't exist - not yet, anyway. For some time now I've been predicting that the future of cinema is in the hands of squinty-eyed nonconformists and anarchists with cheap digital cameras. Are you one of them? Our crack staff in the OtherSpokane offices are anxiously waiting to hear from you. 

A Few of Those Loose Cannons
It shouldn't be a surprise that anyone connected with the local group Foxy Moron and the Sexy Revolution would have their fingers in anything new and unusual. Some of their digital film work (as well as their incredible music) can be found on their MySpace account at www.myspace.com/foxxysexxyrevolution.

May I place myself in the Loose Cannon category? I recently completed The Perfect Haunted House - a 20 minute, serial killer comedy with a lemon twist. My first film, Retroviral Village - a pseudo-surrealistic, psychological comi-drama - is receiving rave reviews from anyone who doesn't want to piss me off. Currently available at video outlets nowhere. But - you can see some of them here:

The Perfect Haunted House
RetroViral Village
Out the Fuck of the Blue

Blood Wired Productions, the brain-belch of some guy named Jesse. He did a sequel to my film The Perfect Haunted House. PHH 2 is pretty cool, and I'm not saying that just because I'm in it. (I'm the one who looks like Bill Gates after a heroin binge.) PHH 3 seems a frighteningly viable possibility. 

The Perfect Haunted House 2
18:04Would you hire this man?

Stik Mann Needs Your Help
Hey, my son James is living with me but won't help me pay the bills. Write to him at his MySpace space and tell him to get off the computer and go get a damn job.

My daughter (the one with a job) is doing the MySpace thing as well. It doesn't appear that her excellent website ChaosAndNeurotica is suffering from it yet. Feel free to write to her and tell her to write to James and tell him to get off the computer and go get a damn job.


Sorry, More Ranting
Lemme get this straight. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was passed by Congress in response to revelations that former President Nixon was using "national security" claims to spy on American citizens. The law specifically prohibits this abuse of power by the Executive Branch. Under FISA, federal agents are required to get court approval in order to monitor the communications of any person in the United States. FISA does permit the surveillance of people in the country linked to al Qaeda, but only with a court order. To do otherwise is a violation of federal law punishable "by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than five years, or both." 

So, when Bush authorized, and then repeatedly reauthorized, the NSA to conduct electronic surveillance on people on U.S. soil - without a warrant, he violated both the letter and the spirit of FISA. He could have went to a judge, showed any evidence of a group or citizen's nefarious involvement, and get court justification to wiretap. But he didn't. Why? There's only two (maybe three) possible answers:
     1) He felt he was above the law.
     2) He wanted to wiretap someone or some group who he knew the courts wouldn't permit.
     3) All of the above.

This makes him the only U.S. president to ever publicly admit to (if not outright brag about) committing an impeachable offence, doesn't it?

(Listen to this audio file of Bush saying that wiretaps require a court order and that "nothing has changed, because "we value the constitution." Try not to lose your lunch.)

Random Utilitarian Web Find
Don't know your Munter Mule from a Alpine Butterfly. You should check out Animated Knots by Grog - presenting frame-by-frame animated examples of exactly how to tie good, strong knots.

The Dope on ID (Intelligent Discussion)
Last Tuesday a federal judge ruled that Pennsylvania's Dover Area School District broke the law when it included intelligent design in its science classrooms. The judge (a Bush appointee, by the way) pronounced that ID is just another name for creationism, and therefore preaching it in public schools violates the constitutional principle of church-state separation. Click here to read the ruling. Let's hope this puts an end to this assault on science and rationality.


Washington - The Girlie-Man State
The choice was simple: Do you want a free society? Or do you want a smoke-free society? Sadly, we've decided to live with the yoke instead of the choke. Walk through downtown Spokane now and it seems that EVERYONE smokes. Frozen butts and ashes are piling up on every street corner. Congratulations, Washingtonians, you got what you deserve.

You Have to be This High to Ride this Ride
The future of American space exploration is being diluted to Disneyland-like amusement park rides for the obscenely rich. New Mexico is currently constructing the first commercial spaceport. Richard Branson's newly formed Virgin Galactic Airline will launch tourists on suborbital flights in just a few years. A $200K ticket will buy you five minutes of weightlessness and subsequent barfing. That's about $670 bucks a second. Save yourself $200, 991 and buy a gallon of Carlo Rossi's Burgundy to achieve the same effect.

Thank You Maria
You should write or call Sen. Maria Cantwell who led the fight to vote down desperate efforts to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Drilling proponents had shamefully attached Arctic drilling to a critical bill that provides our troops in Iraq. Cantwell, along with other key senators, won a huge victory for the environment. Thank her for standing up and fighting efforts to drill in the pristine Arctic wilderness.

Next Installment: Uh, I dunno. Whenever...

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