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"If freedom of speech
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George Washington

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             Stik Mann's


             A very special edition, I say, because
     with this issue - Issue 29, January 1, 2005 - this humble e-journal has celebrated FIVE YEARS of continuous e-presence - providing Spokane and the surrounding e-community with quality e-entertainment, suspect e-opinions, and general, all-around, feel-good e-edification. (I'm getting the whole e-thing thing out of my system; see below.) And all of this with OtherSpokane's own particularly quirky, back-of-the-house, alley-behind-the-bar, whisky neat and nicotine-stained, downtown perspective you've come to know and love.

Okay, 29 issues in five years comes out to roughly one issue every 2.07 months. Since I wanted to do a monthly e-mag, I like to think of this as a nearly 50% success rate - which I (knowing my lackadaisical self very well), optimistically regard as a Herculean accomplishment.

In this special issue, I'd like to pepper the show with some favorite blasts from OtherSpokane past, as well as some of my resolutions for the coming year.

             But before we begin
              Click here to watch
               video introduction

Stik Resolution #1
Look, I feel kind of bad about using the "T-word," and calling for Bush and his cronies to swing like choking monkeys from "hemp neckties." See Issue 28. Honestly, I think we're a better country than that. Therefore, I, Stik Mann, from this point forward, do  resolve to employ a "kinder and gentler" attitude in regards to our president. Having given the matter considerable thought, I've concluded that perhaps it would be better if he was merely impeached, drug out of the Oval Office kicking and screaming, and forced to live out his life in shame and disillusionment. Same goes for Cheney, Rummy and the lot. Although, we'll probably have to waterboard them for a short spell, just to let 'em know we're serious.

Gunnerstuff - Re: Issue 28
I heard from friend and ex-associate Gunner. (Remember? The Easterner? The Scene magazine? The Jim Beam Support Team?) I thought for a while he was genuinely concerned for my safety.

Gunner wrote: I recommend you remove the part where you suggest possible satisfaction through "hemp neckties," etc. I believe this could be construed, twisted or otherwise molded into a threat charge, which in the past could get you a 5-year-minimum. Now, I believe it would be at least that long before anyone noticed you were missing, and another five before anyone got around to investigating where you went. Not that I care, it's just that I'm sure some people would want me to help look for you, and I'm busy.

Stik Mann wrote: I appreciate your concern. But there is nothing in my speech to suggest a lynch mob scenario, or that I was personally going to put a rope around the bastard's neck. If any American is guilty of treason, our laws say that the punishment could be the death sentence. I was simply asking that the law be upheld. That's all. I should get some sort of citizen's award. Still, (probably because of all the acid I took in the past) I value your opinion. If you really think I could end up being Bubba's love toy, I'll take it off.

Gunner wrote: Go ahead and leave it on. The unfortunate fact is that nobody pays attention. Remember when we scrambled, cut and pasted Bush 41's State of the Union speech, and those who did notice thought it was better than the original? No, keep charging those windmills. I can't afford to bail you out of jail anymore, though.

OtherSpokane Reader's All-Time Favorite (and one of mine as well)
The most popular page (the most hits) - by far - in the OtherSpokane archive is a very odd exchange of e-mails between yours truly and and a group of old friends as we prepare for one of our annual camping trips. Click here to read Judy Roger's Sarcastic Pantyraid 2000. This led to another popular, even stranger issue - the actual excursion: Click here to read Coldfire Labyrinth.

Papilloma Virus Ruckus 
A new vaccine has been developed that was 100% effective on 6,000 women in tests, and could eliminate the sexually transmitted disease that causes cervical cancer. Conservative Christian groups oppose its use because it would eliminate the incentive for abstinence.


Stik Resolution #2
This is a big one: In unexplainable light of  my hit counter suddenly spinning like George Orwell in his grave, I resolve to produce an entirely new, all original issue of this humble journal roughly
EVERY TWO WEEKS with the zealous religiosity of a self-scourging fundamentalist, or like those people who kiss snakes and drink poison. This attempt at timeliness and responsibility is an outrageous proposition, as anyone to whom I owe money will readily attest. Still, I plan on giving it my best shot, at least for a couple of weeks or so.

The Nativity Revisited
My son James (who still doesn't have a job) and Jesse from BloodWired Productions just made an excessively disturbing film. Click here to watch The Nativity - but not if you've recently eaten.

To Talk to a Carbon- Based Life Form, Press...
Visit the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Cheat Sheet, a simple list of the keypad numbers you have to press in order to reach an actual human being when you call the customer service line of different companies and government agencies.

Stik Resolution #3
I'm e-putting the whole e-thing behind e-me. I e-resolve to never e-again e-use the e-prefix at any e-point from this e-point forward.

Uttering the I - Word

Click here to see the growing list of 
media types (and not just liberals) 
who are talking

No Punch Pulling Here
From the Judge Jones opinion in the Intelligent Design debate - Kitzmiller v. Dover school Board:  "It is ironic that these individuals, who so proudly touted their religious convictions in public would time and again lie to cover their tracks and disguise the real purpose behind the ID Policy." 

Stik R********* #4
I resolve to be more mindful of those web surfers who might be easily offended. You might notice that in my link to the short film "Out the Fuck of the Blue," I changed the word "Fuck" to "F***." 

Stik's Personal Favorite Past Issues
Issue 19 and Issue 20 - The Post September 11 State of the Universe and The Gnu Revolution.  
Issue 15 (or is it 14?) - Written after a grueling overland trip to Mexico City and back.
Issue 13
- A fairly hallucinogenic train trip between Spokane and Yuma, AZ.

Stik Resolution #5
Senator Barbara Boxer, Rep. John Lewis, and Rep. John Conyers have begun talking seriously about impeachment. Conyers compiled Bush's impeachable offenses in his book, "The Constitution in Crisis." He introduced two bills (H.Res.636 and H.Res.637) to censure Bush and Cheney for withholding evidence from Congress. He wrote a third bill - H.Res.635 - to create a select committee to investigate the Administration's intent to go to war before congressional authorization, manipulation of pre-war intelligence, encouraging and countenancing torture, and retaliating against critics, and to make recommendations regarding grounds for possible impeachment. I resolve to do what I can - mostly by flapping my lips - to support this ugly necessity. 

Some Favorite Graphical Endeavors
Dewdtale - from Coldfire Labyrinth
GoodEvil - my altered photo from Issue 8
Salvador - playing with Dali(s)
FrogCollage - can't remember where I used it
LipsLipsLips - lips
MeInThe70s - an actual photo of me from the mid-70s (very scary)
MeAndShroom - caught red-handed
All of the photos on Issue 26
BritWitch - Britney as Witch
ImpKiss - An imp spirit jumps from a bag and kisses me on the lips

And my MOST FAVORITE graphic, from Issue 19:

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