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I now know how to spell "congratulashuns."

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Thinking of pulling up stakes?
Poet Vachel Lindsay, who criss-crossed America on foot, eventually settled in Spokane, 1924-29. They were fertile years - he published two books, married and started a family. From here he moved his family to his birthplace of Springfield, Mo., where he drank a bottle of Lysol and died a HORRIBLE AND AGONIZING DEATH!

The History of the Doomsday Clock.

Burning Man Web Ring
"Burning Man" festival is steeped in blasphamy from Religion Today.

Terry Grob, an irreplaceable part of the Northwest rock scene, passed away a few weeks ago. For the past decade with Grobal Productions, he was an enthusiastic promoter of new music in Spokane. He was also a frequent advertiser in The Scene magazine and sometimes even paid his bills. There is a memorial for Grob in Spokane at the Big Dipper on Saturday September 16, 2000 at 6:00 pm.

False Advertising - a gallery of parody

On Bush’s 'Asshole' Comment
My letter to the editor The Spokesman-Review didn't print

Congradulations to The Spokesman-Review for the way it handled George Dubya's whispered aside in which he called The New York Times reporter Adam Clymer an obscenity.

Most media outlets used such dodges as "a..hole," which looks and ultimately sounds just as vulgar, doesn't it?

The Associated Press avoided the quote entirely and merely said that Bush, "used an obscenity to describe reporter Adam Clymer." But doesn't this just cause us to speculate about all of the other obscenities one could use to describe reporter Adam Clymer? ran the quote as "major league ass----" This doesn't work either. Kiss. Face. Wipe.

From UPI: "There's Adam Clymer, major league (*******) from the New York Times." This is a total cop out. They should at least give us a multiple choice.

How many St. Petersburgians picked up the St. Petersburg Times to read the quote as, "There's Adam Clymer, major league a--h---." So he called him an air head, what's the big deal?

The Washington Times went to the anatomically extreme, noting Bush was "employing a vulgar euphemism for a rectal aperture." This makes me want to go take a shower, not finish reading the paper.

Even more bizarre was the New York Daily News that said Bush used a "barnyard epithet." Oh, please.... We might think he called him a p--f-----.

Thanks for simply printing the word and letting me get on to something more important.

"Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid."
--- Mark Twain

The coin operated vending machine was invented by Hero of Alexandria, who came up with a way to dispense holy water. The heavy coin would drop onto a lever, causing a cork to be pulled out of a spigot just long enough to release a trickle of holy water.
The history of vending machines

Divine Comedy: John Waters Interviewed
The pioneer of outrageous independent American film, discusses his latest, Cecil B. DeMented. from Flak Magazine.

Old City Babylon: Christians and the Church of the Giant Golden Microphone
Head down to Knoxville where Southern Baptist street preachers will make sure everyone knows whether they are can look forward to heaven or eternal damnation. As a response to the preachers, Knoxville youth founded the Church of the Giant Golden Microphone. From Metro Pulse.

I wrote to my friend Phopaw to tell him the new website was online, and talked a bit about my current "infatuation" with the Aztecs. He wrote back:

I like the new issue so far. Good move getting rid of the frames. Lotsa pictures and stuff, too.

Be careful about your infatuation with the Aztecs. Don't confuse it with true love. Take some time to get to know the Aztecs first. Do they get along with their mother? What are their career goals? Do they want children? When you go out to dinner with the Aztecs, do they look at their reflection as they walk by a window? Could be a sign they're self-centered.

I'm just looking out for you buddy. You've fallen for ancient cultures before. Remember the Visigoths? Remember when you brought them home to meet your parents and they raped all the women in your family and killed the men except for you because you pretended to be dead and then they burned your house down? I know I should give the Aztecs a fair chance, but I just don't want to see you get hurt again. Guard your heart, Stik, guard your heart.

God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian by Kurt Vonnegut. From In These Times.

Mike Haley, "a former homosexual," wrote to Jon Kinnally, executive story editor of Will & Grace, regarding an episode that portrays ex-gays as hypocrites who attend "Christian therapy" meetings to find dates. He told Kinnally that he felt the show "grossly misrepresented thousands of individuals struggling to come out of homosexuality." Haley requested a meeting with Kinnally to talk about it. Kinnally wrote back, "In response to your request for a meeting, well, I think I can read between the lines. I'm 6'1," brown hair, green eyes and I'm into rollerblading, baking cookies, and cleaning up afterwards. My dislikes include game-playing, negative attitudes, and condoms."

The Social Security Administration just celebrated its 65th anniversary. SSA employees were given small boxes with stylish memorabilia pins emblazoned with the words Social Security, An American Cornerstone. Ironically, the back of the boxes stated Made in China.

According to Adbusters, September 21 is World Car-Free Day. Imagine no cars on the streets for an entire day, only pedestrians and bikes. Well, buses too. And the occasional ambulance. Fire engines. And cops. Street workers. Garbage trucks. ...Ah, forget it.

Revenge and justice are similar in one respect; they are best served cold.
Read the complaint:
Keenan v. Aryan Nations

Late night e-epiphany: Calamus is an hallucinogen
Read Exodus 30:22 - 33

Book E-Review
"In Search of the Ultimate High: Spiritual Experiences Through Psychoactives"
by Nicholas Saunders, Anja Saunders and Michelle Pauli (Random House)

"There is no better, there is no more open door by which you can enter into the study of natural philosophy than by considering the physical phenomena of a candle."
--- Michael Faraday

Our galaxy is a celebration of diversity, abounding with hundreds of billions of stars, each different from every other.

NASA's Visible Earth -- a searchable directory of images, visualizations and animations of Earth.

Is anybody besides me bothered by the name HONEYBUCKET on those portable toilets seen at construction sites?

The Bush Family "Oiligarchy" from Consortium News.

"Any government big enough to give you everything you need, is big enough to take everything you have"
-- Thomas Jefferson

Cultural Ooze: a new daily soap opera claims to be the 'Dynasty' of the Internet.
Gimmesoap! is designed specifically for office workers to log on to while they are supposed to be working. The Web drama, based in London, follows the fortunes and feuding of two rich and successful families. Each episode is around 500 words long and will be posted on to the site at midnight, five days a week.

Animal Rights and Wrongs
Most mainstream scientists still bristle at the thought, yet the evidence is mounting that animal intelligence is more than just anthropomorphic fantasy. From

The early bird catches the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Next issue: 10.7 y2k (my forty-fifth birthday, gulp!)

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