Get Out of Puerto Rico

Is it just me or is a flotilla of Marines heading toward Vieques, Puerto Rico (in order to assist in the physical removal of the indigenous inhabitants who want the US to quit bombing their island) just a tad more important than television viewers not getting to see Queen Latifah yak it up with Regis Philbin? Sure, I may be a bit short-sighted, but for strictly entertainment purposes I would have to guess that removing people who have inhabited the bombing range on Vieques for the last 379 days would generate far higher ratings than anything currently on ABC or Disney. And maybe that's the real cause of ABC/Disney's anger.

Viewers in New York, LA, Fresno, Raleigh-Durham et el won't get to see Peter Jennings wind swept hair as he stands on the deck of a Carrier somewhere in the Caribbean tallying the number of sorties as the Navy plays a pivotal role in assuring Armed Democracy. But I could be wrong.

At any rate, it appears to be the highest hypocrisy for the US, in the year 2000, to be using inhabited islands for military maneuvers and bombing runs. (And this doesn't even address the death of a Puerto Rican last year by a misdirected bomb or the environmental damage) Granted, the Armed Services need their exercises, but isn't their an UNINHABITED island ANYWHERE in the World? How about the Aleutians? True, the scenery may not be as ideal as the sun and surf of the Caribbean, but we all have our crosses to be bear. For information of Vieques and how the natives view this expropriation go here http://www.micronetix.net/virus/facts.htm

Whether you are a democrat or a republican, I would think this sort of aggressive action would infuriate you. If so, please email your congressional representatives and let them know how you feel. WA Residents can find their reps here http://congress.org/cgi-bin/state_delegation.pl?dir=congressorg2&state=wa&su bmit=Go Others can go here to find their reps http://congress.org/search.html And if you support these actions (while I cannot agree with you), I would also suggest you contact your representatives. Cause that's what democracy is really all about.

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