More stuff is on the way from Gov. Jesse Ventura.

Christmas cards and dolls of the governor in a fringed buckskin jacket and Navy SEAL T-shirt will hit stores soon.

One Christmas card shows Ventura in a Santa suit and reads, ``It's Christmas! A holiday for weak-minded people. Have a good one.''

Another card shows Ventura from the back dressed in a bunny suit and draped in a pink boa. It reads, ``It's your birthday! Play, Boy.''

In an interview with the White House Bulletin, Reform Party Chairman Russ Verney called on the AFL-CIO to withdraw its endorsement of Al Gore, and called the events in Seattle over the last week, "an important moment for the Reform Party." Verney adds that the mass demonstrations help to "coalesce in the minds of citizens across the country the connection between foreign policy, trade policy and domestic policy, that they're not islands that operate independently of each other." Verney added, "And I think Big Labor should hang its head in shame for having endorsed Al Gore and the Clinton Administration, which gives away their jobs, contrary to the 50,000 demonstrators, the biggest demonstration on a social issue since the Vietnam War. Big labor should withdraw their endorsement of Al Gore."

Verney blasted the WTO and the Clinton Administration's trade policy, saying it "appears to be driven solely by multinational corporate greed." Greed "to exploit child labor, prison labor, to exploit unregulated work conditions, unregulated environmental conditions in Third World countries." Verney also critisized the WTO, "this international organization of trade ministers, who have superiority over national, state and local laws of any country inthe world. The United States has exactly the same vote in that body as Antigua, which probably has fewer people than the University of Texas."

"I say we have to go back to a country where the leaders of the country and the people here in Washington follow the principles of Scouting. They've got to be honest, trustworthy, and loyal. They've got to consistently do their duty to God and their country. They must keep themselves morally straight at all times. And finally, they must always be prepared. Now, that would be a nice step forward if we could just get that."

Ross Perot

Responding to news reports that Hillary Clinton had stated that she predicted that the entertainment industry might not object to imposition of “standards” on broadcast programming, US Senate candidate from the Reform Party’s New York affiliate Independence Party issued the following statement:

“Why does Hillary even MENTION the reaction which the entertainment industry may have to the upgrading of morality on television and radio programming? Few if any of her potential constituents worry about what rich TV show producers have to say about our wanting a less degenerated level of public offerings. We are sick and tired of ugly , base programming...and we want it stopped.There's only one way the entertainment industry can receive the expressed will of the people..and that is to cheerfully comply with it, expeditiously, completely, and cheerfully.

There have been reports that there are a number of people who ordered and paid for Jesse Ventura Action Figures either at our national convention in July or through the Ventura Committee website who still have not received their dolls. I am interested in hearing from anyone who is still in this situation. Please send me an email ASAP. Thank you. Donna Donovan
Press Secretary
Reform Party
One day soon, if all goes as planned, a woman who has campaigned time and again in Harlem for political office will do so again. But this time, Lenora Fulani, two-time presidential candidate, former standard-bearer of the now-defunct New Alliance Party, and perpetual thorn in the Democratic Party's side, will have company. Ms. Fulani, long known as a far-left espouser of Marxist-Leninist politics, has promised to help Patrick J. Buchanan, a Reaganite and cold warrior known for his far-right politics, in his quest for the Reform Party nomination for president. In endorsing him earlier this month, she promised to take him to Harlem. The reaction of Representative Charles Rangel, whose district includes Harlem, was typical. "Only in America," he said. "I just wish I had been the fly on the wall when they made that alliance." Everyone agrees the alliance is unusual; some would call it unholy. Either way, Ms. Fulani, one of the more colorful, perennial figures in New York politics, has once again formed a relationship that allows her to keep a toehold in American politics.

It's Granny D: I'm in West Virginia!

Dear Friend,

Believe it or not (I barely do myself), I walked into West Virginia yesterday, after walking through Ohio --which was just wonderful. I have only the mountains of West Virgina to tackle, which are a bit icy, and then it is downhill to Washington. It is not far, now. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your encouragement of my walk across the U.S. for campaign finance reform! California seems like a million miles ago --though they have been beautiful miles, filled with extraordinary countrymen.

As I now see it, I will arrive on February 29th, Leap Day! Someone told me they heard a staffer on Capitol Hill say, *too bad she didn't make it over the mountains before the winter --she'll never make it now!* Well, they may not be too anxious to see me and my friends ever arrive in Washington, but they shouldn't worry about snow. My son has sent me out my cross country skis, so I will be fine. I am a ski instructor back home in New Hampshire. The more snow, the better.

When I get to Washington, I will go straight to the area where our government is run: that is, I will go to K Street, where the biggest lobbyists and campaign contributors have their offices. There may be a K Street ruckus, with some surprises. Then I will head to Capitol Hill to advocate for the elimination of big money from our politics, and to convey what the people along my way have asked me to say for them.


Shar Johnson of MI RP made the paper in Lansing MI yesterday under the heading "Keep A Close Eye On These 100 People In The 21st Century!

Some know Shar as 'Tweety Bird' because of the chicken costume she wore to protest Ross being kept out of the '96 debates. Some know her as a master cake baker (remember Kansas City??). Some know her for her undying energy and enthusiasm for our Reform Party and her admonition "Don't mess with my Reform Party!' ALL who know her love Shar for being Shar! So watch out Shar--WE'RE GOING TO BE KEEPING OUR EYES ON YOU!

It is one of the strangest couplings in the history of American politics: Lenora Fulani, a black, Marxist, pro-gay, two-time fringe presidential candidate, and Buchanan, a politician renowned for his antagonism toward ethnic, racial, and sexual minorities. Only weeks before his announcement, Buchanan journeyed to New York to seek Fulani's support and, perhaps more importantly, the support of the man many claim can deliver the votes necessary to win the Reform Party's nomination: Fred Newman, whom Fulani calls her "theoretician and tactician." When word of their meeting first leaked, commentators greeted it as simply another spectacle, another act in a vaudeville election that has featured a movie star, a professional wrestler, and a billionaire developer. "Pat Buchanan gets jiggy with a former socialist," enthused Tony Snow of Fox News Channel, after Fulani officially endorsed Buchanan.

Hope you all have a happy holiday season.
Duty, Honor, Country

Gerald Moan
Chairman, Platform/Issues Committee,
Vice Chairman Elect

Patrick Buchanan moved into his first White House office three decades ago, as a speechwriter and senior adviser for President Richard Nixon. There he coined the phrase "silent majority" and helped shape the middlebrow strategy that drew millions of hard-hat Democrats to Nixon.

"We should move to re-capture the anti-Establishment tradition or theme in American politics," Buchanan wrote in a typical 1972 memo. The candidate who now calls for clean elections also popularized the phrase "political hardball"--proposing, for example, that the Internal Revenue Service be ordered to investigate liberal think tanks.

Seeking credibility for a potential presidential bid, Donald Trump says he would soak the rich - including himself - with an enormous new tax to erase the national debt, save Social Security and cut taxes for the middle class.

Even amid an economic boom, Trump believes his class-conscious message will resonate with the millions of voters who are leery of America's economic and political elite.

Trump, A New York real estate tycoon with a net worth of about $5 billion, would increase his own tax bill by at least $725 million.

"But, in all honesty, it is worth it," the potential Reform Party candidate says in a brief outline of the plan obtained by The Associated Press. He pledges to "make this country entirely debt-free as we enter the next millennium."

Trump would impose a one-time 14.25 percent tax on the net worth of people and trusts worth more than $10 million. The $5.7 trillion he expects to raise in a single year is about two-thirds of the nation's gross domestic product - a statistic sure to set off alarm bells in the financial community.

So in order to keep the money rolling in, the Buchanans reduce every complex issue to a black-and-white crisis. This has attracted extremists from the most disfranchised fringe of US politics. Gun-rights advocate Larry Pratt, for example, was a co-chairman of the 1996 campaign until it was revealed that he had participated in white-supremacist rallies. Also supporting the 1996 campaign were William Carter of South Carolina, who had ties to former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, and Michael Bray, who spent nearly four years in federal prison for his role in a series of abortion clinic bombings. The Buchanans bristle at accusations that they, too, are extremists, and they defend themselves by noting that they don't have the resources to screen every donor. This point was proven for them by TV satirist Michael Moore, who mailed the '96 campaign a $100 donation from a fictional organization he dubbed "Abortionists for Buchanan." The check was promptly cashed.

The military career of Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura is coming under fire from a retired Navy SEAL.

Former SEAL Bill Salisbury claims sailors who served with Ventura report the governor was never a SEAL, only a "frogman" in the Underwater Demolition Team.

Salisbury, who is now a San Diego attorney, says Ventura's claim that he's a SEAL insults the memory of real SEALs who died fighting for their country.

He believes no one has challenged Ventura's claim because of what he calls retired, high-ranking "ass-kissers" who want to bask in Ventura's fame.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the governor claims Salisbury's allegations are false because Underwater Demolition Teams are the same as Navy SEALs.

Salisbury says that's been true since 1983 -- but that wasn't the case in 1974, the year Ventura left active service.

Reform Party seeks court order to get convention

Minnesota Reform Party Chairman Rick McCluhan said Monday he will seek a court order to bring the national party's convention to Minnesota and keep it from being held in California.

In a controversial vote released earlier this month, the 143-member Reform Party national committee decided to relocate the August convention from Long Beach, Calif., to an undesignated Minnesota city. The question is whether the vote is valid.

New York's Independence Party chairman endorsed Donald Trump for president yesterday, pledging the state's Reform Party affilate would field a slate of pro-Trump primary delegates. Jack Essenberg told The Post he was backing Trump -- who says he's weighing a presidential bid on the Reform ticket -- over renegade Republican Patrick Buchanan. "Buchanan is bigoted and obviously anti-Semitic," Essenberg said. "It's easy for him to say that he's not, but everything he does seems to say he is." An alliance of pro-Buchanan party members, led by longtime leftist political activist Lenora Fulani, a strong backer of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, is seeking to oust Essenberg as chairman. About 150,000 voters have enrolled in the Independence Party since its founding in 1994. They'll get a chance to vote for a pesidential candidate in the March 7 primary.

In addition to his active candidacy for the Natural Law Party presidential nomination in 2000, Dr. John Hagelin has recently decided to challenge Pat Buchanan for the Reform Party nomination as well.

Last week, Dr. Hagelin announced his intention to "forge the largest, most powerful coalition of third party forces in U.S. history." The election laws of many states allow such a dual NLP - Reform Party candidacy, called "fusion." If Dr. Hagelin wins the nominations of both parties, he would unite a large and powerful coalition of voters that could effectively challenge the Republican and Democratic parties.

The only candidate with Federal candidacy experience running in New York's US Senate race, Independence/(Reform Party USA')s Tom Loughlin Jr., described Hillary Clinton's finally announced plans to actually run for the senate seat to be vacated by Daniel Patrick Moynihan as "a vulgar joke at the expense of the United States Constitution and a slap in the face of all real New York State residents from Buffalo to Bayshore and Montauk to Massena...ESPECIALLY to the ones living in the area New York's only alien candidate referred to as the 'Fly infested Adirondacks'....In excepts from a prepared statement, Loughlin said, " For New Yorkers the immediate result of the ugly possibility of the Democratic Party being blinded by star status of our first lady will be nominating someone who hasn't the lifelong sense of affiliation with the Empire States and no gut motivation to help New York and New Yorkers"....For our nation the effect of electing a US Senator on any basis other than hiring the most state-savvy, "bring home the bacon to my lifelong neighbors" system will result in a diminution of the sovereignty of states. It will result in a weakened nation and a Constitution, especially the 10th Amendment , which would be made moot. A disaster in the offing.