The last letter from Magoo simply said, "Wandering. Back soon." I replied with a question mark (?). Nearly two months passed. Then...

Please accept my apology for not replying to your e-mail promptly. As I said, I was wandering.

It is only natural for you to assume I was spying on you: what other rational explaination could there be? But that is exactly the problem: the explaination certainly is not rational.

In your last letter you colorfully noted that your head was "stuck up in the guts of the universe." This I know is true. You see, I was wandering. Not only did I see what you saw, I felt what you felt. Try to understand this -- I wandered into you -- I was somewhere inside of you.

Do you understant what I am saying? For a brief few hours, I shared your body with you. I saw the gnarled tree in the flickering light of the fire and remarked how it looked like the head of a lion. I heard something that could have been a growl, then attributed it to an overactive imagination. I, for some reason, could not get a certain John Denver song -- which I found a bit tedious -- out of my head.


This can not be happening. It is not possible for anyone to know these things. I can not allow myself to believe this.

Still, I must hear more.

To compound the insanity, a few minutes after I receive the e-mail, Magoo sends another, containing only a link to a page in a website about toads. The page is a dry tutorial about the toxic compounds found in the skin of certain species.


I fear there is a possibility I might believe you. This is not an easy thing for me to say; I think of myself as a rational person. But I cannot deny that you know my thoughts at that specific moment.

Who are you? How did you get inside of me? Have you done this to others? Do you do it at your own will?

Tell me everything from the beginning. But, please, begin by explaining why you believe my life is in danger.

(And what's with the toads?)

I deal with this wrench -- tossed into the gears of reality -- by ignoring it. I go to work. I talk with friends. I say nothing of it. A few days pass. Another link: a coloring book-type page designed to be printed out and colored by your children. It features a large, smiling toad. Another day passes. Another e-mail:


Some good questions. I'll answer them as best as I am able.

Actually, some of the answers you probably already know. I am, in fact, Leon Magee, the one known to North Pend Oreille residents as "Magoo" -- a name I have accepted, symbolic of my tragic situation. Yes, the legends are true: I did lose my mind (temporarily) following the accident, and I did return to the mine. I do leave my underground existence (though not only during a full moon) and "make my presence known" to "outsiders" -- of which you are one. This is what I mean by wandering.

How I "got into" you will be explained later. There are more important things you must first understand.

Am I able to do this at will? No, not any longer. In the beginning I did do it at will; it was one of the many discoveries I made during the early days in the mine. But something happened that caused me to lose control of this power. I do not mean that I let it get away from me, like a delusion. I mean that someone else is now in control of my power.

Have I entered others? Yes. Many. But my contact with you was greatly different from the others of recent: you are still alive.

Because of this, I have reason to believe that you might be able to help me. This is why I contacted you.

Please, will you help me?


Despite my many letters requesting him to talk to me, or meet me in person, Magoo quit writing. But, he does continue to send me unusual links. I'm compiling them and will soon post.

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