Here are the links Magoo has sent me since our last contact. Are they clues? What is he trying to tell me? Any ideas?

Toad Kissing

Toad Venom Vault

Butterflies and Elephants

Frog Coloring Book


Assorted Abstracts

Ayahuasca-Alien Connection

Nature Spirit Magic


The DMT Room

Road Kill

Time and Mind


Maps of Hyperspace

Lucidity Research

Sleep and Consciousness


On June 25th, at 7:14 am, a 3.4 magnitude temblor jolted Spokane, sending an oil painting of a peaceful pastoral scene crashing down on my head. Not knowing what had happened, I immediately switched on the television and the computor.

As Sunshine Shelly revealed what was happening, another one hit. I went to search the internet for a geological monitoring site when I noticed that I had an unusually large amount of e-mail.

There were exactly forty identical copies of the follow message:

Date: 25 June 2001 3:42:19
Subject: Your proof
From: Magoo
Reply-to: Magoo


Did you feel it?


Except for the links he'd been sending me (usually one or two a week), it was the first contact I've had with Magoo in many months.

I noticed the date and time the letter was supposedly sent: 25 June 2001 3:42:19 -- hours before the quake occurred. This of course could be faked, or simply a mistake. My own e-mails claim they are sent 93 years in the future.


Are you saying that you had something to do with the earthquakes?

Please, I'm confused: In our last conversation, you said you "enter" people, and that all of those people are now dead -- except me. You continue to send me bizarre web links. You say someone else is in control of you. You say you need my help.

Please explain -- what do you want from me?


The next day...


I understand your impatience. All will be revealed.

We must meet in person, despite the danger. On the night of August 3rd, be somewhere within a twenty mile radius of where we first saw the sighting in the sky. Understand that if you fail to show, you condemn me (and possibly all humanity) to an eternity of Hell.

The original earthquake was a sign to you of my horrible power (the following aftershocks were natural consequences of the first).

Please be there. You will receive no other communications from me, nor will I be able to receive them from you, as I will be wandering.


This confusion must end.

I will go to meet Magoo.

I'll keep you posted.

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