Hello The Other Spokane,

My name is Matt O'Connor, and I've been a wandering musician here and there for most of my life.  During the early to mid 90's, I ended up in Spokane for a while.  I left in the late 90's on a foolish quest that accomplished nothing, and I should've never left.  

Back then I met some really great people, including most especially, an old street musician named Matt Kelly. His real name was John Kelly, but strangely he chose the name Matt Kelly as his stage name, and sometimes while I was around he and I would get mixed up when people would talk like as in "Did you hear that guy Matt?"  "Who Matt Kelly?"  (he was there first) "No that other Matt dude he hangs out and jams with..."  He and I travelled around Peaceful Valley a lot and downtown and I did some backup vocals on his song Reggea Songs on stage once which sounded really good!

Some other folks I'm trying to catch up with are these two brothers, the Palmer brothers, Jason, and Abe.  I was in a band with them for a while.  I sang and played acoustic rhythm and lead, and Jason also sang and played acoustic in harmonies while Abe played acoustic bass.  We lasted as a band about a year, but then poverty and inner tensions made us break up, but I still miss them.  We recorded a really good demo with Dave McClave who runs a video editing thing now.  Back then he worked at Music World, eventually bought it before that went down, and had a studio called Beyond Productions where he used 1" tape and Adats.  I'm hoping he finds those adats we made.  He kept all those and I found him again on facebook, but they must be hidden in some dust covered box somewhere.

The others from then would be much harder to find, and the details I have on them are sketchy.  There was this wicked good singer songwritter Budhist dude named Rob I used to call Trip Rob because everything he said and did was so deep and profound.  He was living and going out with this wicked nice and hot blonde chick named Laura, they had a pad on 4'th street by the grocery store, forget what the name of that was though.  That was a very nice and friendly building!  :D

The last of the Mohicans would be the gutter punks I remember hanging out with.  There was Porter Feller, but he got into smack, so sadly I don't expect to find out much there.  I warned him about that stuff and never touched it myself for good reason, oh well.  There was also a gutter punk named Loser Chris.  He was a nice kid and I gave him a place to crash once with a drummer named Justin Wolf one night, but that was a bad idea and got me tossed out of there and killed my dreads since he had lice, wicked bummer!!!  The last would be a very great pen and ink visual artist named Hessian Chris.  He had long brown hair and I think he was Italian.  He used to make trippy pen and ink posters of hippy heroes like Hendrix, Janis Joplin and them.  

As for me, well I kept playing.  My tunes are here:  http://soundcloud.com/mattoconnor and all my lyrics are here:  http://www.mattolyrics.blogspot.com  Oh yeah, back then, when I recorded with Dave McClave I was playing a funny song called Oodles of Noodles about having to live on Ramen noodles, and I wrote a song about Porter that was just about Porter.  It was the only song I ever improved on the spot.  I wrote it because he and the other gutter punks were ranking on me and trying to get me tossed out of a cafe' that didn't last long called Rasputin's.  It was really funny and made him my best friend and earned me the respect of all the gutter punks and constantly they would ask me to play it, even though Porter would cringe every time he heard it, lol!  It became a great running joke of all of ours and I'm sure they all still remember, wherever they are.  

If you can help me find any of these old ghosts, please do let me know at once!  

Much Obliged,

Matt O'Connor    


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