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I REALLY think you should have a Spokane recipe page. I, for one, would loved to know the messy side of "breading chicken."

for meatloaf try this:
mix ingredients in bowl...
then place in a deep baking disk
1lb hamburger (the leaner the better)
1/2lb ground pork
1 16oz. of pase picante sauce (hot/medium/bland--your choice)
3tbsp worcestershire
2 cups of bread crumbs
2 eggs
(you can also add lipton onion soup mix or marijuana to taste)
Preheat oven 350 Degrees
Bake for 45-60 minutes or until done...


I feel very close to you right now, Mr. Xigar.

EYe wuz tinkin you mite kneed anudder righter....
eyE can be grate penn pal...

wat say yuz get t0-gether and maybee we make a book?

Al McK

Stik Mann:

You do beautiful work. I'm sending your link around to some friends. Congratulations...

Doug Boe

Dear Sir or madam:

Please desist in your attempt at spam...
we will be forced to sue your ass...
congito, ergo, summation=$$$$

Arp Xigar



The site looks great. There is, in fact, much more on the site than I had initially anticipated. Tell Erb his column is absolutely fantastic. Heather loves the frowning Mona Lisa, and I was gratified to see the Bart BA on the site as well.

By the way I think it would have been even funnier had the lion pissed on you. I don't know why.

see ya

You're not the first to suggest an alternative pee scenario, Dave.


Bravo! I had an opportunity to peruse the magazine, and I have to tell you that you have every right to be proud. Your hard work has paid off in an innovative first issue that has exceeded my already high expectations. Thanks again for allowing me to contribute to this, and if you need anything in the future, please let me know!

Take care...
Jonathan Nicholson

Calliope's Burden
Fall Walks

Received prior to Jan. 1, Y2K

Steve-o! -- I mean Stik,

How surprised and delighted I was to find myself included on your e-mail list!

I squandered my formative years in Spokane and now reside in Los Angeles where I am prone to semi-occasional attacks of acute home sickness.

And speaking of weird positioning on the power grid, did you know that many anthropologists cite Washington as having been inhabited by anatomically modern humans longer than any other state in the lower 48?

Honest injun! (so to speak) They’ve dug up Clovis points (stone spearheads attributed to what is widely accepted to be the oldest identifiably group of people in the new world) in an orchard outside Wenatchee! We live (or, in my case, have lived,) in a unique land, haunted and magical, (what inland Washingtonian couldn’t regale you with ample tales of the super natural and other worldly hee-bee-gee-bees sprung for firsthand experience?) We are familiar with a weirdness (paranoia) that is distinctly inland Northwestern - or is that what those chaps beneath the ground at Hanford want us to think?!

In any case, those ghosts of the sage and pine attend me still in no small number. I grew up in what was the crucible of mankind upon this continent and now grow old in the city where Western civilization has gone to die. I must remember!!! So please, by all means, send me your e-mag.

Tim Meinhart
Los Angeles

PS. Reality is nothing more than what we say of the past and assume of the future.

Hi, Tim. Thanks for the words. Feel free to keep us updated with your unique perspective on the death of civilization.

My name in Bill Morlin. I am a senior reporter at The Spokesman-Review, where I cover white supremacy groups, domestic terrorism and criminal justice issue. I'd like to obtain a password to peruse your developing on-line magazine. Thanks.

Mr. Morlan. There is no password. There is a back door. The period (the dot, the symbol indicating the end of the sentence) at the end of the link "". <---that one, is a separate link that will take you inside.

This could be pork, mann, way pork...

Good to have your e address. Ranting about Spokane is what I do best AND all I gotta do is email it. Yea, consider me a contributor. Look out Spokesman, the blood is on the wall.

HEY, Loretto was nice huh? This y2k we were gonna aim for Cuba, but got invited sailing around Grenada and then we'll be hanging in Trinidad and Tobago. Guess you'll be freezing yer ass off in NOkan, Washington, putting out a newsletter. Good luck. I'll think of you when I put business cards on the walls.

Anyway, count on me for sarcastic, downer and suicidal notes about this village of the damned. I don't know why you continue to care. The collective consciousness of Spokane is a dim bulb indeed. If you try to turn up the electricity or screw it in tighter, it is only your fingers that get burned.

Aren't you glad you contacted me? Good luck again. Don't ask me for any money.

Wishing we were in Mexico right fucking now.


[Editor's note: Last winter I spent a month encircling the Sea of Cortez, via bus and boat. On my way back up Baja, I spent a few days in Loreto. In a tiny, open-air restaurant made of palm fronds, I found Craig's business card stuck in the wall.]

Concerning Y2K,

For all of you who don't know, I work at NSA. Though cannot tell everything I have been told, I will tell you this concerning NSA. No one can take leave durring the 28th dec, through 3rd. Everyone is on standby from the 28 dec through the 15 jan. There is more that i have been told, but I do not think I am able to tell you.

I am not predicting a dooms day, all I say is prepare for the wors and hope for the best... This should be interesting no matter what happens though...

Ezra Nathaniel

Well, thanks, Ez. Are you saying you're from the National Security Agency or the New Socialist Association?

Hey, Stik Mann,

You sound like my kinda guy. LOL! Include me in for sure! I certainly have lots of opinions and love to tell others my thoughts.

Definitely continue sending me the newsleter, but there are a couple of things you should do:

1. You need to use the BCC (blind carbon copy ) feature on your e-mail program so all these folks you are mailing don't get pissed at you for sending out their e-mails to the entire universe (this will also keep you from getting in trouble because invariably someone down the line will send out some stupid forward that has all those addys on it and you will get blamed).

2. There are several places you can get bandwidth for free that don't require those popup ads. I still have a couple of Tripod and Angelfire sites myself, and eventually will change mine too. I don't have these names on the tip of my tongue right now, but I will look them up for you and send them as soon as I can.

Definitely post links to my websites:
Here is my main front door page
Here is my windosplash page
Here is my Idaho outdoors page
Here is my bikeshed page http://members.tripod.tom/vulcanette/bikeshed.html
Here is my halloween spookhouse page

A new friend in Coeur d' Alene,
Sharon Jagger

Thanks for the tip on BCC. I'm an ex-hardcopy journalism kinda guy. This electron stuff is still fairly new to me.


As usual, your testament to the insidious nature of over-abuse (is that possible?) has allowed your innate sense of decorum and insight to bring about a stimulating and colorful scheme to this site.

I applaud those skills that seems as natural as breathing to anyone else I know.

Idea: why not have someone research the Japanese game/cartoon that caused epileptic fits by visual light stimulation? I am certain you would love to add that option to the possible adventures your site could create.


Think about it....

Out There,

Interesting, Arp. Ever consider a career in quasi-journalism?

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