APB Serial Killer Atlas
Database to help local police and citizens recognize significant patterns.
Updated info on Spokane case.

Riley G's psychic and UTTERLY INCORRECT vision (via "remote viewing") of the Spokane serial killer.
"Released to the public January 01, 1998 since the Spokane Police Department, nor any other investigative agency has contacted me regarding this matter." - Riley G
[Hmm, now we know why.]

Crime Library: What makes serial killers tick?

The Serial Killer Info Site
Profiling, victim awareness, forensics, case studies, etc.

Excerpts from: A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

Unsettling Quotes
"I have nothing to say at this time, your honor."
- Robert Lee Yates, Jr.

The OTHER Spokane's
Ronald L. Gauge, CEO of Latexecutive Condoms was fired from his post for secretly planting freeze-dried sperm on non-spermicide condoms, sources report, which may have affected as many as 400,000 condoms distributed in the Pacific Northwest and Canada back in the Spring of 1998.
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The Definitive Camera Angle
A real life victim of the "Blair Witch Project."


Official webpage of the
Spokane Tribe of Indians

Be sure to check out the pages on the history of the Spokanes.

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Shootin' Injuns with Col. George Wright

Time Travel by Stik Mann


Top 10 Censored Stories of 1999
Did you know that sweatshops on American soil have been sewing uniforms for the U.S. military? Or that the same companies that deliver energy to your home may be supporting brutal dictators in Third World countries? Or that the Pentagon has plans to put weapons in outer space, directly violating international law?

Complete the word below by filling in the missing letters.

C _ _ I _ E _ M _ K _ _ G

The Worst Car of the Millennium
from those wacky Car Talk guys

The 30th Earth Day is just around the corner. New energy sources are being refined and tested as alternatives to nonrenewable fossil fuels. How much do you know about the green future of energy? Take Enviromental News Network's Alternative Energy Quiz.

Paranoid-Critical Trivia
If you multiply your age by your height by your vision (added together, i.e., 20/20 = 40), divide that total by the number of
blood cells in an average freefalling droplet, then divide this by your age (rounded to the nearest month) when you first realized that the moon was a big rock, you may well discover many interesting things, but the number you come up with will be meaningless.

Burning Darwin
Creation Science Rises Again
New Scientist magazine

Washington State Maps
News 4 Skycam
Spokane Traffic Cameras

Too Many Cops on the Net?
Privacy rights advocates and legal experts told members of a congressional committee that the ever widening scope of criminal investigations into computer crimes is jeopardizing the privacy rights of innocent people.

"The Journalist."
A treatise on modern day TV "journalism."

"In the past, he had to 'pay dues'
And develop 'a nose for the news.'
Well, he still has a
But, my, how it grows
When the facts must conform to his views."
--F.R. Duplantier

From the Media to Elian with Love
Elian Gonzalez has sparked a national obsession about his plight, the media spotlight does not shine so brightly on America's poor children

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake on Psychic Pets
Ruper Sheldrake Online
Read his
Online Experiments page.

Zen in the Art of Sherlock Holmes
Can fictionís greatest detective unravel lifeís greatest mysteries?

Whatever, dude..
My Meeting with Stacey
by Stik Mann
Part One -- Part Two

by Stik Mann & ICE

Smokestuff More Reefer Madness -- Atlantic Monthly
Marijuana Special Report -- New Scientist
Help open a medical marijuana distribution program in
Washington State.
4THC -- Marijuana vaporizers, pipes, waterpipes, bongs and paraphernalia, cultivation, politics, and history of this amazing plant.


Durst Case Scenario

SUCK Daily - The journalistic equivalent of running with scissors

Project Censored
Tracking the news that didn't make the news
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The Daily Miscellany

Daily Whale - Satirestuff
Serial Killer
- Case of Day
Random Survivalist site

This Day in History -
Today in
American History
Trivia about this day in history

"de omnibus dubitandum" All is to be doubted --- Descartes

The Skeptics Society - Reason Online

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