1. Hinduism a blowing out, or extinction, of the flame of life through reunion with Brahma 2. Buddhism the state of perfect blessedness achieved by the extinction of individual existence and by the absorption of the soul into the supreme spirit, or by the extinction of all desires and passions 3. any place or condition of great peace or bliss.

In this shot of Nirvana's Kurt Corbain, Balch captures a single moment of the angst that bled from this odd, tortured heart. The background light is the eye of God (Who, because of askewed perception, is lower than Corbain's eyeshot). What we can't see below the frame is a glowing bed of flesh-searing coals, the catalyst of Corbain's infamous howl. This photo shows what a soul looks like, a split-second before it bursts into flames.

Balch is on the shutter at the very moment that Corbain, in the midst of an otherworldly prayer, conjours a spirit from his crotch -- via guitar -- which represents itself in a tangled, organic mass of vines and wires, veins and dirt clods and rotting flesh. The risen beast stares back into Corbain's silouetted face with impenetrable, spermazoic-like eyes. arise