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What's The Other?

Welcome to the premier issue of The OTHER Spokane, a monthly e-mag covering modern culture as it manifests in and around that hotspot on the surrealistic powergrid known as Spokane, WA... more

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New Journalism

My Quest to Write a Story Called:
My Meeting with Stacey.
The Subtle Metaphysics of Disaster:
Fire & Ice.
The Photograph that Wasn't.
Web Crusader.
Exquisite Corpse Call.


He's Baaaaack...
Erb Cane's New Beat.
The November Coalition's Big Problem with
The Drug War.
WTO Woes
Conceive a Fantasy 1, 2 & 3.
Reform Party Kaleidoscope.


Chance Encounter with Rotting Donkey:
Look Enrico!
Phopaw's DreamChronicle.
ArpXigar's MalevolentBovine.
Bedtime Stories


A Paranoid-Critical Examination of
Darrin R. Balch's Best Shots.
Websites of Local Musicians
Channeling Caliope
Unseemly Juxtapositions

Other Fiction

The Dreamscape of Modern Myth:
Empty Sandals
Robot Woes: SR28
Still Life with Suffering Woman


Encircling the Sea of Cortez:
The Peace of Forty Days
Letters from Kissyhead.
Emily Post on Travel Etiquette (1922)


The 500 Images of God
Debating Matrix1413.
Letters of Faith from Post Falls
Unsermon-like Sermons.


Classics from the YodelingGregorians.
Rush Limbaugh's Guide to the Ice Pick Lobotomy.
Jokes my Aunt Jackie Sent Me.
Who's There? Orange.
Why Banana is Such a Funny Word.

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