Yo Pho,

Someone named "In God's Image" made a number of entries in "Masterful E-debates", responding to some of your arguments.

Don't know who it is (and I give you my word it isn't me).


P.S. Be nice


Thanks for the heads up. A nice response has been tendered (I'd hate to see Satan's reputation get tarnished.)


You're a credit to your dominion.

By the way, the new main page looks great and is much easier to navigate. Ever think about getting rid of the rest of the frames? I think that's how Fork* would want it.

* A reference to a "Masterful E-Debate"

What would be the benefit of no frames?

I have an easier time navigating non-frame pages. Maybe it's just me. It's not like I can speak for other people. After all, 95% of people believe in God.

What makes you think 95% of people believe in God?

Don't have a bibliographic source for you. I think that might be Americans, not everyone. I am actually not sure on the 95% but it is somewhere in the 90's and I am sure of that if statistics are to be believed.

Why, does that fact concern you? You don't like being in agreement with such, a vast majority? Lumped in w/ 95% of the people. One of the masses. A lemming heading for the edge of the cliff. A cow heading for the slaughterhouse. A goldfish swimming about a great cosmic tank with dreams of a Supreme Goldfish in his mind. One who created the tank and will one day return to punish all bad goldfish--i.e., the ones who hog all the little fish food flakes, and reward such good, artistic goldfish as yourself. Is that your problem?

Do you need a hug?