Hi Pho,

So what do you think? One short column a month starting Jan.1.

Simple format: Start with dream. Follow with thoughts and interpretation. Include short list of useful links.

Suggest column name if you don't like Phopaw's DreamChronicle. (I would like to see you use real name, but would understand if you don't.)

Will keep all columns in archives. I smell a future book deal. (All rights revert back to author.)

Deadline for installment one: Soon as possible.


Stik Mann


I think dreams are too sporadic to commit to any kind of schedule.

What about an open forum where anyone can log their dreams and comment on other's?

Speaking of dreams: The other night I dreamed that Jesus (in the likeness of one of those sentimental style 19th Century Christ paintings) was driving by in a 1980's Ford Mustang II with the window rolled down and a big shit-eating grin on his face.


My dear Phopaw,

I'm not asking your Wise-old-indian-chiefs-in-caves or your Grinning Hot-Rod Jesus to write a tech manual, I'm begging you for one short piece-o-your-mind a month.

I know for a fact that you already have enough documented intriguing dreams to last until The OTHER Spokane's Turkey Issue 2000; and I'm willing to bet that you already have notes and comments on each.

Your idea of an open forum where "anyone can log their dreams and comment on other's" is a good one that I doubt would work. I foresee letters from teen girls dreaming of food and wondering if they should change diets, or some guy who dreamed of Pat Swayze naked and is wondering if he is gay. Rather, I'd like to see letters of people writing to you, discussing dreams they've had similar to yours, and whose intellects, perhaps, were stimulated by your interpretation or comments.

Once again, you cause me to regress:


Oh, yeah, about your Mustang Yahweh dream: I suspect the image is a manifestation of guilt and, perhaps, regret, from not having your thumb up.

Stik Mann


I see the dream image as more positive. I think the image represented what the organized church has to offer me--a second rate experience. The sappy church-painting Jesus and the crappy Mustang II (not the original) are both poor representations of the true thing (i.e., the Ultimate Being and the original Mustang). The big ol' grin belonged to the prankster.

I don't agree with you on the dream forum. I think you're being elitist. Average people have fascinating and disturbing dreams, if they are willing to share what they really dream about. In a confidential forum, we might get some very interesting stuff. Many people have dreams of great value if they take the time to listen (even and perhaps especially Dexatrim-addicted teenagers and repressed homosexuals).

I am enthusiastic about the idea of contributing my dreams and discussing them w/ fellow enthusiasts, but I don't want to set myself up as the Ann Landers of the Subconcious ("Dear Dreaming of Pork Rinds...") or some sort of "special" dreamer. I don't want to feel pressured to have BIG dreams, because I often go months and years without anything at all. On the other hand, I have had some dreams that I think are interesting and would like to share with others who are interested in dreams.

How about this: I'll submit some dreams and we can start a journal. However, the point of the page isn't just to read and respond to my dreams, but for others to submit their dreams as well. Have them email their dreams, then we'll pick the ones we want to post. But the ones we post will have equal billing to mine. If the same person contributes, we can organize them into journals for them. Each person is further encouraged to provide some background information on themselves--i.e.:

"My name's Brad, I'm a youth pastor with a wife and kids. I have this recurring dream that I'm in the movie Dirty Dancing and my wife's there, only she looks like Patrick Swazye."

"My name is Ted B., I'm an Attorney and I keep dreaming that I'm killing my mother only she's young and beautiful and has long hair."

"My name is and I keep dreaming that technocrats are chasing me because they want to rewire my brain so I look at them and when I do they explode..."

It might be fascinating. Whaddya think?


Well said. I yield.

Stik Mann

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