Political Opinions

Political Opinion: I have opinion on the following topics. Respond if you wish.

Term Limits - Term limits should be imposed for all elected offices from city council to President of the United States. And I mean serious limits. A single term. One. Until politicians can have something on their minds beyond getting re-elected we will never have leaders who will make decisions based on logic and intelligence. Until lawmakers know that before very long they will have to return home and live with what they've done we'll continue to have lawmakers who are primarily politicians.

Gun Control - Only a fool believes that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will do anything about crime. Only the law-abiding citizen will be effected by gun control and law-abiding citizens aren't the problem.

Death Penalty - I don't believe that the threat of a death penalty is any real deterrent. But I believe that a person who denies another of the right to live is no longer entitled to his own life. I've heard all the arguments that an executed person learns nothing, is not rehabilitated and that execution is nothing more than retribution. I personally am a fan of retribution. I think there should always be a consequence to one's actions and that those consequences should be commensurate with the crime.

Judges and Lawyers - Judges should not come from the ranks of lawyers. There should be two career paths in law school. One takes the student to law practice; the other takes him to the bench. Having been one disqualifies you from being the other. Lawyers spend so much time twisting and perverting the law for their own ends that I believe that they eventually loose track of right and wrong. I don't necessarily think that should change, but people who've lost track of right and wrong have no business on the bench. The court system is full of judges that were once lawyers and look at the kinds of decisions they make.

Liberals - Sorry, guys. I think you people need to be outlawed. Maybe if you started using your heads for something ... think rather than react. Reason over emotion.

National Endowment for the Arts - I don't believe that the government should be in any way involved in what is or isn't art. I don't believe that taxpayers should be required to subsidize art that they find offensive. To suggest that to not give these artists their stipend will stifle their creativity is non-sense. If they are truly passionate about their art they'll do it when they get home from work. And if their art is truly worthy some one will buy it. I would never suggest for a moment that somebody not be allowed to create anything he chooses. I just don't think taxpayers should be paying for it.

Personal Responsibility - Have you ever been blamed for something somebody else did? Do you think that anything I do justifies anything you do? People need to return to taking responsibility for their own actions. A gun can't make you do anything. That movie didn't make you do anything. There are only two things you have to do: Die and live until you die. Everything else is up to you.

Income Tax - The purpose of an income tax is to fund the operation of government, not to modify the behavior of citizens. The current income tax should be scraped in favor of a national sales tax. Such a tax, that is not applied to food, housing or medical coverage, would true be a voluntary tax. A dissenting person could reduse the amount of taxes paid by limiting his expendatures. Poor people who are truely poor would be taxed very little. And rich people, who by larger, more expensive things than we do, will pay the most taxes. Such a tax would reduce the federal government's interaction with individual citizens and would reduce the ridiculously complex tax code we have now. The mechinism for collection of such a tax is already in place for virtually every state in the union as they already collect local and state sales taxes.

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