NRA's LaPierre makes good point

We've heard a lot lately about comments made by Wayne LaPierre, National Rifle Association (NRA) executive, about President Clinton's tolerance for violence. While nobody suggests that when President Clinton blames the NRA for Columbine he was speaking out of turn, everybody who can get in front of a microphone says that Mr. LaPierre should have softened his words.

President Clinton can say any inflammatory thing he wants, but we don't want to offend his tender ears. Mr. LaPierre might have chosen better words, but what he said was the truth.

President Clinton needs a certain amount of hysteria to forward his desired policy direction. Since the facts don't support his position he has nothing else to draw upon. He has to hold up the body of a little girl to stir up emotion. He then proposes new laws that, were they in place then, would have done nothing to save the little girl's life.

Why doesn't President Clinton come out with his new laws when a convenience store clerk saves his customer's lives? Or when a woman fends off a would-be rapist? This administration's prosecutions of gun related crimes is down some 47% from previous administrations. Why do you think that is?

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