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Re: Your photo in The Local Planet


You need to trim your nose hairs.


Pho, thanks for the heads-up. Please allow me to refresh my faithful readers' memories with your image. 


I've been stumbling around in the woods around CDA for months, wondering if the problem with our aquifer involves a chemical that makes people stoopid (mooooo), and should I start buying water by Coke or Pepsi (no wait, that's just as stoopid). 

I feel like a bear in a shooting gallery, doomed to amble slowly across the stage taking potshots all the way -- bang, bang, bang, grrrrr (turn) bang, bang, bang, grrrr (turn).... 

Thank you for doing the interview for Local Planet... your website is the beacon of light I've been seeking for a very long time. Are there others like you? Is there something genetically wrong with us? Is this a strange mutation -- oblivion to or refusal to accept bullshit?


Lark, thanks for writing. If refusal to accept bullshit is a genetic mutation then I'll bear my extra, withered limb with pride.

Hey, Asshole.

The last guy I knew who said stuff like that ended up with his throat cut and a salt lick shoved up his head. Maybe this is something you should consider.


Hey, Torn. I don't get the salt lick part. I mean, if you cut someone's throat, they're dead in seconds -- the salt lick would cause them no further distress. Please explain.

Im from Couer D' Alene and found your page, and i must say.. its damn good. I am the webmaster of discopope.com, a blog, journal, E/N site that really just bitches and rants. Mind to trade links? or hell.. write a bit for my site? hit me back and we can chit chat.


Discopope is cool -- yet unnerving -- like snorting tequila. I am a bit troubled by the cartoon rendition of the Discopope, though, as he resembles a guy I knew in high school named Ernest who use to brag about having sex with chickens. I'm not a vegetarian or anything but that just seems downright cruel.


I've just read some of the best written stuff I've ever read on the internet. Very funny, very fresh! Subscribe me please before you find out that I am a born-again Christian.

Thanks, David. Consider yourself subscribed. And for the record, I too believe.


Great issue (#18) -- my personal favorite now (except for the trip to Mexico stuff). I have been looking forward to this one, being curious about what what you had to say about Sept 11. As far as I am concerned you hit it on the head, especially, the letter you wrote about Bush's use of the word "crusade."

Also liked the Kipling quote, correct me if I am wrong, but is that from "The Man Who Would be King?"

Your comments on the civil liberites really hit home for me. I would say more, but our fine friend Ari seems to be think I should watch what I say.

I see you made The Local Planet -- awesome. I am now waiting for the guest shot on "Law and Order."


Thanks, Dave. I turned down the "Law and Order" thing because they wouldn't let me play Ice-T's brother.

Shit. Your site is funny. I want to do an article on it for our web column.

Who are you and what's your deal? 

By the way, OtherSpokane.com took second in our "Best of" issue for websites. In all honesty, it's a hell of a lot better than the winner.

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