Re: Stik's Selections

Some pretty dark visions. It would be interesting to know what was going on in your concious life at the time of these dreams, if you can remember.

The kitten dream is pretty funny. I wonder if it has something to do with a conflict between creating or experiencing art and feeling compassion. Then again, it might just indicate that you're a real bastard.

I think you're right on the biker dream. You are allowing yourself to be held captive by something that you sense is dangerous but don't want to escape from. An interesting juxtaposition between dominant male figure (testosterone fueled biker) and dominant female figures (mother, grandmother) perhaps an inner conflict between your male and female sides?

Your cave dream seems very similar to my wise old Indian dream, only without the benefit of a guide. Perhaps the Indian and the dangerous smoker are one and the same. I do believe that with some dreams we encounter beings that are not wholly from within ourselves, but are more universal characters that inhabit the subconscious of all people, and, in a sense, have their own existence independent of us.

My dreams have been very sparse lately. One time I took a rock with me to bed, not so much out of superstition or belief in magic, but based on the idea that it would remind me to pay attention. That was the night I saw a wild looking primitive man cooking eyes on a spit over a fire. I think I might try that again.

Anyway, like I said, it would be interesting to hear what was going on in your daily life when these dreams occurred. Especially the mass murderer in Metaline Falls. It sounds like you were worried that something was going to happen that would cause all Hell to break loose.



Your comment on the Kitten dream (that perhaps it's an image of "conflict between creating or experiencing art and feeling compassion") is provocative, and something I hadn't considered. Personally, I'm leaning more toward your afterthought that perhaps I'm just a real bastard.

I'm sorry you agree with me on the biker dream. I guess I was hoping for some convoluted psychobabble that would mask my guilt next time I might happen to lite up the bowl.

What was going on in my conscious life at the time of the dreams (in particular, the mass murder dream) would be difficult to convey; though it's safe to say I felt something bad was about to happen, as this is a thought I have been plagued by for most of my adult life.