How to Go to Mars
Articles exploring various ideas for a manned expedition to Mars - Scientific American.

JPL Mars Exploration Program
NASA's home for all Mars missions: past, present, and future.

"Face on Mars" Pictures and Comparisons
"Face on Mars" Image

Online portal for Space and Science enthusiasts. (Be sure to check out Image Gallery/Classic Cosmic Photos.)

Galileo Project - Journey to Jupiter

Dictionary of Science and Technology

Harcourt and Academic Press bring the largest scientific dictionary ever compiled in the English language to the Web. Search from over 130,000 terms defined in 130 fields of science below.

Technocopia - Your guide to the Technological Lifestyle

Slashdot - News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.

Daily Sky above 4739'32"N 11725'33"W (Spokane)

Spokane Astronomical Society

Starhustler The Horkheimerster's informative weekly bit

Astronomy Picture of the Day I Solar System Live

AMD Makes Powerful Gigahertz Chip
(AP) - Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has reached the milestone gigahertz mark with a new Athlon processor that will make computers 10 times faster than just six years ago, paving the way for speedier software and games. A gigahertz processes information at 1,000 megahertz, or 1 billion bits of information per second - a speed many engineers thought impossible just a decade ago.
AMD Athlon Processor web site

CPUs, past, present and future - presentation that looks at the eight of the most influential processors from 1974-2000. From ZDNet News.
How Microprocessors Work - interactive site is based on a real-life exhibit installed in the Intel Museum.
Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present - description of designs that are either unique, or representative designs typical of a given period.
Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms - semiconductor terms defined: programs, processes, products, and technologies.
Silicon Zoo - gallery of creatures, doodles and other things etched on microprocessors, as revealed by photomicrography.