Sarcastic Applause

Issue 11 pic Stik Mann's
__2005 Project

To develop and publicly present a new form of entertainment incorporating Rock-n-Roll, storytelling, poetry, dreams, drama, comedy, politics, religion, sex and candy.


Original Short-Short Songs
Thundertop Mountain
Base Love Song with Primal Grunt
A Thousand and Ten Years

Original Songs
Divine Cheek Tweek
Mr. Tibbs, Elf in Disguise

Useful Links
Nutz.Org Tab Site
Basic Guitar Chords
Blues Chords

The Seventh Son
Secret Agent Man
Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogy-Woogy Flu
I Saw Her Standing There
Hit the Road Jack
Mustang Sally
Ready Teddy
The Old Man Down the Road
Fortunate Son
Glass Onion
Give Peace a Chance
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Mama Told Me Not to Come
Never Been to Spain
Roller Derby Queen
Subterranean Homesick Blues
Gimme Three Steps
Love is a Rose
Pink Cadillac
Big Ten Inch
Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?
Sympathy for the Devil
Lake of Fire
Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

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