I sent a letter to many of the local musicians who have taken advantage of the MP3 format, asking them to write a short piece about how MP3 has altered their views about the music industry. Sonny Moeckel, Christian singer/songwriter wrote back:


I just got your email and I am interested in what you're doing but kind of confused about what I should send to you.

Could you email me back and tell me exactly what I should do.

Sonny Moeckel


Thanks for the quick reply.

A response isn't necessary; I'd still like to provide a link to your personal and MP3 sites. But, if you have strong feelings about how the MP3 format has altered your personal approach to your art, I'd love to print your views.

Perhaps your music has touched someone who would never have heard it but for MP3.

Not to change the subject, but...

There is a section in the mag called Soulstuff, kind of our religion section. I'm concerned that all of the storys I'm going to get are New Age/Wiccian/Took-massive-LSD-and-saw-God stuff. I'd love to find a young person destined for the ministry who would like to sharpen his/her sermon-writing skills by writing a short, monthly column.

Know anyone who might be interested?

Stik Mann
Editor, The OTHER Spokane


I would most definitely be interested in the column situation. I am a worship leader and work at a church. It would be a good learning experience for me!

What do you think? Fill me in on what I should do and when.

Sonny Moeckel


I just read your personal website. I'm very excited that you want to write for my magazine. The page entitled "We were made for this" was moving and well written.

A new issue of the mag comes out on the first of each month (the first issue "officially" comes out Jan. 1, Y2K), so I would have to have each column by the middle of the month - but preferably sooner.

I assume you are a busy person. If it happens that you are on the road or involved in a special project, and you miss a column, it would be no great tragedy. This is the internet. It's not like I'll be stuck with empty white space as the case would be with a hardcopy newsprint or magazine.

One more thing: This is a secular magazine. You will not be preaching to the choir. I'm guessing that most of your audience will be unbelievers, ranging from punked-out teens with pierced tongues and freaky haircuts to middle-class, white liberals who write letters to the Spokesman-Review about Animal Rights.

How will you reach them?

Stik Mann
Editor, The OTHER Spokane


I am very excited that this challenge of writing columns for unbelievers has come my way!

How will I reach them? Well, let's see, first by prayer, and in my believing that God will show me how; and secondly, by my experiences of working with ex-gang members. Whether people want to admit it or not, in everybody's mind, they all wonder if God really does exist. And if he does exist, who is he, and why do we need him? Hopefully I will be able - in a package that will be attractive to your readers - to draw their interest and maybe put some clarity on thier state of thinking and also in their hearts. I feel that I, being young, can relate to the youth. And to those who are older, I know I might not always relate to them, but it won't hurt to try.

So in closing, I have no one way to teach these people, I have several ways, and I have faith that God will show me how and what to write.

It's all Good!

Anyhow man, I am busy most of the time but I could never be too busy to write these columns. Thanks for the opportunity!

So do you need the first column by the middle of Dec.?

Let me know....


Hi, Sonny,

If you really believe that you can share something that could change someone's life, I'm more than happy to provide you the space. This goes for anyone else you know, as well.

The middle of Dec. is the very, very latest I could receive your column and still get it in the mag.

But, if you are moved to write something, do it now and sent it to me. The more time I have for layout and editing (for misspelled words and such, never the content) the better.

It might be helpful for you to have a few columns written by the first of the year, thus avoiding any deadline pressure. Also, I've found it very helpful to set a piece of my writing aside for a week or two, then go back and read it later with "new eyes".

Looking forward to seeing what you have to say, Sonny.

Stik Mann
Editor, The OTHER Spokane

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