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The Sacrifice
Fresh Bread
The Photo that Wasn't

Journalism (?)

What the Devil Said Last Easter
A personal rememberance of Bob Mathews, bank robber, murderer, and mastermind behind "The Order", a neo-Nazi group hellbent on overthrowing the government -- an acquaintance of mine from Metaline Falls, Washington.

Fire & Ice
The not-so-subtle metaphysics of disaster. Written after my house burnt down. A series of one symbolic event after another. One of my favorites.

LOOK ENRICO! (Slimy goo drips from the rotting donkey's eyesocket)
A "retelling" of a viewing of Un Chien Andalou, Luis Bunuel's and Salvador Dali's classic surreal short film, which I came upon in San Francisco's Tenderloin District.

The Forty Reasons
The strange events that led to the fortieth reason for not working at "The Plant".

You Ever Kill Anyone, My Friend?
I meet Todd, a buddy of Mathews (see above), in a bar, for a slobbering, but provocative "conversation".

A Warm, Dry Place
Dave (not his real name) and I go on a road trip. I discover that the purpose of the trip is to make a drug deal. The fun begins.

Shootin' Injuns with Col. George Wright
I am transported back in time (no kidding) to witness events that led up to the crushing of the local native culture.

Ignoring Shirley
About a lady that I met on the streets of downtown Spokane (who I still see, years after the story was first published).

Gulf War Series

The Letter, The Rifle, Ther Tree
A tale of the horrors of war and how it affected the destiny of a close friend.

Lil' Buckie Imposes New Schoolyard Order
An allegory of sorts, inspired by schoolyard memories and George Bush's kinder and gentler carpet bombing.

How I Got My Purple Heart
Personal, and a bit self-indulgent, but it meant alot to me then, and now.

Armed Forces Parade Brings Up the Best in Me
Last intelligible column in the war series. A poke in the paunch of the ridiculous uprise of patriotism that accompanied the war.


Empty Sandals
First story I wrote and published, I think. Tried to put reader in mythological-like dreamscape.

Blind Faith
A man's unusual journey toward salvation.

A little girl's search for understanding in the not-too-distant future.

Escape Attempt
A man is pursued by consequence, and slowly rising water, while stumbling through the depths of an underground mine.

Still Life with Suffering Woman
An artist, searching for inspiration, finds it in an unlikely place.


The Chronicles of Stickman -- began as a series of stories written for The Scene magazine -- an experimental novel in progress, until my interest was drawn elsewhere.

Chapter One
The Devil is in the Lock

Chapter Two
A Veiled Woman, Half-Dreamed

Chapter Three
He Says He is Who He isn't So that People Think He Is

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