I recently saw your UFO photos posted on

I do not recall any local media coverage at the time; was there any?

Has anyone seen the lights since?


Hello Steve.

Thanks for your inquiry.  You are right - there was no local media
coverage. In the beginning - February -April, 2002, I contacted nearly everyone
except television and radio.  I was in contact with Spokane Intl. Airport,
Fairchild AFB, the FAA, local Washington State MUFON officials, law
enforcement, and the Spokesman Review.  No one knew anything, and the
almost total lack of interest on the part of all of these entities was almost
as perplexing as what I was observing in the night skies.  A local
newspaper reporter initially expressed some interest in driving out to
investigate, but after a week of no contact with me, she then told someone else that
because I wanted to keep my name confidential she "couldn't do a story" ???
Didn't make much sense to me, but not a whole lot of this does.

During this time, my brother, girlfriend and young son observed some
pretty odd stuff as well.  But in the end, we are no closer to understanding
what is going on now, than we were then.  I have documented things the best
I could, considering that I had never operated a 35mm camera before this
time. I have literally thousands of photos, and approximately 50 hours of
video. Maybe at some point I'll do something with it.

Activity has continued, but has slowed drastically in the last couple
of months.  Instead of observing intense activity a couple of times a
week,  I now see it only once or twice a month.  And most of the activity around
the radio towers has ceased. I'm not sure how much you read on,
but I have repeatedly observed objects flying over my house - looking and
sounding nearly identicle to a Boeing 727 commercial aircraft - only to see
these craft fly over by the towers - slow to a hover - reverse direction -
and descend down into the trees on the top of Tower Mtn.  It literally
looked to me as if the objects were flying "into" the ground.  I used to joke
that there must be a big parking garage under the mountain.  I noted with
interest a recent story from Central or South America (on Rense) where
sounds of objects moving under the ground are being researched and
recorded. A scientist in New York state, Bruce Cornet, also came to the
conclusion that these objects can, and do, descend into the ground.  I know that
this sounds unbelievable, even crazy, but considering what I have observed,
its as good an explanation as any I've heard.

Anyway, if you would like to know more, just ask.  Just for fun, I'll
attach a few of my recent photos.  Let me know what you think.


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